What Happens if You Lose Something at Disney World?

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Does this scenario sound familiar to you? You’re on an attraction like Star Tours or Tower of Terror at Disney World, where you store your belongings in certain pockets on the attraction. Then, later on in the day or when you return home, when you go to grab your sunglasses, your phone, or your camera, you realize you left it on the attraction.

If this has happened to you, you are definitely not alone. This scenario is exactly what happened to a Guest at Walt Disney World recently, and she explained in a TikTok what to do when you lose something at Walt Disney World.

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In a TikTok by @mommysdisneymagic, Bethany explains more about her family’s experience with losing an item at Disney World.


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After Bethany realized that her daughter left her backpack on Star Tours, she learned how to file a claim on the Disney World Lost and Found site, where she filled out the questionnaire detailing the specifics of the lost item and when and where it was lost. And two days later, Disney responded to her, saying they had the backpack and would mail it to her for free.

Several commenters shared their experience with losing an item and how they received it back. For example, @drkoumy005 shared,

Lost my glasses on tower of terror and was leaving the next day I filed a claim and called when I got home and they found it and mailed it back to me

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User @tracylynn0311 gave a personal example as well:

My son lost his lanyard filled with pins as a kid. He left it on a wall by Cindy castle. A week later we were called saying they found it! (1)

(2) they shipped it back and we wrapped it and put it under the Christmas tree saying Mickey sent it back to him personally! 🤗♥️

If you’ve lost something at Disney World and need to file a claim, visit their Lost and Found page to fill out your claim. This does not just include the Parks- it also includes water parks, hotels, transportation, Disney Springs, and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex.

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Disney’s website echoes what Bethany explained in the TikTok, but here is some more verbiage from Disney to put Guests’ mind at ease if they lost something at any of the Walt Disney World properties:

Walt Disney World Resort uses Chargerback to help track lost and found items. Here’s how:

  1. Answer a short series of questions about your missing property and we’ll help you locate it.
  2. Check your email for a notification with your Lost Item claim number.
  3. Our team will continue to look for your item and provide an update via email within 48 hours.

We recognize that your item is important to you and will reach out if we believe we have found it—or need more information.

Have you ever lost something at Disney World? Were you able to get it resolved? Share your experience in the comments!

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