What to Expect from the Kids’ Club on a Disney Cruise

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Disney Fantasy Kids Activities

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Disney cruises are a great way to spend time with family on vacation. Known for their excellent dining, characters and entertainment, amenities, and even attractions, these ships are a perfect way to experience a fun and relaxing getaway.

On the cruises, there are a variety of entertainment options for kids, teens, and everyone in between. The kids’ club, for example, is a way for kids to be able to have fun and give their parents a break on their own.

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Reddit user Jasminestl, a first-time Disney Cruise taker, asked the Disney Cruise Line Reddit community about what to expect from the kids’ club experiences on the Disney Wonder, in order to prepare for an upcoming trip:

Hello! Planning on sailing on the Disney Wonder in late January with my 3 year old, my husband, and a few other family members (in different cabins). My son will probably want to do the kids club. Can cast members contact you somehow on board if he wants me to come get him? Or if he is just ready to be picked up, or does it rely on more frequent check ins? Also, do they have photographs in that area? I’d love for him to experience the area, but I would also miss seeing him have fun. I appreciate any advice or knowledge you all have!

There were several helpful answers in the comments, as other Guests provided first-hand experiences. One Guest, user 2legittwoquitnow, commented:

The kids wear a wristband as an identifier and tracker. If there are any issues they contact you via the app. You can see pics of it if you google but you can tour the space on the day you board.

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User Cinderellie_, who was a former crew member, concurred and added more detailed logistical information on some of the processes for the kids’ club:

You’ll get messaged through the Navigator App as soon as your child says they want to be picked up, or even if they just want you to come by and say hi. Former crew member here and 90% of the time, kids would ask to get picked up and then not want to leave when their parents showed up. The kids can stay 5 minutes, 5 hours, whatever they want to do. There’s also Open House hours where you can go in with them and do some of the activities together. There’s no photography allowed for the safety of the other children in the kids spaces, but there are some activities where they get their pictures taken with a character and they’re printed off and you can take them home with you (this may have changed post Covid, I haven’t worked there since pre-Covid).

For the younger ones, they tend to stay in the Club most of the time as that has activities geared more toward them. Open House is great to get the really little ones more acclimated to the space and the counselors.

Make sure you have whoever you’re traveling with authorized to pick up (if you choose) so in case you’re busy, someone else can swing by and pick them up. More often than not by the end of the cruise, the kids barely want to leave the spaces!

Disney Wonder Kids Activities
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Other commenters provided helpful hints, such as making sure their child is completely toilet-trained with no assistance. Also, for the safety of the children, there are no parents allowed in the kids’ club, except during the designated “open house” times, which can be found on the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app.

There is plenty more information on this club and others on the Disney Cruise Line website, where you can explore a variety of youth clubs based on age, from the It’s A Small World nursery to the Vibe teens’ club to the kids and tweens in between!

Have you ever been on a Disney cruise? Did you utilize the kids’ club when you went on your vacation? Let us know about your experience below!

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