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Comments for Something’s Missing From ‘Princess and the Frog’ Retheme of Splash Mountain

Left: Ray the Lightning Bug smiles. Right: A scale model of Tiana's Bayou Adventure at D23 Expo.


  1. Elijah Abrams

    More reason to rally against the retheme!

  2. Sari

    Of course, it is a prejudiced stereotype of a southern hick. Why would it get represented?

  3. I love Disney

    How is that thing iconic? I’ve never seen it anywhere.

    1. EricJ

      “Iconic”, it’s the new word that Jenzies use to mean whatever they want it to mean–
      Usually just “I thought it was neat”, but this sounds more grownup. 😉

  4. EricJ

    Well, guess that explains why Dr. Facilier isn’t in the ride either…

  5. Steve

    What is missing:

    Anyone who actually wanted it.

  6. Jayne1955

    This whole retheme was badly thought out. They could have put Tiana’s bayou on Tom Sawyer Island and tied it in with the riverboat and it would have been awesome. How many mountains are in the average bayou?

  7. Mason

    Deep down we all knew there was going to be a Splash Mountain retheme only Woke Disney fans on Twitter and Disney want.

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