Frightfully Fun Facts About the Haunted Mansion

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Whether it’s Halloween or the 4th of July, the Haunted Mansion is always one of the most popular places at a Disney Park. But do you these frightfully fun facts about this attraction?

1). The Haunted Mansion is the only attraction located at four different Parks in four different lands.

phantom manor at disneyland paris, exterior
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  • There is the Phantom Manor in Frontierland at Disneyland Paris. There is one inside Fantasyland at Tokyo Disneyland. There is one in Liberty Square at Walt Disney World. And in New Orleans Square, Disneyland Haunted Mansion.

2). Only two of the four Mansions are made over with the holiday overlay.

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  • Tokyo Disneyland and Disneyland in California are the only two that do the Nightmare Before Christmas Haunted Mansion Holiday Overlay.

3). Guests are constantly trying to spread their loved one’s ashes inside the attraction.

grave diggers haunted mansion
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  • Even in death, Guests are still trying to become the 1,000th ghost in the Haunted Mansion. Sadly, when the family is caught, the ride has to be shut down, and a special vacuum is used to clean up the ashes.

4). A “live” caretaker was in place for every Haunted Mansion attraction.

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  • However, Imagineers decided to cut and instead put an animatronic in its place instead. We even got a cowardly canine in the mix.

5). The Haunted Mansion was almost the Museum of the Weird.

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  • That idea was scrapped when Walt died. Although many of the ideas for the museum did make it into the attraction.

6). Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion was inspired by the Shipley Lydecker House in Baltimore.

shipley-lydecker house that inspired the haunted mansion exterior
Credit: Preservation Maryland
  • An Imagineer found a picture of it in a book titled Decorative Art of Victoria’s Era.

7). Walt hated the idea of a rundown looking house inside his Parks.

Mystic Manor
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  • He wanted a pristine, manicured home inside his park. He is quoted saying, “We’ll take care of the outside, let the ghosts take care of the inside.”

So, whether your favorite part is riding in the doom buggy, visiting Madame Leota, listening to your favorite ghost host, or giving a lift to a hitchhiking ghost, make sure to go on your next visit.

What else did we miss? Let us know in the comments.

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