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Haunted Mansion at Disney World

Credit: Disney


  1. Dave

    Take your annoying wife and screaming kids home,good they’ll never ride it again. Just leaves room for everyone else.

    1. Mike

      I have NEVER been stuck on a WDW ride for over 15 minutes. We broke down on Expedition Everest at the point you go backwards. We got escorted off, went BTS inside the Mtn and scored free FP+

  2. Bob

    Wahhhh! All rides can break down you should just stay home to prevent ruining you experience.

  3. Peggy

    At Epcot back in the 80’s. We got stuck on what is now spaceship earth. Back then it had a dns strain the would wind together about 3 rd way through the ride. We stuck for about an hour. They had to open the car door And we walked down a narrow stair case in the dark. We were in our 20’s. But hey that’s when Disney did proper maintenance and things did not break as often. Hire a maintenance crew. Many former usps workers down there. Would love to work on those machines.

    1. Peggy

      That’s dna

  4. Ryan

    Oh no! You got stuck for 30 minutes on a ride that 99% of the people love! You say your kid was traumatized for sitting their for 30 minutes? Yet you took them on a dark scary ride in the first place! I love the ride and my 6 year old went on it with me twice in June and we got stuck and she thought it was cool seeing all the stuff. How is being stuck traumatizing when the ride itself should have been more so. Wow. Good thing you left a spot open for the rest of us .

  5. Franklin

    If they believe getting stuck on a ride for a few minutes is traumatic, maybe they should book a flight to Kiev for some perspective.

    1. Stacee

      Really, it’s about time people in this country get some REAL perspective on REALITY! They have no clue… have had the pacifier way too long… if it insults you to wait, don’t go!

  6. I will ride this ride until I get stuck in the ballroom!!! 👻 ❤️💃

  7. Bob

    Oh brother! I bet when they got home they called ther lawyer to see how much they could extort from Disney! Geeze!!!

  8. Marissa

    As a former Disney cast member, I’m betting these stories are exaggerated. First of all, rides like Haunted Mansion and Little Mermaid are continuously moving rides, meaning they’re so slow moving, they make frequent slows and stops for guests with disabilities, young children, etc. The ride itself rarely “breaks down”.
    Also, I’d bet it’s impossible they were stuck on the ride for 30 minutes, because legally, if the ride is stopped for 15 minutes, the ride must be evacuated regardless of the reason.
    Lastly, cast members are people too. They’re not perfect and sometimes are rude, which, shame on them because they the standard they should be living up to. That said, I have never met a cast member who I believe would give a “half hearted” apology. Cast members do everything in their power (and pay grade) to assure guests’ happiness and while we can’t erase bad experiences, we can try to make them better, some people just want to be unhappy, ironically…
    When on vacation, some people let their emotions get the best of them, but I can promise most people know that Disney World really is the most magical place on earth.

    1. lorraine

      I believe a lot of the stops are for handicap people also………But a half hour stop is not………..There are times that the ride has stopped 6 or 7 times while on it. Although its annoying, I do believe its for wheel chair people to get on……..We have been on rides that we have had to be evacuated from recently and the ride in france breaks down and we end up leaving the que more often than not . Cant tell me that there arent people willing to work to make the magic happen better for people that pay so much to get into the parks

  9. Josh

    I once got stuck on that ride right in front of the singing busts. I could have waited forever for the ride to get going again. It was so much fun.

  10. Patti

    We got stuck on the Haunted Mansion in the part where the doom buggy tilts all the way back. I thought I had died and went to the Haunted Mansion for eternity! The A/C and pressure off my back was glorious. It started moving again within 5 minutes. I would have accepted a longer stay in that position.

    1. Rob L

      We got stuck in that same position a couple weeks ago… downside it was only for a few minutes.. it would have been a great time for a power nap if it was a bit longer. What a way to be stuck.. listening to the awesome sounds in the haunted mansion!

  11. Jan

    I’ll take being stuck on Haunted Mansion any day than being stuck on It’s a small world talk about torture🤣

  12. Ghost999

    What a serious bunch of WUSSES! Who cares if you never ride it again? You, your kids and whoever else cried being stuck on it is Snowflakes of the highest order. Get a life.

    1. Rob L

      Agree 100% ! What the hell happened to this country… everyone needs to piss and moan about something. And if they do not like it they try to ruin it for everyone else.

  13. Tray

    Seriously!!! With all the bad things going on in the world, your allowing your family to get absorbed and focused on one small hiccup at Disney World. What is wrong with people. Put it in the omg do you remember the time when this happened category on vacation memories.Be thankful you were at Disney with your family happy and healthy. 🙏🏻🙂

  14. Mindy

    Give me a freaking break. A ride breaking down was “traumatic”? What a bunch of pansies. If you chose to go on rides, you’re choosing to take the risk the ride may break down and you may be stuck for a bit. That’s literally nothing. Imagine being stick on the Incredicoaster ride. It’s a Small World.

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