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  1. Salla Enden

    I see the next article already

    “Guest gets hospitalized after drinking Disney water, sues Disney for not stopping them”

  2. Morris Fraser

    Cast members at water rides (Splash, Pirates) warn that if a guest’s hat flies into the water, it will be so tainted the cast members just throw it away. No imagine scooping up a palmful of the same water and drinking it.

  3. Mitchel rossiter

    The rides use bromine to sanitize the water instead of standard chlorine. That Is the reason foe the unique smell of the water when on the ride. Bromine itself is toxic and corrosive to the human body in large doses so definitely do not drink the water!!!

    1. Nosecone

      “Standard chlorine” is also toxic and corrosive to the human body in large doses.

      1. A.M.

        Why the quotes? The poster never said anything about the toxicity of chlorine, standard or otherwise.

  4. Andy

    Maybe they want to be the Lizard Queen!

  5. Misty

    Why is it even necessary to say, “don’t drink the water from a Disney ride”? I mean, really….SMH. The stupidity of people never ceases to amaze me.

  6. Mickeymouse3

    Typhoid, Cholera, E.coli?
    Naw. Hard pass for me taking a swig of the swill river.

  7. Stan

    I didn’t see any sign regarding peeing in the water so I assume several people a day do.

  8. Deez

    Natural selection is a true blessing.
    Hopefully they go and meet Walt Disney personally 🙌🏻

  9. Tom

    Why can’t you cut up the chase with your stories. Your background context is written for people who don’t know what Disney is and of we’re clicking on the story we obviously know.

  10. Brian

    Drink Jungle Cruise water. Tastes much better. Plus, it comes with a guarantee of getting sick. That said, stick to the water from dining locations and outdoor vending.

    1. Jhett D

      I read these articles every day and I’ve noticed there is so much unnecessary FLUFF until you finally get to the single paragraph about the topic. This one doesn’t even go into any further detail from the incident, just repeatedly telling us it happened? Do yourself a favor and always scroll to the bottom of the page to skip the crud.

  11. Corrine

    🤮 I mean, seriously? What would ever cause a person to do that?! If they didn’t become dangerously I’ll they were definitely lucky! Too bad there’s no way of knowing if anything happened to the idiot

  12. Rteker

    Good luck with that Dysentery lol

  13. Kevin

    I used to work on the Jungle Cruise back in the early 80’s. We would have a picture day where we would go out into the attraction and take pictures with us and the animation. About five of us went into the river with the hippos, all I can tell you is it took multiple hot showers to get the stink off of you. Never again go in the river or drink the water.

  14. TeenMc1940

    Not everyone has common sense! afterall, it can’t be earn nor learned!! With that being said use your knowledge of germs and cleanliness, would you drink water from a public toilet? Then take caution where you take your drink of water.

  15. Matt

    Did they seriously not see that Simpson’s episode where Lisa drinks the water at Duffworld?!?!!?

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