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  1. Rteker

    While it’s been some time since I was last in the Magic Kingdom, there does seem to be room for Mr Toad and Winnie the Poo, I just don’t like how the only way we can experience the Mr Toad ride we have to go ALL the way over to Disneyland in California. That said there is another ride that I’m mad about it’s removal even after 20+ years and that’s the skyliner ride

  2. Sandra g

    My late husband definitely held a grudge over the loss of Toad. Mentioned it every trip.

  3. Tonya Geier

    Mr. Toad was my favorite ride. I still don’t like to this day that my kids will never be able to ride it in the MK at WDW. I do plan to go to California one day and ride theirs, but I know it won’t be the same.

    1. Heather

      The Pooh ride is a big snore. Bring back Mr. Toad!

  4. Unfortunately, like everything that WDW does is not going to make everyone happy. I am sad that Pleasure Island is no longer there. They had New Year’s Eve every night. There was a club for whatever kind of music that you can think of. The oldies, the 80’s. Country, top 40. Classical. The Adventure’s club where you could participate, or, observe. The comedy club had improv. There was a red phone and when it rang, whomever answered became a little piece of the show. I admit it was especially fun meeting people from all over the world. The Market Place directly across from PI where you could purchase those little airplane bottles of liquor to save yourselves some money. Order a virgin drink in the red cups. Go into the facilities and add your own tequila! I had to get used to Downtown Disney Springs. I no longer drink but, I miss the older Christmas store in May. Things change and unfortunately we have to adapt to it.

  5. Tim

    I equate the removal of Mr Toads to the downward turn of all of the Disney parks. I am not talking about money rather the lack of maintenance, the lack of quality and the attitude of the leadership towards it’s fans which is shown by the cast members and just the way guests are treated by the company policies.

  6. lola

    Disney freaks never cease to amaze me, I adore Disney however I’m not going to lose sleep over a ride being replaced, my god have people got nothing else in their lives to complain about, it’s pathetic

  7. CJA

    I’m still bitter over losing my trolls at EPCOT Norway for ‘Frozen’. I refuse to let it go!

  8. Mike

    One of the best. I loved Mr. Toad. Very disappointed when it was removed. Disneyworld was never the same for me.

  9. ron

    Like who cares. The whole park should be shut down for good and re-planted with orange trees. It’s way over priced and and over rated.

  10. Joseph Miller

    The hell with Mr Toad ride, I’m still upset over 20,000 leagues under the sea ride being removed.

  11. Scott

    You think that is bad.
    Here in Disneyland, we lost COUNTRY BEAR JAMBOREE for the Winnie the Pooh ride!

  12. sam

    It sucks that they got rid of Mr. Toad. Winnie the Pooh ride belongs in the kiddie section.

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