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Disney Parks have come a long way in recent years in providing more accommodations to those with disabilities or medical issues, from experiences like the Disability Access Service (DAS), Electric Conveyance Vehicle (ECV) rentals, and wheelchair rentals for those with mobility challenges, and even special services like Sign Language interpretation and Assistive Listening systems to those experiencing hearing disabilities.

The Parks also provide a lot of support for people who experience cognitive disabilities as well, such as those on the Autism spectrum. But according to a foster parent on TikTok, Disneyland in particular could do a better job of providing these accommodations, especially warnings to those who have sensory issues and are sensitive to loud noises or others who are triggered by gunshot sounds.

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TikTok user @fosterparenting is a foster parent who is knowledgeable about a variety of accommodations issues, including audio sensitivities. She recently shared her recent experience at Disneyland and provided her perspective on these issues and advice for those caring for individuals with certain disabilities or sensitivities.


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In this TikTok, Laura explains her struggles with figuring out how to sign up for the DAS system ahead of time, including mixing up the Disney World site with Disneyland and having to repeat the process over again. In addition, she tells viewers about making sure that while at the Parks, they scan everyone’s DAS pass for the specific time it was reserved, because if it is not done correctly, the app will not allow the Guests to check into other attractions. In addition, she encourages users to find the companion restrooms if they need them and shows how to find them on the app.

Regarding sensory issues at Disneyland, Laura had asked Cast Members about volume levels on certain rides, and they had suggested bringing headphones just in case. However, Laura and some Guests in her party decided not to use the noise-canceling headphones, which was a mistake. She noted that the “WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure” and “Pinocchio’s Daring Journey” attractions were especially loud.

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Though Disney has some helpful hints when it comes to audio levels on the attractions, Laura said she wished there was a way to rate the decibel level on the rides, perhaps on a 1-5 scale. Besides the audio issues, she also noted that there was a surprising amount of guns and gun sounds on some of the rides, which can be triggering to people who have experienced gun violence. She expressed that it’s always important to ask or find out if a ride has these triggers ahead of time.

Those in the comments section agreed with Laura on these issues and thanked her for pointing them out. There were also some commenters who provided further tips and tricks on these issues, such as watching POV videos on YouTube of the rides to get a better sense of the audio levels, always bringing headphones, and finding Facebook groups for tips for Guests with special needs.

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Laura shared some insightful tips in this TikTok for Guests who may have individuals in their party who are sensitive to sounds or other triggers, and she also brought up some legitimate concerns for other issues not currently being addressed. You can find Disneyland’s services for guests with disabilities and cognitive disabilities on their website.

What do you think about this Guest’s experience? Have you had any recent similar experiences at the Parks? Let us know in the comments!

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