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Credit: Disney


  1. Sylvia

    This reminds of our experience in California Adventure at Lamplight Lounge. I found glass in my Neverland drink the hard way, cutting my mouth, and primarily wanted to inform staff so they could change out their ice and no one else get hurt. The manager at the time came over to apologize and state that since we had paid our bill already there was nothing she could do for us except 2 lightning lanes….we hadn’t asked for anything and it felt like they just wanted us to leave. Plus, several other guests dining nearby were surprised that’s ” all they could do”.

    1. Joy

      We also had a lesss then great service at the BB Restaurant. Waited for ever to be waited on had to ask if we were ever going to have a wait person to our table. Once our food arrived that is last we saw a wait person. No checking on us. It was certainly not the experience we have had in the past going there. Needless to say it was our last time going there. I wrote a letter and received a sorry that happened! Nothing else.

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