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  1. Jay

    Current CM and part timers are required to work 49 hrs a week. We’re drained and tired.

    1. lovesdisney

      I just got back from a Disneyland vacation there were some rude cast members and some changes that were not positive, that being said there were plenty of magical cast members and many familiar Disneyland moments that make it worth returning and we will.

      1. Dogwood

        That proves it. Quantum entanglement is actually useful. To be in 2 Disney parks at the same time.

  2. Britt

    It seems like training got lazy when the parks reopened during Covid. They don’t take the time to properly train and the people they’re hiring seem like people you’d see at a Six Flags, they just don’t care.

    1. Steve

      To be fair, no one cares about their jobs anymore when they got used to being paid to sir at home. Now they feel entitled to it.

      1. Robert

        OR Disney rakes in billions while paying CMs slave wages.

      2. mike


      3. Amanda

        Or people are just sick and tired of not being paid a livable wage with the higher ups are sitting pretty comfy while treating their employees like crap.

  3. Jen

    The place is hell to work at most of the decent people left after realizing how terrible the job is after the 2020 layoffs. The only hire smucks now.

  4. Robert

    Disgusting race based hatred. Shame on you.

  5. Kris

    It’s possible training went down in every park. I tried to get a job at Six Flags Magic Mountain a year ago, got hired, and couldn’t access the virtual training. The only way I had to contact them was email which I eventually figured out was being run by bots so I could never start. I assume Disney does things better, but it’s obvious to me the shutdowns hurt employee readiness at best.

  6. Mike

    sooooo you spent 10 minutes waiting to resolve a computer glitch and an overworked cast member didn’t know what to do.. so they called over a manger who immediately to resolved it. Please.. can we write 10 more articles about this? How did this not make on CNN?

  7. Anon

    Bob paycheck strikes again!

  8. Bee

    A manager at Disneyland wouldn’t say that. This sounds very made up. Most of the time managers don’t come talk to guests. And certainly not before someone else who is in charge but under the manager. I feel like this person tried to park hop before the allowed time. You still have to wait until 1pm to park hop.

    1. Kim

      All these comments merit some consideration. The epidemic, gas and goods prices rising, and the instability of the job market make many jobs stressful (and we are all over-eager to get out and enjoy some fun!) We just returned and had a lovely time!!

  9. Maria

    I have been going to Disneyland since a kid and even more so now that I have my own child. Pre-COVID we used to be AP’s. I always loved Disney because the service was always better than other theme parks. You drop an apple you just purchased, a CM will go and get you a new one. I have to say my last trip in the summer if 2021 I experienced some less than desirable experiences with CM’s. No blame on them I just think the training is lacking. I chose an apparel item to purchase where there was a clear sign of the price. When I went to the counter to purchase it the item was ringing up at a higher price. I had to show the CM where I found the item and the sign clearly relcecting the price. Evidently, the product or sign was placed there mistakenly. The CM honored the price, however her statements while ringing me up made me feel like it was my fault and that she was doing me a favor. I didn’t interact with the CM at the time but I walked away thinking WOW that was not the service I have learned to expect from Disney. I know all employers are struggling with hiring and retaining staff. I just hope Disney can pull through this and return to the magic we all have learned to expect.

  10. V

    Also, they don’t scan you in properly so according to system you are not there.

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