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  1. Diane L Richmond

    If you only knew what is going on with the Cast Members……..a lot worse than a few under trained new hires.

  2. Steve

    Not just Disneyland. Disney, period. It is a disgrace. Top shelf prices for bottle under the counter quality.

  3. Elijah Abrams

    Hire a hitman to target Bob Chapek!

    1. Mary

      Time to collect IP and report to the cops.

  4. NY

    We were there in June and then last week. We always pay for Genie + but when the rides like ROTR and Star Tours were down, I had to beg a cast member to change them to a multi experience pass. The CM informed me they now wait until the end of the lightening lane window to do this- not the beginning. I also noticed only one lightening lane access is allowed per ride per day. This was the way it was in June for the rides paid for like ROTR, Web Slingers and radiator Springs racers but not for the others. My son wanted to ride splash mountain twice – so basically I paid for the genie + to wait 95 minutes anyway! The CMs seem disgruntled, as they should be. Just not the Disney experience that keeps us coming back and two or three times a year. We will, sadly, spend our money elsewhere.

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