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  1. We stayed in the Cabins on our trip May20-28 of this year. The area behind our cabin ( we were in the cabin loop closest to the entrance)was very wet with cypress trees especially after it rained. I would not be surprised they had issues with flooding especially at their comfort stations along with some cabins…

    1. Karen

      There are some areas that I could see flooding because of how wet they stay after just a lot if rain. Also with so many trees there were probably a lot that came down or broke that need to be cleaned awY before allowing campers in. On top of that, they need to check the structure of the still standing trees around where campers would set up to be sure no branches were weakened enough to fall on campers or people. While it’s very inconvenient it’s better to be safe. The same people who would complain about the closure are the same people who would be quick to sue if something happened to them or their campers if Disney opened before it is safe.

  2. Myra

    We arrived Sunday for our honeymoon. We pulled our camper 12 hours only to pull in campground greeted by two not nice security guards. It would have been nice to know the campground was closed and we were moved to a hotel before pulling a camper that far and spending the extra money we’ve had to spend on gas and food.

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