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  1. Amelie

    The rise of the resistance is so amazing I would easily pay $100 per ride.

    1. LaurenB

      Are they out of their minds!!! How ridiculous thee price of tickets keeps going up, you have to make reservations and all this nickel and DOLLARING people… people will just find other places to go that won’t break their bank accounts. Walt is rolling in his grave

      1. Condor

        I rode it twice and it’s spectacular, but what they’re saying to me is that I should never ride it again if it now comes with an up charge. Been there done that. His current CEO is running Disney into the ground. All stocks are down by Disney has seen a plunge in value!

        1. Ib ride it twice . I like the other star wars ride better smugglers run. Not happy with disney ceo. I have gone every year for 17 years I won’t be going back

      2. Kurt

        💯💯💯, ohhhhh yeah Walt is definitely not happy.disney is blowing it big time and they don’t even care

      3. Jeff

        Nah they aren’t going somewhere else. Crowds just keep getting bigger and this ride is worth it.

        1. Hclabrock

          Jeff is right. I go to WDW all the time and crowds are bigger than ever.

      4. Laurie Livingston

        So trur!! My LAST trip (and I was a season passholder for 15+ yrs) was in 2015 when I turned mt ankle on the rails leading out of – 😜magic kingdom😝-fell on my FACE and got nothing-NOTHING!! To help with Dr bills, CT scan– nada, f#*#*#g zilch! Sayonara “disney experience”😝😵😠

    2. It is not that amazing? After spending 200 a ticket to just get in Disney no way.

      1. Condor

        I totally agree. The large gate price should be all you ever have to pay. I’m out.

        1. Joe

          That’s why I’m currently staying at Universal hotel and not a Disney one

      2. Kurt

        It’s out of control. All these add ONS & fee’s.. until people quit going. Disney is just going to keep raising the prices

    3. MZ

      Glad you can; many children & their families will not be able to pay to ride it. This is an abusive change

      1. Panda

        Are people even reading the article?? This is for LIGHTNING LANE, not for just going to ride the ride! This is a trash article made just for clicks.

        1. Comdor

          So the “unwashed” get to wait in line for 3 hours. Lottery system they had was much more fair.

      2. Kurt D Schubert

        You don’t have to pay. Only if you want lightning lane. Read the story.

    4. Jayne1955

      Take four kids and a couple of grandkids and tell me the same thing. It amazes me what some people would rather have instead of money.

    5. Kathy

      I agree. It was prob the best ride of my life. I felt like I was at an actual Star Wars Movie. The staff also play their part so well. Worth it.

    6. IlIla Vazquez

      I think it’s discriminatory of the present WD CEO to be raising prices so high that many people who’d like to go to Disney, won’t be able to afford even the entrance fee. This is crazy & it breathes out “greed”.

  2. Eron

    It sucks that it feels moreso “pay $100 for a CHANCE to ride rise of…” with the amount of breakdowns I’ve seen.

  3. DR

    It costs big bucks to get into Disney, then they have the audacity to charge you for rides. What a scam

      1. Go to Universal lots more fun do not nickel and dollar you to death. Cleaner and nicer employees!

        1. Daryl

          See this is delusional problem.
          1. It’s not cleaner.
          2. It’s not nicer.
          3. They nickel and dine you even more as example their reservation system costs more.
          Stop being deluded morons.

          1. Tim

            Actually, it is cleaner now than WDW, it is as nice and, in some ways, nicer than WDW and yes, they do nickel and dime you not 1 and 5 dollar you.
            Finally, their front of the line pass is unlimited for the day and includes all the rides. So, it is actually better and cheaper than the Disney Genie+.
            I have been there this past year and to tell you the truth it was a lot better experience than the WDW experience at the same time.

            1. Joe

              Genie+ cost starts at $15 per ticket per day at Walt Disney World Resort. It allows you to skip the regular lines at most rides and attractions at Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom once per ride.


              Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Rewind
              Seven Dwarfs Mine Train
              Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance
              Avatar Flight of Passage

              Here’s Universal’s options directly from their website:

              2-Park Universal Express Pass – $89.99
              Skip the regular lines at MOST popular rides and attractions ONCE per ride.

              2-Park Universal Express Unlimited Pass – $119.99
              Skip the regular lines at MOST popular rides and attractions as many times as you want.

              Universal Studios Florida
              – Fievel’s Playland®

              Universal’s Islands of Adventure
              – Pteranodon Flyers®
              – Hagrid’s Magical Creatures Motorbike Adventure™
              – Jurassic World VelociCoaster

              So nither Universal option includes all rides. Also, last I checked $89.99 per ticket for the ability to use it once for “most” rides is also alot more then the base $15 for the equivilent Genie+. All other factors aside on park preference, Disney has a way cheaper option for fast passes.

            2. Peggy

              Without the front of the line pass at Universal, we saw three pretty lousy things in one day. I think the front of the line thing cost an extra $49 and that was years ago. I paid thee tra $15 to ride The Rise of the Resistance and it was great. I also walked right on Smugglers Run and could have done several others as a single rider line.

    1. Dawn

      You don’t have to pay for the rides, just enter the queue.

      1. Kathy

        And stand there for hours.

        1. Jill E. Bean

          You’re at a theme park. How do you not expect to wait in line for hours?

    2. Ila Vazquez


  4. Jennie

    Retired. Can barely afford to get into Disney much less pay for these extras. Walt is spinning in his grave. Middle class families are being priced right out. Sad.

    1. MZ

      Sadly, yes

      1. Remy

        Umm.. You are not required to pay to skip the line. You can just wake up early and enter the queue.

    2. Lisa


    3. Ila Vazquez

      Yup. Poorer families & persons can’t afford it.

  5. Mindy

    I wouldn’t pay for that. I pay for a park ticket. I’ll go to single rider lines or just do traditional standby. Chapek’s not getting any extra money from me.

  6. Sue

    Crazy wait the next is the price of the park tickets is going up. Disney is not worth the money anymore with all the fights and crazy ass people there it’s not worth going the parks are fility the workers are under paid to out up with the crap they have to from entitled people. Only a crazy person would still go to Disney like someone mentioned they would paid 100$ to go on that ride.

    1. Fact and parks are nasty and dirty now

    2. Daryl

      The parks aren’t filthy you deluded miron. Sane people go to Disney, insane people like you don’t. Go to Disney or just stop existing.

      1. RM

        Maybe not FILTHY but they aren’t maintained like Walt intended them to be. Rides break down, paint isn’t touched up every night like before, and trash is visible much more than it used to be. It’s a shame. More $$, less maintenance involved.

        1. Rachel

          Disney isn’t Disney anymore. They have changed everything. Im pretty sure they are going to ruin Happily Ever After too which is my favorite thing ever. Things won’t change as long as people still pay these prices and go to the parks. My family went to Universal for the first time this summer and it was $2,100 cheaper! That included food and everything. I’m a Disney girl and didn’t want to like it but it was so much fun! I’ll be going to Universal from now on and that hurts me to say.

          1. WHdadof2

            I went to Disney last year on a solo trip, then with my family two months later, long story. Anyway, went to book Disney for this month, and decided to look at Universal. I’m going to Universal and the same trip is $700 less, 5 day trip. Love Disney, but after shut down, the parks are not as clean as they used to be. Saving $ and trying something new.

      2. Tim Hoster

        I see that Daryl works for Disney company because he is using the same tactics that the executives are using. Instead of listening to the people they insult the fans. Daryl please go and learn how to interact with people as you cannot at this point. Either that you are a 10 year old that hasn’t learned how to discuss things. I seem to remember a show with Daryl and my other Brother Daryl.

      3. Darrell Shortt

        Excuse me Daryl from another Darrell. I have been a Disney AP holder for the last 15 years, I can tell you first hand that Disney has run down. I have personally seen trash cans overflowing and trash spread around on the ground at Disney. I have not seen any at Universal.

      4. Charles Ward

        Obvious from your comment that many insane people go to Disney too, and being a sycophantic follower, you will pay whatever they ask. You and your minions are the perfect target audience for the mouse!!

      5. WZ

        Wow way to shill for Disney, fool. I’m sure your free Disney passes are going to be processing in the mail in a week or two

    3. Dawn

      At the same time they increased prices across the board. Added a 7th tier to tickets…. $179 for 1 park on the top tier days.

  7. Julian Herring

    This is insane, Disney is now so out of touch with the populace.

    Our last trip staying on Disney Property a couple of weeks ago, for 2 weeks was enjoyable mostly, but its not worth the money, the parks were very full, and clearly cost saving and services were reduced.

    We have one more holiday booked and paid for and then for my family and I, I think that we will move over to staying on Universal, and just have a couple of days at Disney. Its a shame but as I said Disney has sadly lost its way and just interested in getting your cash at any opportunity.

    1. Daryl

      And Universal isn’t you deluded fool. You might as well not go on holiday at all instead of passing your money away at the Universal.

      1. AH

        You keep insulting everyone who gives their opinion here. You need to go away.

        1. JM

          These are uninformed.opinions. Universal isnt automatically a cheap alternative. That is fact.

          1. Julian Herring

            JM, I never said Universal was cheap, I know it is expensive too, BUT it does offer so much more value for your money than the penny pinching greedy Disney.

            I’ve been staying on property at Disney for near on 20 years and this last holiday although enjoyable for the most part, was FACT by far the most expensive, yet the service reduction and poor value for your cash was evident on many occassions. Sadly I believe we had the best of Disney over the 20 years compared to now, but the greed and lack of services and value for money its just not worth the costs.

      2. Julian Herring

        I get Universal is not cheap I’m no fool Daryl, but its less expensive and I feel better value for money than Disney.

        You go to Disney and spend all your cash you small minded nutter.

  8. Plain old Disney Greed

  9. Randy

    Step aside Mickey, Scrooge McDuck is now the CEO.

  10. Paul W

    Guaranteed that the parks will still be filled to capacity no matter how many extra charges are added to stuff.

  11. J Harper

    Pass holders since 1991…..glad now we left California to the Midwest…. Disney isn’t the make believe land of my long gone childhood any longer. Walt wouldn’t know his worlds any more and the death of his dreams for the parks.

  12. RM

    My god Chapek, when doe$ it end? In one of our wor$t inflationary time$ of US hi$tory and you want to make it more expen$ive for familie$ to go and enjoy a vacation. I under$tand busine$$. And I under$tand Disney cos$t$ are higher too, but $eriously? At what point doe$ Chapek make the Tiki Room a Genie+ ride co$ting familie$ hundred$ of dollar$ to $ee it? Gee, Chapek, why not go back to the A,B,C, ticket book and charge $1000 each gue$t for it? Ye$ I’m bitter at Chapek. He’$ made Disney into 💵Di$ney.

  13. Chris Wood

    Convenient! Disney is certainly acting like the EMPIRE, finding ways to tax and screw the people over.

    1. RM

      Agreed! Or should I say A(Disney greed)

  14. Jayne1955

    Genie + and Lightning Lane is a total and complete ripoff, especially coming on top of all the other things they’re nickle and dimeing people for.. I have STOCK in Disney and I don’t want to go back. We’re going to Universal next.

    1. JM

      Go ahead. More for me.

      But do your homework first. Universal isn’t automatically cheaper. Or nicer. Or cleaner. Or as friendly.

      1. Rachel

        I was just there. It was cheaper. It was nicer. It was cleaner. People were friendly.

        1. M

          Then I am so going next year

  15. AH

    Was at WDW for 3 days last week. Rode ROR once and smugglers run once. By the way you have to go past ROR to get smugglers run when entering Star Wars Land from the park proper. The park was filled with people and you could see that they did not limit attendance. ROR is a great ride but in no way worth paying 15 to 22 bucks extra per person. The 3 parks we visited were just a little dirtier than pre-China plague. Cast members were mostly very good (there is always a few in the group), and lines were long.

  16. JM

    Okay. Let’s all try to remain calm here.

    First, you don’t HAVE to pay to ride this ride. What you are paying for is the line-skip option. Every theme park in the country has such an option, including Six Flags and Cedar Point

    You can still wait in line for free. If the expense is a problem (and it is for me and many others), just choose to wait in line. It might be long, really long, but you can save 100+ bucks.

    This isn’t complicated. Disney is charging for something that is in high demand. Literally, every company in the world can and will do that. I don’t like it. I don’t have to. But it does make good business sense.

    Let’s hope that we do see a dramatic decline in attendance so the powers that be are forced to consider price drops. Right now, though. It’s not happening. Attendance is still going strong across the parks.

    1. Jill E. Bean

      Thank you. The most logical, informed comment on here.

  17. Lisa

    We want to go back but don’t want to be on our phones all day. Don’t think it’s right having people make a park reservation if they have purchased tickets. And you should be able to get Genie plus when you purchase your tickets. We just want to be able to enjoy the parks like before Covid when they had the fast passes – we were able to just do whatever on the fly. We were able to change our fast passes to another park if we wanted to. Why couldn’t they just have left the fast pass and park hopper system and had us pay for it, it was way better than what they have now

    1. Dawn

      You don’t have to use your phone, we don’t. We have paper passes and just go about our business in the same way as we always did.

      1. Lisa

        everyone comments about how you are on your phone all day. example
        you have to go on your phone at 7am to get Genie. how would you get paper passes for everything?

  18. J

    I wouldn’t pay for Genie + again. We tried it once and it wasn’t worth it. Also, unless Rise has a reasonable stand-by line, I don’t know that I’d bother with it again. It wasn’t worth taking up hours of your park day waiting and it certainly wasn’t worth the $60 of lightning lane we paid for the four of us to finally ride it.

  19. BH

    Ahoy, ye Landlubbers! Have you considered the alternatives? A much more relaxing vacation may be had on a cruise, either with Disney’ cruise ships which has great entertainment, or with Royal Caribbean which I think has a nicer island experience and is less expensive. I’ve been to WDW enough times that it’s like watching reruns, and with each trip has become less enjoyable to boot. Expand your horizons, and consider our National Parks as well.

  20. Dawn

    The lowest tier (tier 0) is $104 (which was the tier 1 price) for one park , one day. The other tiers went up by $10 for tiers 1 – 5 and $15 for tier 6. Parking stayed at $30, unless you want preferred, that went from $45 up to $50. The multi-day tickets went up by $30 for 2 and 3 day tickets, and by $35 for 4 and 5 day tickets.

    It’s not like they doubled the cost.

    1. tink

      I love Disney and Disney World. Many fantastic trips over the years, but I am starting to feel Mickey is going too far with the prices of everything.

  21. tink

    I think that hard part of this is that fast passes used to be included with the price of a vaction package, not extra. You still can ride these rides by arriving at the parks early then getting in line.

  22. Sen

    It was already straight up $20 for Rise at Disneyland when Genie+ first came out. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  23. Andrew

    Sad, but people keep going and keep paying. That’s exactly why Disney is doing just that. Demand is extremely high and the parks fill up even during the week. What would you do if in Disney’s shoes?

  24. Mickeymouse3

    Bob Paycheck strikes again.
    I’ll rank him right up there with Brandon as far as “leaders” go.

  25. Angelina

    Disney just isn’t what it used to be. We went this year, hemorrhaged money even thought we tried to be careful with spending, and faced massive crowds and wait times. We paid more for Genie+, LL whatever it is…long story short, it will be years before we go back. There are so many other places to vacation that won’t feel so stressful. I won’t have to be on my phone all the time booking rides. Even the kids don’t want to go back anytime soon. Disney isn’t what it used to be and it’s sad.

  26. Arthur

    Anyone else feeling the breeze from Walt spinning in his grave? Disney prices are out of control but as the saying goes, anything is worth whatever someone is willing to spend on it.

  27. Phoebe L Ho

    This is bullf—ing. If this is the consequence of having Galaxy’s Edge then I wish the whole area never even existed.
    They should be so lucky that I can still pay for admission and use standby lines.

  28. Hillaryc

    For all the Walt spinning in grave comments ….he would see the $$$$ that’s coming in and have the biggest boner you’ve ever seen. It would be like Pinocchios nose.

    He might take issue with some of the direction the parks have gone….but the cash coming in he’d be fine with

    1. Jill E. Bean

      Lol spot on 🤣👍

  29. People bad

    Learn how to fkn read . Illiterates

  30. Chris

    If people can feel the breeze of Walt spinning in his grave, I’d have to ask them how that smells.

  31. Mike

    This will only cost you extra if you want fast pass, what a shame article just posted to provoke people who don’t read.

  32. Vince Gonzales

    I think the solution is obvious: bring back the old ticket book system (or a digital version of it). You have a more balanced way to experience the rides, you have to take into consideration how many e-ticket rides to do that day, and you also have the opportunity to ENTER the park (separate entry-only ticket without the ride tickets) and enjoy it WITHOUT having to feel obligated to ride rides in order to make the visit “worth the money”. It limits the number of spaces available for each day, and keeps the lines reasonable. You could also redeem unused tickets at a later visit. AAHHH The Good Ole Days…

  33. Rob

    I remember thinking how horrible the poor used to be treated when I watched the movie “Titanic.” Now that those days seem to be returning to American society, it is interesting to note that some people are actually crass enough to cheer it on.

    1. Jill E. Bean

      Are you really comparing how the third class steerage passengers were treated on Titanic with Disney being too pricey for you? Really? 🙄🤦🏻‍♀️

  34. Bernard

    Everything disney$$$$$$$$$, cost never stop, I really don’t care if the theme park goes under. Shame getting to expensive for alot of families to enjoy, now this rid up to 100 for one ride

  35. Lee

    I won’t be returning to a Disney property until this nonsense is sorted out and ended. What a pathetic shame this company has turned out to be.

  36. Cesar

    When you stop becoming happiest place on earth and become the costliest place on earth people will run to other places.

    1. M

      True, the magic has long since been extinguished. Now it’s a place full of “activism” scum greed and villainy

  37. Cesar

    When you stop being the
    happiest place on earth and become the costliest place on earth people will run to other places. Disney has become woke and not a good place

  38. Charles Ward

    Obvious from your comment that many insane people go to Disney too, and being a sycophantic follower, you will pay whatever they ask. You and your minions are the perfect target audience for the mouse!!

  39. Sam

    I agree with the folks saying Universal is a good option. Best price is to get one of the annual passes. There was a deal this year for military/DoD that $200 got you an all year pass to both their parks. And 1 night at their best hotels gets you 2 days of their unlimited fast pass for 2 guests. I paid 3x the cost for 3 days at Disney than what I did for a whole year at Universal.

  40. SP

    I don’t know how many of you read the article, but you don’t have to pay extra if you don’t want to. $100 was the estimate a family of 5 would pay for the lightning lane pass.

  41. Michael Woods

    Just went to Disneyland 25 min wait, second ride we did, we just planned our trip to hit that ride early, 20$ per person for the LL six of us, if I had only one day and didn’t plan my day right I’d pay the 120$ for the ride it was amazing.

  42. Joseph Richards

    56 years old I live in Disneyland when I was 17 and then again when I was 25 those were the best days it has gone to hell nothing but people fighting overpriced attractions terrible food and just a disgusting place to be nowadays

  43. Bryon Bauer

    I guess I’m in the minority. I didn’t think the ride was that great. It’s good, not great. Star Tours IMO is better.

  44. IWAD

    I love when everyone goes to Disneyland, as long as people are spending money Disney wins, more money in the pockets!

  45. Cat

    I blame this on all guests who were ever stupid enough to purchase lightning passes to begin with. All it does is let Disney know that people are stupid enough to throw away money like that, so it encourages them to raise prices like their annual passes.

  46. Michelle

    I got to ride both early Sept. Only once and on both the rides stopped several times on rise and once on snow whites mine train. Near the top I might add, it detracts from the actual rude so making people pay for a ride that may not be perfect is a big chance.

  47. A

    We just returned from WDW yesterday and I will say that the entire genie plus program is manipulated. It is made to force a sense of urgency. The oldest trick in the book in sales. We actually videotaped it at both Peter Pan and a buzz light-year. At Peter Pan we walked through the line all the way to through the house in the bedrooms to the door that enters into the line to get on the ride… The attendant held us at the door so that we could not See out. Our line stood there for over 30 minutes. Our daughter was outside the line and she was videotaping. The genie plus line was walking straight on. At many times there was no one at all in the Genie plus line but they still held us at the door and they kept saying there was a delay there was a delay. But there was no delay . After 31 minutes they started letting people on the regular line to go through. They literally held everyone to get the impression that the line was long when in reality it was not. They are forcing people to buy the Genie pass by deliberately making the wait long. it is totally fake… The exact same thing happened at buzz light-year they held the line for 26 minutes… When there was no one in the Genie plus line people were literally just walking straight in… It was the craziest thing I ever saw and it was heartbreaking
    It is so sad what is happening 🙁

  48. Lorie

    Not everyone can afford the lightening lane and to be honest when I went in June the lines were not too bad. The Mine ride and Slinky Dog Dash were the longest wait, an hour and 30 minutes, and in my experience that’s not bad because where I live you wait longer. I waited 3 hours to ride The Millennium at Cedar Point and that wasn’t even the newest roller coaster at the time, The Maverick was the newest. Still wished we had Geagua Lake because there you could ride the rides 2-3 times in a day. I say wait it out, don’t pay that much money for a ride, I would rather use that money towards souvenirs. Plus, not growing up with a fast pass to a ride, 80’s baby, I am used to it.

  49. Emily

    It’s only over $100 if you don’t want to wait in standby for 2 hours. It’s an epic ride and worth the wait or price not to.

  50. William

    Isn’t Disneyland and Walt Disney World too greedy enough already? I won’t pay a dime for the ROTR attraction because I already pay $200 just to get in the park(s). The money can be well spent on food because we have to eat.

  51. Karl

    This is all just a money grab. Great rides, but my family and I have also switched to Universal. We passed on the Pixie pass too and opted for Universal’s 3 park pass; cheaper and no reservation required. Walt Disney would be ashamed if he saw what Chapek and the management team have done to the Parks. The Magic is lost for now.

  52. Chris

    Glad I have already been on this ride. I would never pay that. It’s good but nope.

  53. Cat

    Genie , LL, Fast Pass…..
    Maybe Disney should do a virtual ticket system.
    Paying to get in the park is not so much, but every ride has a cost like purchasing the old paper tickets, except now it’s the programmable bracelet. You pay for the tier of rides you can afford or want and those are the rides you get, and only so many turns in a day. Everyone waits in the same line no skipping.

  54. Hayley

    Ugh stop monopolizing Disney.

  55. Maureen

    My husband and I got on the stand by line. Less than 60 mins wait we were fine. I refuse to pay any extra for anything there ! Not worth it at all.

  56. Wing

    On an interesting note Universal theme parks attendance have just surpassed disney’s, gee I wonder why? Maybe because they’re not as greedy or stupid as Disney. they really seem to want rich people to attend. their parks when rich people can really go anywhere else around the globe for that amount of asking price meanwhile middle class families literally have to probably take out a second mortgage or get a bank loan just to take their kids. To all you shills in the thread I’m sure Disney appreciates your continued defense in case you can’t tell I’m being sarcastic.

  57. Carl

    Chapek raises prices people pay the increase, Chapek raises the prices people pay the higher prices…it’s a demonstration of the free market which means you can vote with your money and not go. Chapek is laughing all the way to the bank knowing people will pay what he wants them to pay. Me, nothing at Disney is worth the thousands it costs to be surrounded by sweaty unhappy people for a week.

  58. Maria

    Walt is definitely rolling in his grave! He would be so pissed off with everything that’s going on now!

  59. Kelly

    The greed Disney is showing is just ugly. Supposed to be the most magical vacation you can take, when you feel like you are being robbed or scammed out of money around every corner the vacation looses its magical appeal. New CEO is ruining the entire experience.

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