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Don't Say Gay Bill Protest outside Walt Disney World Resort

Credit: Save LGBT


  1. Sarah K


  2. EricJ

    Uh, guys?…Has it occurred to you that maybe YOU’RE the reason Disney’s “under attack” right now?
    Like, they wanted to stay out of the issue, like any other good commercial corporate entity, and you had to go open your big attention-starved mouth and give a goofy overambitious loser governor his imaginary campaign issue?

    Do the words “…Nice plan, General Custer” have any meaning for you? 😉

    1. Steve

      Desantis is wildly popular here in Florida. Stay in New York, loser.

      1. drh3b

        DeSantis is a piece of crap, as anyone who supports him.
        Florida sucks.

        1. MB

          Why is he a piece of crap??? Because the MSM tells you what to think???

        2. Jerr

          Your either a moron or you’re…..nah you’re just a moron.

        3. Steve

          Read my comment and imagine it is aimed at you. Because it was.

          1. Bert

            Steve the big baby needs to be changed!

        4. Denise

          He is the best governor in the country right now, and we love our governor. He has done a great job with our state.

      2. Joknows

        He is leading his opponent by 3% points. He’s not “wildly” popular. And after this hurricane, he’s lost even more popularity.

        1. Denise

          Disney has been pushing their agenda right in everyone’s faces and made no qualms about it. They didn’t keep quiet about it or such. They have become a sick, perverse, and immoral company. They are just digging their own grave.

          1. DDS

            Spot on!!!

          2. CT

            100% agree.

        2. Denise

          He’s leading Crist by more than that.

        3. Steve

          Whatever you say New Yorker. Stay out with your communist agenda.

      3. Bert

        Don’t be a baby, Stevie.

    2. Denise

      Disney has been pushing their agenda right in everyone’s faces and made no qualms about it. They didn’t keep quiet about it or such. They have become a sick, perverse, and immoral company. They are just digging their own grave.

  3. Keith

    I am totally appalled how much Disney has changed. It is no longer a family entertainment company. Such a small portion of the population should not dictate what Disney does. Stay out of politics!!!! And don’t push these issues into the lives of my children and grandchildren. We as parents make decisions for our own families based on our core values.

    1. Mike k

      You sound like a terrible person who is just mad gay ppl even exist…no one is pushing any agenda…you are just a bigot…

      1. Lol

        No we’re mad cause they won’t stop going on about it and making it about them , ruining things for others!
        Not interested in people’s preferences in general! Want to go to Disney to have fun and enjoy not be bashed by politics!

        1. Joknows

          We were at Disney twice in the past year and no issue of any kind was shoved down our throats. Nothing happens to even notice. You are fighting an invisible pretend army

          1. Jay

            Maybe you should watch the Disney Channel. Most of the “boys” act more like girls. And apparently you have not been to Disney during their special “gay weeks” when you are subjected to the perversion at every turn. I wouldnt appreciate heteros kissing and grabbing each other – and thats all we saw when we mistakenly booked a week there during that time

          2. Steve

            That I’d probably because you agree with the agenda and think it is normal. It isn’t. Stay in New York.

      2. Jarvis

        Hey name caller Mike. .002 percent of the population is NOT going to change my language or thought. If people have gender dysphoria and mental issues, does not mean I have to live in their made up 1,000 gender world. Get it?

        1. Joknows

          Yeah, use a different nae everytime “Jarvis” because you are ashamed of your own hatred.

          1. Steve

            Real rich coming from someone with a fake name.

      3. MB


      4. Steve

        Stop lying.

      5. jo

        why does it have to be shoved down our throats?
        I do not approve of the homosexual lifestyle. that said – I don’t attack and tear down.
        if it wasn’t so aggressively pushed toward children, it wouldn’t be nearly as bad – but they shove it down anything and everything family related. they want to destroy the family.

        1. Joknows

          None of this is happening in any way at Disney. You have created an imaginary enemy so that you can attack a group of people that you despise

          1. Steve

            You clearly can’t afford to go to Disney.

    2. Peggy Hillhouse

      Good for you and Amen.If they would turn Disney around the way Walt Disney had they,would have more familes coming then they know what to do with .
      I am proud of the governor of DeSantis
      He is doing a super job.

      1. Joknows

        While he’s earning your praise for fighting culture wars, he forgot to be a leader leading up to the hurricane.

        1. Steve

          Please keep your irrelevant out of state, CNN-fueled commentary away from here.

        2. Charles P

          Get life and life and learn the facts about the hurricane! 42000 utility workers did not show up in Florida by the lack of the governor’s directions. There was plenty of warnings for the approaching storm with many e plans executed! Many chose not to evacuate!

      2. Cindi

        I live near Disney & go frequently. They already have more families going there than they can handle. People blow thru every dime they have & run up huge debt happily splurging in a manic frenzy. It’s packed every day, every park, resort & entertainment option. No one in Disney management is even mildly concerned about anti gay people not coming to the parks. Please stay away. It’s a happy place that doesn’t need angry uptight people. And if you ever went to the parks you’d realize the only thing being shoved down anyone’s throat is the hideously high prices of everything.

    3. KC

      I agree. Disney has no business getting politically involved. Yes, by being political, Disney is definitely pushing the agenda.

      1. Steve

        Liberals spent decades whining about supposed corporate involvement in politics, now they demand it.

        1. Cindi

          That’s hysterical. Did Faux News tell you that. And you believed it? Bwahahahahaha

          1. Steve

            Which part do you think is wrong? Both are readily verifiable.

    4. DDS

      ABSOLUTELY Agree!!!

    5. Jim

      Children and grandchildren. They you have it. The older generation and their hatred for things different. When your generation is dead and gone, we will be in a much better place.

    6. Manny

      Keep making decisions based on your small group and decide not to go or sponser Disney in any way. This is your right but do not paint Disney based on your microcosm.

  4. Lol

    This is getting ridiculous now!!!

  5. Walt

    So much for family friendly…

  6. Tony from Virginia

    This make me so happy that Disney has not got 1 dime from me since 2017. I can finally break all ties to this company Jan 2023 when my last rental is done and I put my DVC”s up for sale

    1. eric

      If you are a DVC owner then you have, at the least, been paying maintenance fees for all those years. So yes, you have been giving them more than a dime since 2017.

      1. Tony from Virginia

        Sorry but your wrong, I rented out my points and put over a $1,000 in my pocket every year. My maintenance fees were paid by other people not by me

      2. Tony from Virginia

        Yes I do pay over $2,000.00 a year maintenance fees but I get over $3000.00 in rent from my DVC points
        So the money that goes to Disney is ( OPM ) other peoples money

        1. Tony from Virginia

          What ? I don’t think you know what a good business plan is. I have an asset that pays for itself and put money in my pocket with very limited time spent on the maintenance of the asset. During my time holding it it has gone up in value by over 50%. Not a bad return on something I bought for entertainment. My decision to sell is not a business decision. It’s a personal decision. based on my values.

  7. They are not under attack. When will Disney execs stop lying? Parents of Florida do not want elementary kids taught sex education. It’s about being age appropriate. Many homosexual and heterosexual parents agree on this. Let the parents teach sex ed at home when they feel that it is appropriate.

    1. DDS

      You are ABSOLUTELY correct!!!

  8. Steve

    Disney is degenerate.

    1. drh3b

      Then why are you wasting your time on this website? No one cares about your opinion.

      1. Walt

        Apparently you care, so much so you couldn’t resist replying to his comment.

      2. Steve

        Triggering pathetic groomer snowflakes like you is a good enough reason.

        1. Bert

          Steve, you stink. You need too change that diaper!

          1. Steve

            You are into men in diapers, aren’t you, degenerate?

    2. DDS

      I agree! And I care!!!

  9. Jarvis

    Disney has gone full retard.

    1. drh3b

      You’re mixing up Disney with yourself.
      Who cares, ultimately?

      1. Walt

        Again, judging by your response you seem to care, a lot.

    2. DHC

      Yay Disney! I was worried they would continue to be silent on this – love and respect them now more than ever. Thank you Disney for really welcoming and valuing everyone – especially folks who are on the sidelines of mainstream. So awesome.

      1. Steve

        They don’t value everyone. If they did, they would stop pushing liberal extremism.

        1. Jarell


          1. Steve

            Another fake name. Liberals are fake people.

      2. wesley

        The only people Disney values are those with money to spend on their products or in the parks. Anything else doesn’t really matter to them.

  10. Ronald

    Just like every other company in America; Disney does not care about any politics or psychotic social views. That money is to placate the “marginalized” group of the moment and to check the boxes off. Don’t kid yourself, most executives as well asoas most employees don’t care about the agenda of the very few and less and less are tolerating them. Oh and I am from New York and would give anything to have a Governor like Desantis.

    1. Al

      You are dead on!!! Disney only cares because it is the current political thing to do. Disney needs to go back and make FAMILY entertainment their priority!

  11. Karl

    No one cares, why go so hard in for such a small percentage, if your gay great. I just get tired of hearing about this bs non stop

    1. Steve

      Scott, you work for Disney. Stop making these embarrassing posts and try to write an essay defending Bob.

      1. Guest

        Once upon a time, the outside world was not included in the Disney Experience.

        Care was taken so Guests in the Disney Parks did not see beyond the boundaries of the experience…

        Real world events were not spoken about, and Disney was simply, Disney.

        When you support something, there will always be people who don’t support you, because they do not agree…

        Neutrality on issues seems the far wiser agenda.

        Accepting everyone is all that is necessary.

    2. CarolineRN

      what a sophomoric mean statement. Stop making fun of everyone. say you dont agree and leave it at that.
      This site just invites all kinds of trouble and encourages negativity of all kinds. Wow!

  12. Bigot is NOT the correct word, its about ones personal beliefs and his/her core values for ones self and their family — calling someone a bigot or whatever you wish to call, is youre way and the MSM way of justifying an argument that no-one cares to have unless it is “pushed” towards that individual — its too bad but its a simple instance of what is going on in the world of politics & society and it seems as though when one group doesnt agree with another groups “views” we resort to name calling, yelling them down and making non-existent comments that are not true — we live in America to make our own views, comments and beliefs…but the left doesnt see it that way. Each side of the isle has its extremists’ but the Left is more inclined to the name-calling and yelling others down and it just incites more anger & hate– Simple for me, I hate this pandering to a specific group and NOT that it will matter- but in the long run, it will– but Disney just wont be involved in my decision making of where my money goes.

  13. Azza

    Disney is owned by the deep state, just like all major corporations, western governments and tech giants, whether it’s direct ownership through shell corporations or influential financial relationships. Thus they are all about pushing the Neo Marxist social engineering agenda.

    1. Steve

      Disney is owned by China.

  14. Walt

    Remember this “All we want is to be maried thats all”
    HAHAHAHAHAHA thats a good one.

    And now they support slicing off body parts? – and yes it DOES happen to children.
    Call me a bigot call me whatever – I don’t care.

    Remember hearing – – “Why are you sticking your nose in my bedroom? – my bedroom my business!” Actually the question is why do you have to stick your bedroom under our noses 24/7/52

    1. Walt

      and for all these reasons you have lost my support…. both Disney AND people who live these lifestyles – you’ve jumped the shark…..

      1. Steve

        Like many other cases, the liberals were proven to be boiling a frog and the skeptics of the progress were proved right. It is a shame we as a society lost the ability to learn from our mistakes.

  15. DK

    Walt Disney would be ashamed at what has happened to the dream he built. 2019 was my final visit sadly and I won’t be going back. Universal Studios is capitalizing on Disney’s down fall. If you don’t believe me look up the sales between the two in the last 4yrs.

    1. Daryl-Rhys

      Universal studios has been trailing behind. And if you think they do not agree with Disney on this issue, you are mistaken.

      1. Steve

        They agree, but are smart enough to shut up. Disney wants to rub their degeneracy in everyone’s faces.

        1. Bert

          Don’t tell me you don’t love it, Stevie!
          Oh, and don’t be a baby!

          1. Steve

            Nick, we know you are a pedo, you can stop telling us.

  16. Joknows

    No one will miss you.

  17. Donald Task

    Who cares about less than 0.5% of the population? Is it really risk alienating your 95%+ customer base to try and jam all this Mental Illness nonsense into your content? Wake up Disney people are sick of your WOKE GARBAGE!

    1. Casey MacRichfield

      More like 40-60% of the population. A majority of people identify as part of this community or are in denial. The ones who screech the loudest are also probably the ones most in the closet.

      Most of the haters here are also members of the community. Their unnatural hatred is proof of it.

    2. Steve

      0.5% of the population, but like 70% of the media.

      The African community has the right idea. America deserves media that looks like real Americans, not downtown LA.

    3. DDS


  18. Delmar Shortt

    Both Disney and the Human Rights Campaign have shown just far up the woke flag pole they are flying straight into the ground.

    1. Steve

      As if anyone paying attention didn’t know.

  19. Nancy

    I don’t usually comment but I think I have to, Who says that being Gay you are not being Christian anymore ? My family were all raised as part of the Roman Catholic Church and we have had a few Gay Family Members and they were all accepted by the Church as Great Standing Members who did a lot for our congregation and no one treated them as the Devil.
    I Love my Sister for who she is and my 2 Cousins for who they are and Disney is not and never will loss Money over this

  20. DDS

    Good point!!! AGREED

  21. DDS

    Romans 1:26-31
    26 For this cause God gave them up unto vile affections: for even their women did change the natural use into that which is against nature: 27 And likewise also the men, leaving the natural use of the woman, burned in their lust one toward another; men with men working that which is unseemly, and receiving in themselves that recompence of their error which was meet.
    28 And even as they did not like to retain God in their knowledge, God gave them over to a reprobate mind, to do those things which are not convenient; 29 Being filled with all unrighteousness, fornication, wickedness, covetousness, maliciousness; full of envy, murder, debate, deceit, malignity; whisperers, 30 Backbiters, haters of God, despiteful, proud, boasters, inventors of evil things, disobedient to parents, 31 Without understanding, covenantbreakers, without natural affection, implacable, unmerciful:

  22. Peter George

    What a short memory you have – I still remember all the riots and destruction that went on after a certain election in 2016 – and continued for the 4 years after that.

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