Cree Summer Makes Her MCU Debut

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Disney+ has given Marvel the chance to further add to their collection of heroes with their spinoffs and miniseries. From Loki to She-Hulk, True Believers have been introduced to more and more heroes and metahumans with each new season. Now it looks like Ironheart is next in line, but she won’t be traveling alone.

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Set to premiere in fall of 2023, Marvel Studios’ Ironheart is essentially the successor to Iron Man as Riri Williams designs and invents her own suit of power armor that could rival Tony Stark’s iconic suit. Dominique Thorne is set to headline the show as the titular young inventor, but she’s not the only serving of star power Disney is serving up for this upcoming project. While stars like Sacha Baron Coen are rumored to have major roles, it was recently announced that actress Cree Summer would be joining the cast as well. While some might not be overly familiar with her name, they will almost instantly recognize her voice.

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Cree Summer is a veteran voice actress with dozens and dozens of credits under her belt, and her contributions to Disney are just as numerous. Summer has made many Disney appearances, namely in their animated series, including roles on The Proud Family, Lilo and Stitch: The Series, An Extremely Goofy Movie, and even the reboots of Ducktales and Muppet Babies. That all being said, she is also known for a shamefully overlooked, yet pivotal character in the realms of Disney animation.

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Often considered Disney’s most underrated animated feature, Atlantis: The Lost Empire featured Summer as the brave and mystical Princess Kida, future queen of the sunken city and avatar for the Heart of Atlantis. Whether Disney knew it or not, Kida was an absolute trendsetter of a character that broke down barriers not acknowledged by the company at the time. Not only was she technically the first black princess, an honor which still mistakenly goes to Tiana, but she was also one of the first Disney love interests who did not follow the standard “true love’s kiss” formula. Arguably, Kida is perhaps one of the studio’s most realistic royals in their lineup. Yet she’s still semi-forgotten.

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At the time of writing, it is unknown exactly what Summer will do for the show. Whether it’s a voice role or a full-fledged on-screen appearance remains to be seen, but fans can expect a familiar voice and presence joining Marvel’s Iron Heart. Hopefully, fans will see her take on a heroic role to match her forgotten Disney Princess.

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