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Walt Disney World EPCOT's World Celebration Concept Art

Credit: Disney


  1. Tony

    If this rumor turns out to be true I just hope it won’t be another hotel for the rich and famous i.e. Star Wars hotel.


    Why build another hotel, the parks cannot handle all the resorts that are in existence now. Most people go to Disney to experience the parks, not to visit a hotel they can find elsewhere for less. I know that some people do visit for the hotel, but I think that Disney should reconsider this.

  3. Pretendy's

    No more hotels. Let them put a Denny’s inside epcot and be done with the games.

  4. CRT

    Disney keeps building more and more hotels without expanding the parks. This needs to stop.

  5. J

    We have often stayed at the yacht club which is very close to the back entrance of Epcot. I don’t think they need one inside the park

  6. Elizabeth West

    Hotel equal more people. WDW has become overcrowded. Just this last summer. the crowds were unbearable . Epcot needs more attractions like the Mary Poppins Ave. that was scrapped.. Where is the playscape/ playground that was to be erected. The park reservation system was to be the answer to stop overcrowding the parks. Our visit last August made me feel like I was in a wildebeast migration. With less attractions/ shows and rides down for frequent maintenance Epcot is going to be insane . Back to back festivals and few rides produces huge lines at the food kiosks ,rides,stores and restaurants. No ! Epcot does not need an in park hotel .Disney needs to put more things in the park to swallow up the congestion of people and entertain the masses so it doesn’t have to change it’s name to WWW .Wait,Wait ,and Wait some more.

  7. Steve

    Just what Disney needs, more rooms for more people to shove into the dangerously overcrowded parks.

  8. Moore

    Universal is building parks and rides that’s why it’s becoming the better destination

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