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Blue Bayou Restaurant at Disneyland

Credit: Disney


  1. Larry

    What is this current entitled generation even thinking? You’re going to a very popular busy full meal style restaurant admittedly just for the ambiance and having a light snack instead of a scull meal. They didn’t need to tell you this is “a rule” because the rest of us understand common etiquette, and this behaviour is crass. You’re taking up the spot of a person who might order a full meal and also your tip will likely be based upon the smaller tab and not the time you took from the staff. There are places to go in New Orleans Square for a light snack and a mint julep without taking up space at a full service restaurant.

    1. Joe S.

      Completely agree. My wife and I were just down in Disneyland and couldn’t get a reservation for Blue Bayou. I had tried to get one as soon as reservations were available to book for our vacation and everything was already taken. I tried every day up until our vacation then even tried to get walk up while in the parks and still couldn’t get in. We were celebrating our anniversary and would have had a full meal, drinks, etc. But you have people like in this article who waste a reservation to go in for a dessert they likely could have got elsewhere in the park. I get part of the appeal of BB is the ambiance, but save it for people who actually plan on having a full meal.

      1. Joxua

        Why do they even let poor people like that inside the park?
        Don’t they know folks with money to spend are the only types of people who deserve to enjoy Disneyland

        1. Lisa

          OMG! You are a complete snob. Restaurants are for everyone, not just those with money. I have money and if this obnoxious waiter tried that with me, I would have knocked him down a couple of pegs and told him he would be getting $1 taken off for every word he just spewed out of his mouth. Pathetic behavior.

    2. Louis

      I can’t agree more. Yes some people are clueless about etiquette and common courtesy because it’s all about them. I work with the public and a simple suggestion makes me rude. Getting in the restaurant is hard enough without some knuckle head taking a table for a mint julep. Yes servers depend on tips for a living and I would guess that this person would either leave a dollar tip if at all

      1. Steve

        Tips are a reward for good service, not an entitlement. A top is not an excuse to provide bad service.

    3. Kat

      I’ve been going to the Blue Bayou for years now; it’s my family’s main place we always ensure to get a reservation for every time we go to Disneyland. The first time I went I was a preteen; the last time was this month and now I’m in my thirties. For the last two decades, we keep seeing the same waiter by sheer luck, even! That said, while I fully agree with you on everything else, I wouldn’t call it a “this generation” problem.

      Pitting the generations against one another is common, but it’s all in the personality and upbringing and that reflects probably more on their family and society. It’s… very sad. I suppose I had a very lucky trip this month; though busy, those present seemed to be the most pleasant crowds I’d been around out of most visits. The benefit of not going during a school break, perhaps, but even the kids I saw were oddly well behaved for kids. Kind of gave me hope for the next generation if we’re to speak of generations; a whole lot of weirdly patient kids. Oops. I’m rambling now… my apologies. It was good trip.

      Thankfully not ruined by folks like the ones in this article. There are definitely better options they could’ve gone for. I mean… Blue Bayou doesn’t even have much in the way of dessert anyway. Especially if they went in October like me; go get a special Halloween dessert or something. They’re time limited.

    4. Joxua

      Just add a new extra pricey “lightning lane”

  2. Larry

    Despite my other comment, one phrase in the article raises alarm bells for me. And that is when the server refers to “just this one time.” I have heard this new cast member catch phrase repeatedly in online articles and during a recent trip to Disney World. When a ride broke down during my Genie+ reserved experience, and I asked Guest Services for a re-ride, I was told they’d “make a concession just this once but we won’t ever do it again.” I am finding this new cast member catch phrase both condescending and disturbing. It suggests an opinion that guests have no right to ask for decent service, to eat what they choose from a menu, or to have a paid fast pass properly honoured, but “just this once” well make a special dispensation just for you,,but we’ll never do it again.

    1. Steve

      The few people sticking with this horrible company are fully and permanently in the Disney Cult. They think people spending tens of thousands of dollars to be there have no right to expect anything and that anything they get for that money is a gracious gift from God Head Bob.

      1. Rroe

        AMEN Steve……your right on!!!!!
        People need to stop catering to Disney and send them a message.

    2. Voice of Reason

      NO, it is because guests write on blogs that if this happens, you will get this. Why is it disturbing to be explained you will be granted a one time exception for something that is not a standard? Re-rides are not standard policy. I have been on many rides that experience a stop for many reasons. Breaking down is not the right word. I have had rides stop to accommodate accessibility and something was dropped on the track, I have had guests do things to make a ride stop, and yes, mechanical issues. You do not know why the ride stopped and you are not always entitled to a re-ride. SO just this once they made an exception for you but the next time, the ride might not be able to function or it might not be a consideration and they don’t want to hear…Last time this happened… They might not ever do it again. Why is condescending and disturbing? It is setting a perimeter.

      1. John

        The server did not make you feel anyway. You chose to feel that way and react as you did. They did not kick you out, you chose to leave. You could have said thank you. Ordered your dessert and drink and enjoyed the time but you chose to leave. We have often ordered split meals, just dessert, or just appetizers. Staff usually says nothing. When they do say something it is usually per instructions from management. We actually thank them, appreciate the clarification and still order as we so choose. How you react to the treatment is all up to you you can choose to feel bad and walk out or choose to be understanding and order. In the great scheme of things they are one of the better at customer service. Whose not? Oil companies. They raise prices even when they dont have to creating 90 billion in profits, get tax breaks for their private planes, and with zero customer service! lol they quit giving us full service even with all the price hikes and massive profit margins. But do we see folks complaining or telling the news about their unfair treatment at the pump? Nope. But we all see complaints about lowly customer service staff just doing their jobs.

        1. Brandon P.

          To say that “how you react is up to you” ignores the incredibly crass and offensive conduct of the server. While I don’t think the customer should have taken up a BB table for a small dessert and drink, I also understand how shockingly uncomfortable someone would be after having an employee tell them that they disapprove of their menu choice. It’s beyond inappropriate. Even “management orders” isn’t a sufficient excuse. Any normal human being would know not to treat a customer that way.

        2. Steve

          Typical liberal. Ranting about the people your fake president told you to, while defending one of the most abusive companies on earth.

      2. Steve

        It used to be called service and having standards. Disney doesn’t do that anymore, but other companies do. Stop defending g the con artists like some kind of brain washed cultist.

  3. Vickie

    I don’t get this whole attitude. I am not of “this” generation and it just is rude to say crap like that. If it is a policy, then post it. Otherwise MYOB. No one puts baby in the corner or tells her what to eat.

  4. We have gone to Disney for over 35 years. Been to WDW, Disneyland, and Disney Paris. We went to Blue Bayou several years ago to celebrate our anniversary. It was the one and only time in all our dining experiences that we were treated poorly. No recognition of our anniversary and overall the service was poor.

  5. Martha

    I don’t think it’s just Disney with the poor treatment. These day’s going out to eat is a chance you take. I don’t eat much and ordering a multi course meal, for me is a waste of money, so I usually order an appetizer and drink, I don’t need any opinion, suggestions or attitude when I order, It’s what I want, and paying for.

  6. Mark

    I’m with Vickie and Martha. I’ve eaten at Blue Bayou only one time. It was “one and done” for me. No, we couldn’t get a reservation, but we did manage to get on the walk up wait list. That’s not as difficult.
    No one should be able to dictate to me what I’m going to eat and how much I have to order. I am the guest and they are the server. They are there to serve me and they will be given gratuity accordingly. I believe if you can’t be a server who serves your customer without prejudice, then you’re in the wrong line of work, especially at Disneyland. Disney is all about “be our guest“. They need to remember that. As far as the cost of the food, I would say that the Monte Cristo was the same one I would’ve gotten elsewhere at the park, but with a much higher price tag. I thought Blue Bayou was highly overrated, with exception to the ambience. I can experience that same ambience when I get on Pirates of the Caribbean, and I don’t have to tip anyone or listen to them groan when I don’t order enough food to suit them.

  7. Chris

    We rarely ever think of eating at Blue Bayou when at Disneyland but one time, several years ago, we thought we’d get some Monte Cristo sandwiches there. After going through the pain of getting a reservation and then making sure we arrived on time, we had to wait an extraordinary length of time for our table to open up. They obviously overbooked reservations that day. By the time we got to our table, with our two young boys in tow, we were very hungry. Unfortunately after being seated our waitperson went MIA. No one could seem to help us out. After about a half an hour we got up and walked out. The place was obviously poorly run then and sounds like it’s still the same today. I wouldn’t eat there if you paid me.

  8. Marcele Perry

    Loved eating at BB. Me and the kids would get clam chowder and dessert. That was years ago. When Disney still had magic. Now it doesn’t. Middle class guests are unwelcome and unhappy with their experience. Cast members are unhappy. It is no longer the happiest place on earth. Even the rich riches who are favored and pay for it are getting a second rate experience. Too crowded. Disney needs to build another park or two.

  9. M

    It’s because you’re going to a sit down restaurant which is for a meal. It’s difficult enough to get reservations so they expect you’re going to order a meal. If all you want is dessert & a drink there’s plenty of other places.

    1. Joe S.

      Exactly! 100% agree. So annoying to have people waste a reservation when there are people wanting to get a full meal in a nice sit down restaurant.

      1. Steve

        Entitled post. You could try harder and get the reservation.

        1. SCOTT lee-ross

          Or you could realize this is a full service restaurant, not the snack stand across the way. To make a reservation and then not spend is just plain crass, uneducated and bottom of the barrel rude. If you want to play you have to pay the piper. And that means a meal.

          1. LW

            A dessert and alcoholic drink is not much different in price than the Monte Cristo and a water. God forbid a kid order a kids’ meal. How dare they only spend $10 on one person? Lol maybe the people were normally great tippers and put their money toward a little extra on a tip. We don’t really know, do we?

          2. Steve

            Typical cultist drivel from Scott the bag holder.

  10. Mark

    It’s my time and money so if I just want dessert & a drink it is all I will be getting!! I don’t tell you what to do so you shouldn’t tell me what I can do. Most of you people need to make your plans and not get into other people’s pleasures! Now if you are going to pay my way then and only then you can make my decision….

    1. SCOTT lee-ross

      That is the epitome of the selfish crowd. Me Me Me. You are in a social setting and that requires following the social constructs. If you want to make it about yourself, eat at home.

      1. drh3b

        You’re opinion is elitist and wrong.
        Getting a dessert and a drink is going to be high profit anyway. How greedy are you?

      2. Steve

        It used to be about the guest before lowlife scumbags like you took over.

  11. David b

    We went to similar downtown LA restaurant. Asked for child menu item for my wife and daughter since two of the four of us had eaten earlier at other downtown restaurants. No prob. People want to try different places and then meet up so you need to accommodate people not wanting full meals.

    1. SCOTT lee-ross

      that is accommodated at the snack stand across the way. To go to a restaurant and ask for a child’s menu for adults because you already ate somewhere else is just plain wrong. Go wait at the bar for your friends.

      1. Kat

        There are also members of the community that have diet restrictions and one of those restrictions is amount of food a person can physically eat.
        I am one of those people and have no problem getting kids portions at most restaurants, especially in Universal, they do not mind it at all.
        When I am at Disney I only order appetizers generally as they are smaller portions for me.

      2. Kat

        There are also members of the community that have diet restrictions and one of those restrictions is amount of food a person can physically eat.
        I am one of those people and have no problem getting kids portions at most restaurants, especially in Universal, they do not mind it at all.
        When I am at Disney I only order appetizers generally as they are smaller portions for me.

  12. Walt

    Sorry Larry and Joe this treatment by a cast member was UNACCEPTABLE and if it is now company policy to be rude it is unacceptable too. Let me offer this illustration. I went out to eat with a group of 10 people and the server said “For groups of this size we automatically add 20% tip charge to your bill.” To which the head of our group said – oh that’s fine if that is all you want….there was no tip charge on the bill. This is just reflective of the money grabbing style Disney now has. It WAS built for families it is now for the elite. Yet the stock price still SUCKS. And now Disney is hosting hiring faires? Thats a new one. This is a company in severe decline morally, economically and it is all due to leadership INCLUDING IGER. Unfortunately the rot is so deep it may be irretrievable

    1. Katt

      The automatic 20% gratuity thing isn’t exclusive to Disney, though. That’s… like… pretty common in some sit down restaurants when you come in with a large group. Sometimes six plus, eight, or in your case ten plus.

      I’ve been to a sushi restaurant, some steakhouses, and a very fancy burger place which all said the would add between 18% to 20% gratuity. Those are just the ones I remember off the top of my head; none are even in the same state as a Disney park.

      I won’t deny Disney is costly; they raise their prices a lot and the merchandise is waaay too expensive, but the gratuity thing is a bit misplaced was all. I hope this helps. I decline to comment on the rest.

  13. Brandon

    Should have stayed, eaten dessert and left no tip. Maybe the server would get the message that being judgemental doesn’t pay.

  14. Voice of Reason

    Sorry, with reservations as difficult as they are, to go and get dessert and a drink is not acceptable form a consideration point to guests. You suck up valuable real estate at a prime restaurant for an hour or more to have a bill of 50.00. Then if you leave 18% (which most people who do this do not leave that much) the server gets 9.00. 9.00 an hour (or less because I am sure unless they were a good server to get you out in less time) is ridiculous. Sorry, think about how you would feel if you were the server? If you do that you better tip 50% so the server is taken care of if you feel you must be that selfish to take a seat from a family that actually wanted to esxcperience the food. Is that not why this guest said they went there? Because they heard good things about the food and then they don’t even eat there?

    1. Steve

      Ridiculous post.

    2. drh3b

      This is not the voice of reason. It is the voice of elitism and greed.

  15. James

    This same scenario (dessert and coffee) happened to my wife and I at The Beauty and the Beast restaurant at WDW. It was end of the evening, we were walk ups, just wanted the ambience experience to end our evening. The hostess Made us feel so uncomfortable as she seated us, for not interested in a full dinner menu.
    We are AP and DVC members. We spend ALOT of money on Disney property. 1. My wife insisted we report the person who made the comment, at guest relations and 2. Haven’t gone back to B&B! Don’t know if that person was reprimanded. And I know, one person should not ruin a Disney experience. But it’s uncalled for, and unacceptable to treat a guest so unfairly. ( In our opinion) That’s just not the “Disney way”.
    *This happened a few years back , before the pre-fixe menu had been put into effect.

  16. Remo

    Let me guess. They were of a certain culture not known for tipping well anyway. Just sit at the bar. Thats what it’s there for.

  17. Let’s kiss and make up

    People let’s have a little common sense. Any restaurant and I mean any restaurant that is booked out weeks in advance is probably not going to serve you if your just ordering dessert and a drink.

  18. Joxua

    I wish they would just double the price of admission gate fee and let All the visitors be equal and treated the same inside the park.
    Like old Walt said, “to all … welcome”
    Not just the vip or +A or lightning types.
    In the fantasy world of Disneyland, all citizens should be treated as well as the next and wait in the same lines.

  19. Shelby

    They just got a waiter that wanted a bigger tip from them because that shouldn’t have happened

  20. Justin

    I ate there for the first time in August. I was celebrating my 40th birthday along with my wife for lunch. The service was horrible. The food was so-so. I was extremely disappointed as I thought it would be better that what it was. The ambiance was the only thing that was what I expected. I’m glad we did it but I don’t care to ever do that again.

  21. S1

    Shut it NPC

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