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Diego Luna as Andor

Credit: Lucasfilm


  1. Steve

    Disney killed the golden goose.

    1. EricJ

      Or the golden dodo, in Rogue One’s case.

      They were so determined to
      A) expand their SW universe,
      B ) follow on Rogue’s then popularity and
      C) make MCU-style “participation trophy” series for forgotten New-Trilogy B-actors,
      it didn’t quite dawn on them that there may have been problems making a series about characters we were supposed to hate.

      (“Star Wars: the Untrustworthy Toxic-Gaslighting Male Lead Our Heroine Has to Reject – the Series”)

  2. Zev

    Andor was terrible.

    1. wesley

      Agreed. I don’t really care how much they spent on the show. The storyline is lackluster and I simply don’t care about any of the characters since if you’ve seen Rogue One already know what their fates will be at the end.

  3. JoeBryant

    It’s boring.

  4. bob

    the same way TLJ killed the movies, Obi-Wan appears to ahve killed the TV.
    disney keeps making utter trash, and people notice,
    personally, haven’t watched SW since TLJ, apart from a few episodes of madalorian, which were so bad i didn’t understand the good reviews.

  5. kannan

    No one in the comments appears to have actually watched Andor. This is the only good thing to happen to the Star Wars franchise SINCE Rouge One.

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