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Comments for Young Black Girls Delighted at Representation In ‘The Little Mermaid’ Remake Despite Racist Backlash

Three young Black girls smiling in shock as "The Little Mermaid" trailer plays.


  1. Steve

    The character isn’t black. The story is European. Making her black is racism. Why do you hate white people?

    1. Bert

      Not all white people. Just you Steve.

    2. Nick

      As a PoC myself, I also just hate you Steve.

      1. Steve

        OK, Nickbert.

      2. wesley

        Piece of crap? Now why would you refer to yourself like that?

  2. Dan

    This movie is going to flop big time, just like the woke Buzz Lightyear movie flopped. All this stupid company cares about now is political activism. You can’t even just watch a good movie anymore and be entertained without a political/cultural agenda being literally forced down your throat.

  3. Vinnie

    I’m waiting for the remake of Princess and the Frog with a white girl cast as Tiana
    I wonder what type of reaction that what get from the woke mob
    After all if it’s truly about equality then let’s see Disney put their money where their mouth is and represent all colors equally across the board

    1. Steve

      They will sooner make Mickey a tranny. Judging by the rate they are going down, that is probably sometime next year.

      1. Bert

        Mickey, no. You, probably…

        1. Steve

          Does that comment make sense to you? Because it makes no sense to me.

  4. Mike

    I can’t get enough of people getting angry for ridiculously stupid reasons. 🤣🤣🤣
    Hi angry people? Stay mad and don’t forget to post on forums like this how mad you are. 🤣🤣🤣

    1. Steve

      Why don’t you tell that to the people who were so upset they got a guy banned on Twitter for using deepfake tech to make her white in the trailer?

      If this is something not worth being upset about, you don’t get to be upset about that.

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