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Donald Trump animatronic on the hall of presidents

Credit: Disney


  1. wc

    I find it very disheartening to hear that gifts are cheering and or booing in the Hall of Presidents. I suspected that this might start happening years ago when they first added current presidents talking. Maybe they should just go back to having Lincoln and Washington talk.

  2. Em

    I have to admit that I just saw this attraction for the first time last year. But my daughter and I liked it so much (the music too!) that we went back 3 times! This year, we only saw it once because crowds were nuts that day at Magic Kingdom. We didn’t experience any of this any of the times, so I guess we lucked out! We did, however, experience a young toddler (1-2? They could walk but looked young) having a full blown, ear screeching temper tantrum on Carousel of Progress the ENTIRE time, and that was a nightmare! We couldn’t even hear the show. Who thinks it’s a good idea to take a baby or toddler on something like that? That’s like taking them to the movies, but not getting to leave. Everyone was pretty much giving eyes at this family instead of watching the show. I get that kids have meltdowns, and this is a kid park. But you can’t leave that show once it starts, I thought it was rude.

    1. So.. you being a mom, your daughter never had a tantrum or meltdown at an inconvenient time? You are a blessed parent if that’s never happened to you!

      1. Em

        I remember several temper tantrums in public. At the mall, and at the grocery store. Both in places that I could remove my children, and did. That’s the point. Why would you take a very young child to a show (because that’s what it is, something you watch), that you can’t excuse yourself if they have a meltdown? They ruined that whole experience for everyone there. That’s my point. You’re focusing on the wrong thing. All kids have bad moments. It’s our job as parents (and adults in general) to be courteous of others. I stand by what I said.

  3. Setve

    I make it a tradition to boo the stage whenever a R-junk talks on stage. It’s always a fun interactive experience.

    1. Steve

      Glad you boo Lincoln.

  4. So.. you being a mom, your daughter never had a tantrum or meltdown at an inconvenient time? You are a blessed parent if that’s never happened to you!

  5. Marcus

    Agree with the sentiment in the comments. I’d love to see more from the AA presidents and less film. Let’s have more of the past presidents speak and not the current presidents. Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Teddy Roosevelt, FDR, Kennedy…

  6. Kris

    With the current political climate, it’s time to remove this show. The interruptions will not end soon and will likely get worse as 2024 approaches.

    1. Vince

      “S1”, it’s ALSO one’s “patriotic duty” to be respectful to ALL of the presidents being represented during the show, and not just the ones you idolize.

    2. Bert

      Rough and tough like a cream puff…

  7. Mickeymouse3

    The show itself is pretty good, imo. A bonus perk is the a/c that gives a refreshing break from Florida heat.
    I think by now, everyone knows that the presidents speak. It’s not a political speech, it’s part of the presentation. Those who make loud comments, from either side, are just jack-wagons! If you can’t control your emotions, opinions and mouth, stay the hell away from the HoP attraction and let others who can be mature about it, enjoy the show!!

  8. Janny

    My politics have no business exploding in this environment. Neither does anyone else’s’. This presentation is about our UNIQUE and COLLECTIVE American History. Whether you like or dislike a President has no place here. When the Presidents are being acknowledged, you MUST respect the other guests in the room, ESPECIALLY THE CHILDREN, allowing them experience The Hall of Presidents. It isn’t right to display such childish and disrespectful behavior. Time to rise above and show your love of country – sit quietly in your seat and restrain your urge to vocalize. It’s the RIGHT thing to do.

  9. Al

    As a child seein the show in 1974 some booed when they said Nixon so, not new just more divisive today.

  10. Donald Task

    Despite your political affiliation, you should have enough self control to get through a historic presentation and respect the office of the President no matter who held it.

    Acting like a d1¢k bag in the middle of a show at Disney shouldn’t be justified ever, no matter how much your TDS is flaring up.

    1. JesusH

      That’s some real selective reading (what now, ‘alternative text’?) to apply TDS to the incident cited in this article…

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