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  1. gerimaya whyte

    I doubt if this is real. This IP has been chased a lot in the past decade with even Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company failing to procure it. Disney definitely has the clout to make it happen but I doubt with the release date being so close that this is real. Also this story is way too dark for Disney. Even if this is all true I would be terrified of this becoming a disappointing and sanitized version.

  2. Sal

    For the love of God stop remaking old movies. Come up with some original ideas. Use your brains. Hollywood is always recreating what was already done. Don’t mess up a movie I have loved as a kid. Brainstorm and create something new. What about a gay Disney love story. PG-13 of course. Come on… You got this and do better.

  3. Linda Susan

    Ooh hopefully they’ll make everyone black, including the production cast! Forget those Asians, Indians, Hispanics, whitey and the what-nots. It’s black or you’re whack. Although will the money changers allow black people into their little financial financier club?

    1. Soy boy

      They’ll start with Falkor, after all he’s white. Falkor will be black.
      Atreyu will be gender swapped as a strong woman and the nothing will be revealed as capitalism.

  4. Amylya

    If they do decide to do this they better make it worth our while this was one of my favorite movies when I was growing up and it still is now for this generation of newcomers to this movie please don’t mess it up I have a 12-year-old autistic son who loves this movie

    1. aaaa

      Make sure you have the DVD/Blu-Ray of the original so your son can continue to enjoy it. I guarantee Disney will mess it up.

  5. Beautysbeast

    Disney needs to keep their woke hands off this movie. They will ruin it like all of the other favorites people have. Seriously look at their track record of late. This is my absolute favorite movie and if your not willing to do it right then don’t touch it.

  6. Callum Precious

    I hope in the future that article should name all studio streamers who was battling to acquire film rights to the 1979 novel “The NeverEnding Story”. However, if Disney has a chance to buy film rights to it after years being a Warner Bros helm, I would love to cover the theme tune too as I’m a fan of it.

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