Comments for Viral TikTok Slams Disney Adults For Visiting Theme Parks Over National Parks

Left: Grand Tetons National Park with the caption "Places like this exist in America yet people would rather visit Disney. Right: A woman smiling and laughing at the camera. In the middle, Mickey Mouse stands shocked.


  1. Saharah

    You can do both? I do national parks and Disneyland all the time. Heck, I even do trips to Japan, Europe, and China too. That snowflake likely never done all that.

  2. Beth

    Maybe we like both. I’ve been to Yellowstone, Grand Tetons, Hawaii, Scotland, England, Wales, just to name a few. I’ve also been to Disney world several times (19 actually). Why do you care where I go and how I spend my money. I definitely think people should visit the national parks as they are beautiful, but maybe it isn’t their thing. Instead of belittling people, why don’t you show them the nationals parks and explain why they should visit them. Essentially, that’s actually what Disney World does. A lot of their hotels are based off of other hotels, like Yellowstone Lodge / Wilderness Lodge and EPCOT gives everyone a small taste of different countries which encourages guests to visit those countries. Stop being so judgmental.

  3. Liz

    Just a different point of view… as an adult with a disability, Disney World is one of few places where I feel accommodated (less so as the years have gone on, but that’s a different story). I don’t have to worry on this vacation- they have rooms, transport, designated areas, and experiences for me. It’s a breath of fresh air!

    That said, we do a fair amount of getting around to state parks and other nature parks/gardens and I enjoy that. But it’s a lot of planning- is the path packed and not too inclined?, is there alternative transport that can accommodate me?, do I have the stamina to endure this?, among many other things to consider. While the planning is worth it, it can be exhausting and frustrating.

    Anyway- just something to consider!!

    1. Ken Brenner

      God Bless you Liz in wherever you go!

  4. Michelle

    Jay seems like an ignorant fool.

  5. Influencersarelame

    Ntl Parks are just as crowded, than Disney right now, and Tik Tok and social media is to blame. It’s ridiculous. My family are avid outsdoorsman. We’ve ocean kayaked in the North Sea, summited 14ers (peaks 14,000 feet high). We go to many Ntl Parks. The amount of clueless people we see out there anymore is crazy. Glacier was INSANE last month! And don’t get me started on Banff and the tourist trap that is! When tourists are taking pics of you with your gear because they’re literally just stepping off a bus at a scenic overlook in their stilettos and Gucci bags, not actually experiencing these parks, that lets you know how fake some of these people are. They go to the outdoors, they don’t know the outdoors. So I think it’s more comical that these Tik Tok influencers hit up Ntl Park hot spots for the selfies and “likes”, but then are the first ones SAR have to drag out when they do something stupid. I feel that’s more cringy than an adult going to Disney, lol

    1. Mindy

      Agreed! Especially the selfies and SAR comment, lol.

  6. Mindy

    Uh yeah, I visited the Virgin Islands for the first time because I went on a Disney Cruise. I never would have gone there on a regular plane and Air B&B, sorry. I visited Tokyo because of Disney. Same with Paris. Same with Hong Kong. Yes, I visited various museums, monuments, 1,000 year old cathedrals, etc. But if it weren’t for Disney, I probably wouldn’t have picked those particular places, except for Europe. I’ve been to 20 countries. I spend money on annual passes and go to the parks once a month. I go to Aulani every year. It’s my money, I go where I like. Who cares if I’m a Disney adult? Why does that trigger people?

  7. Cheryl C

    I’ve been to Disney parks dozens of times. No national parks.Why shouldn’t I spend my vacation as I wish? I’m enjoying myself. Isn’t that what vacations are for?

  8. Tamara E

    Imagine spending time at a national park when you can go to Disney!!! One lake and tree looks the same as the rest, there’s 6 Disney Parks full of cool stuff. This is a joke, but I still would go to Disney any day.

  9. JoeBryant

    Fk em, go Erin go 👍

  10. Carol

    Jay should mind his own business ~ those of us who go to Disney do have other things in our lives and it’s our choice where we go.



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