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Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty 1959

Credit: Disney


  1. Patricia Eddy

    I would love to see the villains. Disney needs to keep the magic going.

  2. Laura

    Ooh bring it to Disneyland yes please yes.

  3. Athena

    I’m in favor!!! Yes yes yes you have to have a villain to have a hero……right

  4. Jamey L

    About time!!!

  5. Val

    THIS is my new reason to visit!!!! I have been waiting and was disappointed in the minimal Disney villian meet and greet at Halloween this year (we could only find Jafar and Gaston – who is always around) and was sad they removed the villians store that used to be in Hollywood studios.

    1. John Johnson

      Yes I absolutely would love a villains land,I 100% believe that this would go over well at The park with guest. Some people won’t admit it but there is a little villain in all of us.

  6. Mary

    BRING it !!
    We’d like to see this in

  7. Pam


  8. Kris

    I would absolutely love to meet villains . And journey around their “lands”! It would be quite interesting to see how Disney interprets the villains side of things . I’m obsessed with the villains!!! I really hope this comes true 🤞🏼🙏🏼!!! I was heartbroken when they close the villain store in Hollywood studio it’s very hard to find villains merchandise and apparel I’ll be saying prayers that this comes to fruition.

  9. M zaldivare

    Yes! Finally!!!

  10. Erica C

    I truly hope this comes to be. You just can’t have heros with out villains… This would make the park complete.

  11. EricJ

    Oyy….You KNOW what we get when fans finally nag their way into actual attractions.

    That’s why Imagineers work at the studio and fans don’t.

  12. Steve

    It would make more sense to integrate villains into their existing lands.

  13. DianeMRL

    The Wicked Queen is my Avatar, so most definitely, I would love to have a Villains lair at WDW. I could not understand why they rid themselves of the Villains store at the Studios. It was always crowded and one of my favorite places to shop.

  14. Tim

    Very much miss the Villains store at the Studios.

  15. Philly

    Would the head villain be Bob Cheapak?

    1. Steve

      Only villains people like, I imagine.

      1. Jeanette

        Yes!!!! I miss the Villains store. It would give me a reason to go back to WDW!

    2. Bob

      Of course it would

  16. Mieka

    This is what they should have done all along, instead of that unbelievably irrelevant Avatar land.

    1. Steve

      They should have put a villains land in Animal Kingdom?

  17. Jayne1955

    I’d love a villains area but I thought Coco was going in where the Three Caballeros are.

  18. Enoch

    I have been talking about the need for this for years. A villain land where the villains will rule. We already have Toon Town, which shows the homes of Disney’s many staple characters..we have Fantasy Land, which is home of the princesses and “heros” and is dwarfed by a Princess Castle..we need a Villain’s Land (Dark Kingdom). Where the the Disney fans can see where the villains loom. I have, through the years, even mentioned how it would be amazing to have the villain’s land anchored by it’s own dark castle. Maybe Maleficent’s Castle. A Rollercoaster could run around and through it. There could even be a Cruella inspired ride where the rider could be a passenger in Cruella’s car as she chases the dalmations and tries to get away from the cops…villain inspired restaurant, themed meet and greet spots for the villains, a villain show, villain’s merchandise stores…this could be epic if done correctly. The only thing that I hope is that if Disney does this..they do it well, put enough time and imagination into this and give it the same.. if not more attention than what they have put into their Star Wars branded items. The villains have been a staple of the Disney story..the heroes wouldn’t be without the villains. They too deserve their land. Oh, and bring it to California as well!!

  19. Gus

    Yes do it I would be so happy and would do any thing anything do it

  20. Laura

    I would love to meet maleficent

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