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Credit: u/savingat30


  1. Trent

    Start at the 5th paragraph to get the info you came for.

  2. Steve

    It was just the hadrosaurs.

  3. Robert

    So… logical to do the same upgrade as Hollywood now, right? I hate Jurrasic World (the movies are atrocious) and vastly prefer the original JP, but the Hollywood ride is amazing.

    1. Steve

      There aren’t going to be major updates at the existing parks until the new park opens, and I think other areas will be higher priority than this side. Studios is severely lacking compared to Islands.

  4. CT

    I love this ride. I hope it isn’t shut down for too long.

  5. I have been visiting Universal for the past 4-5 days, and they have patched the hole, almost flawlessly. You can notice a different material when shrugging your eyes in. The ride is now nearly perfectly, closing once or twice a day. There probably will be some reinforcing to those walls to stay up in the next hurricanes, and just with erosion with general, so we could expect a closure, or some construction outside. Feel free to reply, and I’ll keep you updated as much as I can!

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