Comments for Fans Call Universal Selfish, “Highly Irresponsible” For Bringing Team Members Back

Shopping in Diagon Alley at universal orlando resort

Credit: Universal Orlando Resort


  1. EricJ

    I’d be up for that.
    And better delay Epic Universe construction some more too, just to be safe. 🙂

    1. Steve

      How much do you have sunk in Disney stock?

  2. Steve

    No criticism from “fans” for Disney, though. Is someone worried about their stock ever coming back to what they paid?

  3. Yoda

    I don’t want to sound insensitive, but what about other business workers who had to go to work? Grocery store employees, public safety, restaurant workers, stores and other businesses? Those employees could have had damage or loss and have to travel the same roads.
    I wonder how many people upset that employees are called back went out to eat or get food delivered or went to a store.
    At the theme park my spouse works at, there is no penalty for calling out if you feel unsafe coming to work after the storm.

  4. NJBryan

    It’s a shame that no one wants to work anymore and that social media provides an outlet for keyboard warriors to stir up trouble. That’s one of the reasons why work ethic is declining. How about the many families who scrimped and saved for a Florida vacation? They may not be able to afford to come back for years. Bad enough they had to hunker down and lose a couple of days from their vacation. How about this — if you want to go to work, go to work. If you don’t, then call out and accept the consequences (if any) of doing so. Everyone needs to grow up!

    1. Chris

      Exactly. People have gotten so thin skinned and lazy it’s sickening.

  5. Deanna C

    Not like there weren’t hundreds of guests in their resort hotels BEGGING to reopen the parks for them… To avoid disgruntled hotel guests, they had to reopen as soon as they possibly could.

  6. Sandy

    At least universal stayed close almost all day Friday to clean and make sure it was safe thank you to universal Disney opened in the morning of Friday shame on them

    1. Lfhlaw

      Because Disney doesn’t really on government as much even with reedy creek loss they are much more quickly to adapt and clean their roads IMO. Unless you know Disney’s cleaning procedure in comparison to That of universal studios I don’t think you can shame them.

  7. James

    Others had to work throughout the storm and they stated if they couldn’t make it call their supervisor. So deal with it. As well the area around Disney and Universal was not hit hard or lost power. Stop sensationalizing things.

    1. Steve

      The media only knows how to sensationalize. Most people believe Florida is now in ruins, despite very little damage overall. Hundreds of deaths reported, now it is less than 30. How many of those are real, how many were people who died during the storm with no relation to it, how many are due to crashes during evacuations?

      The green agenda wants you to believe the world is ending and the dins want to smear the governor. None of what they say is ever true.

    2. Dogma

      Orlando and surrounding areas had historic flooding. People need to shut their pie holes when they have nothing valuable to add to a conversation. Just Saying.

  8. EM

    It’s a job. If they are opened you go to work and you get paid. People need money to pay their bills. If they stay closed some people would be pissed. You can’t please everyone. If you can’t get there I would think there is some way to call out, if not explain it to them when you go back. If you have no power then you wouldn’t receive the email to come in so tell them that. Other guest have paid a lot of money to go to the parks and might not get back there for years. They had already lost 2 days of their vacation due to the hurricane.

    1. Dogma

      short sighted when you don’t live here. 100’s upon 1000’s without power…homes, roads flooded…homes destroyed…but yeah continue on about how your vacation was ruined. Talk about entitled.

  9. Brandon

    So those scheduled were paid to stay at home for 2 days during the storm. Then, like UOs comment says, if you can’t come in contact the manager. The manager then gave them the night or days off needed depending on the situation . Next time you should break out of your only Disney snow globe and talk to multiple Team Members instead of writing stupid, half knowledgeable articles.

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