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Universal Orlando Resort

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  1. Steve

    Environmentalists are insane and should not be listened to.

  2. Chris

    Huh? How are NFTs harmful to the environment? They are a digital art form with proof of ownership.

    1. Steve

      Twitter heard it from someone, so it must be true.

    2. Dave

      Just to let people know about the environmental impact, tge NFT system they were using was the Ethereum blockchain, which requires a proof-of-work system that confirms each new block.

      (Computer networks solve complex problems to get the right to confirm the block.)

      So according to Universal’s calculations, the initial sale of the NFT was using up to a megawatt hour of electricity, and resale could use up to 20.

      They weren’t responding to uninformed environmental Karens, they actually did their own research and made their own conclusions.

      1. Herb Riede

        Yeah, they were uninformed Karen’s, because Ethernet is not Proof of Work.

        1. Fonz


          1. Herbert Riede

            *facepalm* you know what I meant, LOL.

      2. Chris

        Yeah, I found that out last night, except that as of Saturday they changed away from proof of work and now requires almost no electricity at all to generate or resell.

      3. Daniel B

        Um, they changed their system a few days ago, no longer proof of work, and seen a 99.9 percent energy use drop with their new system. Ya’ll need to keep up with events.

        1. Michael Palmieri

          What does NFT stand for?

      4. C

        Ethereum is no longer proof of work, it just recently moved to proof of stake. The environmental impact argument no longer holds water

      5. TryAgain

        Clearly not since ETH isn’t proof of work. But GG on trying to sound smart.

      6. Joe

        A megawatt of energy does nothing to the environment

      7. Ryan

        Except the merge had just happened and went from proof of work to proof of stake on September 6th. Making her information outdated and if they had done the research at that time they would have known.

        Not that it wasn’t true at some point. It’s just not true anymore.

        Instead I think it’s definitely more of an image thing.

    3. Noneyaa

      I love that the person decrying the qr code to nft….posted the qr code.

    4. Al

      I wanted to know the same thing, I would think digital would be more friendly than paper waste.

    5. Dean

      They are like small children, they only have power when you give it to them and they only get away with what you let them get away with.
      The guest who complained about NFT’s should have been banned from universal studios for life.

  3. Steve

    Environmentalists literally don’t understand irony or reality. They still think electric cars are green. Where does electricity come from?

    1. Walt

      what do you mean where does it come from – the outlet in my wall!!! DUH!

      1. Steve

        You – you – you just plug it in and it works – man!

    2. Jordan

      This is the dumbest argument against EVs. It’s a green technology that is necessary to get to a green implementation.

    3. BrianB

      Like California saying all cars will be required to be electric by 2036 and then saying But, um, could those of you that already do, please not charge them the next few days? We didn’t realize it was going to get hot in the summer. 🙄

  4. Jim

    Society has officially sunk to new lows. NFTs have nothing to do with the environment. Are they stupid? Yes. Are they a waste of money (if you’re having to pay for them)? Absolutely. But the environment? Anyone who identifies as an “Environmentalist” in 202, should be taken in for psychiatric observation and therapy. Those people are nuts.

    1. It’s from eating all that tree bark.

    2. Michael Palmieri

      You mean 2022, not 202.

  5. IcollectNFTs

    Man. I’ visiting next weekend. I would of loved to collect an NFT. I have collected a few over the last 3 years and made good profit selling them to morons that will pay for digital art.

  6. Rollingeyes

    Whew! I was so afraid a day was going to go by that someone was not going to be offended by something and post somewhere on social media about it needing to be removed! I’m so glad that was taken care of! Sheesh!!

    1. Donna


  7. Jsy

    I think Robin Williams said it best “A$$oles do vex me!” (In your best bronx Shakespeare accent) What a horrible way to go through this amazing life so moany take for granted. I’m awake what can make me miserable today? I know, they should become greeters for the new Dallas to Martha’s vineyard express flights….

  8. EricJ

    They’re still SELLING NFT’s? I thought that $2M -> $250 “First Twitter post” was the official Pin that popped the blockchain-commerce Bubble, and took Bitcoin with it.

    But as to–
    Q: Can theme parks be “bullied” by their fans?
    A: Tiana’s Bayou Adventure.

    1. Steve

      Tiana had nothing to do with bullying. Disney’s activists are already within the walls, the Twitter crusade was an excuse to do what they already wanted.

    2. TryAgain

      Yes, because btc going from pennies to 20k is a huge loss 😆

  9. Truth in slavery

    Does NFT mean negro farm traders?

    1. Ignorant

      No, just nope.

    2. Fonz

      And there it is. Perhaps it’s correlation and not causation, but it’s there.

      1. Steve

        To what? NFTs to people who notice things? Your post makes no sense, explain.

    3. Steve

      No, those would be a better investment.

  10. Joe

    How woefully uninformed these idiots were to complain about something they apparently know nothing about.

    The Ethereum blockchain doesn’t even run on POW model anymore and the electricity usage is now virtually zero.

    It’s also bad how these big companies bend over and cave at the first hint of backlash, much of which is probably just bots and competitors anyways. Get a spine, Universal.


    1. Steve

      Almost all Twitterites are fake people, bots, second accounts… that is why Musk pulled out. Twitter cannot let people know just how fake their service is.

    2. BG

      Maybe Unuversal didn’t cave, if you fo through the replies someone replied saying that Unuversal didn’t react to to the environmentalist. They did their own calculations about the amount of electricity or something and then they got rid of it. Don’t know if it’s true, but there is no way to really know.

  11. Kevin

    Bullying is not ok…..unless it fits an agenda?
    Here is an idea…….if you don’t like it….DONT GO!

    1. Can’t happen, makes too much sense for wokesters.

    2. Steve

      The left’s motto since its creation has been “we hate authority unless we have it” so it isn’t a surprise it applies to bullying.

  12. Aly

    I was really hoping this was about taking down rip ride rocket. The whiplash that ride gave me still gives me nightmares

  13. Lb

    Wtf is an NFT…and who effin cares?

  14. Ghett Bendt

    They’re just changing the signs. The NFTs are still available and are free for those who want to claim them.

  15. Ashley

    Well this didn’t age well, seeing as they are back in both Orlando and Hollywood 😂 It was fun collecting them all!

  16. BrianB

    Funny, there’s probably plenty of scenes in the haunted houses that somebody “could” (stupidly) get offended and complain about. Who knew QR codes were so damn scary and offensive? 🤣

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