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  1. Steve

    OK Karen.

    1. Dis fan

      People are butt hurt, mind your own business

      1. V

        Agreed and why spend so much money on Disney….to hit acouple ride buy over priced ok food …go see some of American walk a trail with a waterfall. Go swin in an ocean, go to a museum.

      2. Mo

        Lol Disney promotes homosexuality to children and your outraged over a tattoo that hardly anyone will ever see. What a numbskull.

  2. Jack Sparrow

    Do they just run shuttles from Section 8 to Disney these days. So much trash.

    1. UnderstandTooBland

      Sure seems like it, at Disneyland at least…The place is quickly turning into Magic Mountain with the quality of people that walk through the gate on a regular basis…

    2. Ashley

      Equating trashy people to those financially struggling is disgusting. You should be ashamed.

  3. Boss Man

    Trash gonna trash.

  4. Your mom

    This right here cracks me up. So the people who want to teach children about fruit loops and their loony sexual perversions are upset about an explicit tattoo? The rules state that costumes aren’t allowed yet countless groomers walk around with pride flag attire. It also states no masks, yet countless attention seekers walk around with 5 pounds of make up on their face and straw door mats for eye lashes. Give me a break. Again the hypocrisy, my body my choice doesn’t apply here.

    1. Dawn

      You do know that make-up is not a mask, pride clothing is not a costume, and false eye lashes are not straw… right? Don’t be delusional. And yes, the tat is lewd and at a child’s height…. disrespectful to females.

      1. Darren

        100 percent right Dawn!!

      2. FJB

        The word “female” is offensive. Please call them “birthing bodies”.

        1. Walt

          Oh my gosh thank you for bringing that up….I was so triggered….hahahahaha

          1. Sentient

            Okay unrelated but like, being barefoot is not allowed? completely lost disrespect for Disney 🤡🤡

            1. Jess

              Looks like he’s wearing shoes.

      3. Steve

        Sounds like you are the kind of person “your mom” is talking about.

    2. Darren

      I’m SO glad you are not MY MOM! The number one thing she taught me was KINDNESS. Would you want your children to be exposed to that tattoo? I know I would not want my 5 and 7 year old exposed to it. And the fact that you associate grooming with anyone wearing any pride attire is quite interesting. How would you handle it if one of your children told you they are gay? Would they be a groomer?

      1. Steve

        Sounds like your mom failed you.

        1. Vince

          Oh look! Dumptard Steve is up early this morning! Guess that government check is due today.

        2. Jess

          I think you should stop looking in mirrors when you type.

    3. Paul W

      The flaw in your reasoning is that your second sentence is totally false.

    4. Tom

      When you talk back to the TV, you know that Tucker Carlson and Alex Jones can’t hear you, right? Is that why you make stuff up to post here instead?

      Don’t worry dear, no one is teaching their kids this stuff, we know exposing kids to adult themes changes them, and then you can’t use your kids later as tasty pizza toppings.

      1. Jack

        You and the rest of the Section 8 trash have a View watch party every morning while you sober up.

    5. Lol

      Lol, we found Shay Mcwhitey himself!
      What a Dumptard!

    6. Lol

      Looks like we found Shay Mcwhitey himself in the posts!
      What a Dumptard!

    7. V

      Loony? Fruitloop? Go home karen

    8. Your dad

      Lol dork

    9. Wanda

      Lol I agree, I still think the man should’ve wore pants, I wouldn’t want my 5yr old seeing that

  5. Walt

    Sorry to buck the alleged trend from the right side of the aisle but the person is trash,the tattoo is gross – and the tat looks like it was done on a stint in prison. But why am I not surprised. On the other hand some of the get ups the body obsessed females and males (plus the rest of the 50,000 genders) are just as offensive. This is indicative of a society that has lost its moral compass. Every one decides for themselves what is right and wrong.

    1. Vince

      As opposed to YOU deciding for everybody?

      1. Jessi

        Anyone who defends this tat might as well defend flashers.

    2. Jessi

      Ah yes, a society that cares not for children.

  6. Rteker

    Ok originally I was gonna say it’s just a tattoo BUT after visiting the reddit page with it uncensored image and yes this does violate the dress code since it’s visible to the young and old alike. I’m betting that those that don’t see it as obscene most likely have tattoos on themselves

    1. erjen

      I have a bunch of tattoos and this is obscene. And poorly done.

    2. Teddy Gingerich

      I have quite a few tattoos, and this is just gross. And it’s really poorly done as well. According to the dress code, this should not be allowed, meaning he should be required to cover it up.
      You do know that ink is a common thing these days, right? Like not everyone with tattoos is a degenerate dumpster fire.

    3. Sarah

      A lot of people have beautiful tats. I love mine it’s a tribute to my mother. I have to disagree with you! Just because I have a tattoo does not mean I agree with this guys taste. He should of covered it!

  7. Katy

    Omg this is nothing. Let the man live. I was there last week and there was way more offensive things going on like guests attitudes. I’m sick of guests feeling entitled. 50,000 other people paid to be there, you’re not the only one. You know you gotta spend money, quit being so surprised you have to spend money and its crowded.

  8. Kris

    Stop trying to police people’s bodies! Let’s just start and end there.

    1. Brucethebeloved

      We have long “policed peoples bodies” it’s called public indecency. You can’t walk around exposing yourself and I would put this forward as the next worse thing.

      1. Steve

        OK Karen.

        1. Kat

          Content of the tattoo aside….it’s a really horrible tattoo. Like man if you are gonna tattoo something like that on you body at least make it well done… 🤣🤣🤣

  9. Jag

    It would have been a cool story if the guest was informed of the policy by the cast and then declined to comply with both sides showing each other respect and courtesy.

    If it was offensive to me, I’d just do my best to ignore it and protect my own and be on my way.

  10. People with tattoos like that are wanting attention. That’s all.

    1. Steve

      People who comment like this just want attention.

      1. Jim

        Oh Steve, here you are again. The irony is that you call people “Karen” and you are the embodiment of a Karen. …so much talking and yammering but ultimately saying absolutely nothing. Let’s get real here. If this man tried to walk into the park with a tee shirt of this image of a naked woman on it….they wouldn’t let him in. This tattoo is terribly done – no respectable artist would do this. It’s what we call a “F-YOU” tattoo. It’s only there to offend people. And the kind of people get these tattoos go around WANTING confrontation. It’s a very simple minded way of living.

        1. Steve

          Sorry, I am the manager, Karen. Now get off my property.

          1. Jess

            You first and don’t let the door smack you where the sun don’t shine.

      2. John

        Literally all five of my tattos are hidden and were done because I wanted them for myself not for attention.

  11. Mike L

    Meh. To me all tattoos are trashy. This is no worse than any other. They all look like you got puked on by a peacock. I’ll never understand why people insist on desecrating their bodies. It’s not attractive.

  12. Bob

    I have a tattoo of Winnie-the-Pooh huffing a bottle of poppers on my leg. I wonder if they would make me cover it up…

    1. Steve

      Definitely not. That kind of content is protected.

  13. Jon

    The problem is that not only was the tattoo in poor taste. It was poorly done and maintained. Trash tattoo served up 2 ways.

  14. Jayne1955

    I can’t imagine why anyone would want that tattoo. Has everyone defending it actually looked at it?

  15. Charles

    Weird to see so many people split on this being right or wrong. It’s p0rn0graphic material tattooed on a man’s leg. It is illegal for someone under the age of 18 to be shown p0rn0graphy. This park is filled with children. This is wrong and can be fixed by simply wearing one tattoo cover over that one leg. This isn’t about opinion or taste.

  16. J

    Too many people have zero consideration for anyone else…it is a cry for attention…usually from the “homely” who would otherwise be totally ignored in life. Desperate to feel they matter even if in anegative way.

  17. Mike G

    I wouldn’t call that an explicit tattoo. More like a poorly done one. Hell if I had work that looked that bad on me, I’d never show it



  19. Chris

    That’s so tacky. It looks like he tried to draw it himself, too.

  20. Mickeymouse3

    To each their own as far as tats go. By the same token, one must take into consideration the venue they’re in and take into account who may see the art.
    Should he cover the tat? Not my call.
    If my kids saw it and said something about it, I would have a conversation with my kids about it. I do think most kids, even at that height, will not notice as they will be looking at everything else Disney has on display.
    Personally, I think it’s kinda funny tho, that the dude would actually put his mom on his leg, in that fashion.

  21. kokomo

    So the tattoo is something I wouldnt want, but whatevs. You can have whatever tats you want. But covering it up at Disneyland is definitely the right move.

  22. Beth

    Ilse Koch loved tattoos. The more the merrier for her lamp shade business.

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