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Pirates Tokyo

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  1. Pamela A

    Still trying to silence Johnny Depp because he is affiliated with Pirates of the Carribean. Leave the ride alone! That and the Haunted Mansion are the ONLY reason I visit Disneyland!

    1. Richard

      What does this have to do with Depp? I doubt Japan cares about him much. He won the case and left the public conscious anyway.

    2. Daffyhd

      I love both those rides…as they were originally. Changing rides to be more WIKE driven has lost Disneyland many visitors. Nice to see some people saying No More Stupidity. Let kids be kids.

      1. Gman102

        Litterally nothing about changing it because of Depp. It’s like you people find any opportunity to spew your anger over perceived “woke culture” even if the article mentions nothing of Depp and its all the way over in Japan…

    3. Alex Rodriguez

      Fans want Johnny Depp
      This is seriously true

    4. Michele

      I agree. Pirates, Haunted House, it’s a small world. And the ztiki place are the only reasons I go.

    5. Kim

      Exactly. Let the ride alone I visited Disney land when I was eight years old my favorite ride was the pirates of the Caribbean ride. Please don’t shut down.

  2. D

    Yes! I’m getting tired of it

  3. Shame on Disneyland so freaking cheap had almost 2 years , and let rides deteriorate its turning in to a dump charge arm and leg and looks like that with stuff falling apart 😑

    1. Gman102

      This is Japan Disneyland the story, not American Disneyland… you know that right? Like you clicked it and read it? Or did you just immediately comment your thoughts based on the title?…

      1. Okay nobody will go there anyway I hope Disney sink in the another movie they are disgusting disgrace then never apologized to Johnny depp you like him or not he proved he’s innocent and they fire him that’s only my opinion they should just apologized for the big mistake

  4. Michelle Westwood

    This has nothing to do with Depp they closing it down temporarily as it says please read the artical it is due to refurbishment or may be technical problems agreed to one comment

  5. CJA

    Kind of amazing to me that people spend hundreds of dollars to go to Tokyo or Paris and then go to Disneyland. I love Disney parks but unless I lived overseas and close by, I would find other places to explore.

    1. Gman102

      I’m pretty sure it IS for people overseas, not just for Americans visiting Disney when they’re in Paris or Tokyo…

  6. Mayra

    Disappointed if that ride closes pirates of the Caribbean not cool 🥲😢😞☹️😔

    1. Gman102

      Its in japan…

  7. Melissa

    TDL gets so many things right compared to the US parks (probably for money reasons) that I’m actually excited to see what improvements they’ve come up with after a long refurbishment.

    The stateside PotC rides have had so many halfhearted updates over the years, with no attention paid to matching the artistic style of previous additions, that they’ve become a bit of a messy hodgepodge. I’d love to see them closed for a year, stripped back to nuts and bolts, and rebuilt all in a consistent style with brand-new bells and whistles.

  8. Jenny

    Shouldn’t be using Johnny’s animatronics in this ride since they did the dirty and sacked him, nor should they have his lookalikes walking around the park !!!
    I think Disneyworld is changing and certainly not for the better!
    Money Grabbers and they apparently do not treat their staff well!

  9. This is what happens when you try to do something with yourself as a young boy and enjoying something of Walt Disney World. When you live in Florida and your father is retired from the NASA projects of the Apollo. Spending time with your family with you are the youngest but the oldest in the family. And because of some actor which is shouldn’t have him in the scene in the first place when there were more better people. And then now the ride is being shut down by affiliation of comments as far as I understand. Because of the people who don’t get it. When they took down 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. They put it in some cartoon affiliation in replace. Things just don’t seem to be working out when those things are very iconic things. Memories are only left and photographs of people who understood how to laugh and be in joy and enjoy something which they would never feel would be happening this day. I just now came upon the bad news of this being shut down. And currently on the Gulf side of Florida on the opposite side of Disney it’s very hard to get transportation. It used to be the old days to take a direct shuttle from your home all the way to the airport or if you took a airport bus all the way to Disneyland and Disney World. If you did not have an automobile. On top of more bad news like this today I recently read that the Pirates of the Caribbean are going to be shut down.

  10. Malua

    This is a bad decision for Disney

  11. Seamus

    That was just Amber Turd and one of her loyal 8 followers that this original idiotic post. Watch these idiots post bollox just like it for the next several years thinking that it’s going to magically make the world forget that Johnny is a decent man and Amber is a psycho leech.

  12. I love Disneyland Especially Pirates of the Caribbean ride its my favorite ride cause Johnny Depp comes out on the Caribbean ride i love the Pirate of the Caribbean ride and my niece Asia loves the Pirates of the Caribbean ride too it me and my niece Asia favorite ride 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  13. Mayra

    Disappointed if the ride Pirates of Caribbean closes bad idea for Disneyland the ride is awesome! I love it it’s cool 😎👍🥰

  14. Brenda

    What is wrong with Disney. We are getting so tired of this crap with Disney. Let’s see how you like no one coming to Disney because of what happen to someone that destroyed his life and for what?’ Knock off your crap Disney. Closing Pirates. Ummm HELL NO!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Christina Johnston

    So, Disney is run by pedophile and it’s been proven. I would never take my child to anything that has to do with Disney.

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