Comments for TikToker Surprises 100-Year-Old Veteran With Disneyland Day

An elderly man smiling while wearing Mickey ears at disneyland.


  1. Brooke

    This made my week. What an incredibly sweet gesture and what joy it brought this man.

  2. M Grosso

    This was so kind and beautiful. However, wouldn’t it be great, if the Disney company offered a free day to elderly veterans that can no longer afford it? Just a thought.

    1. Shane P Dalton

      I think that would be incredible. This little article and video had me crying. To sweet. Need more people like this in the world.

  3. Shane P Dalton

    This has to be one of the kindest things I have ever seen. This video brought tears to this hardened 48 year old man’s eyes. I love it and hope I’m able to do this for someone one day.

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