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Chris Hemsworth as Thor Love and Thunder Official Poster

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  1. John S.

    After Thor: Love and Thunder, they need to pull back on the excessive humor.

  2. Sharon

    Thor Love and Thunder was disappointing. Not enough Thor action (the Viking image). It didn’t have that MCU thrill.

  3. Jade

    They need to bring back the real Thor. It alls seems one big joke now, Ragnarok had the right balance this was just a shambles!
    All for another Thor film but please get rid of Taika Waititi! Thor was once a warrior now his just laughable!

    1. Chris

      Agree! Ragnarok was really entertaining but this was “meh”

    2. Very disappointing. Humor never meshed with the focus of the film. Awful writing and worse delivery. Not even comic book standards.

    3. Thomas F Larson

      There was nothing funny in it… now there’s plenty of funny things about it.

  4. Thomas F Larson

    Taika did an awesome job with most of Ragnarok; but it took me 5 viewing to watch the entire movie ONCE. I kept falling asleep, which means no interest. I think Thor is great, but you gotta choose a different director. Thor going to Nebraska? C’mon man…

  5. Steve

    The fact that the latest TURD of a Thor movie grossed what it did shows people are starving to get out and do things. I just finally watched it last week and had to suffer to get through it. Worst movie I’ve watched in a long time!!

  6. Goofy

    The latest Thor movie was the worst movie I’ve seen in a long time. The cast would be embarrassed they were a part of it if they didn’t get paid so well to be in it.

  7. David

    The other comments on the latest Thor movie missed the point entirely. It grossed $700 million plus because it was fun and unique given the normal superhero movie plots. Don’t get me wrong I am a multi-decade fan of Marvel comics and have the Thor origin. The movie was a great comedy. Loved the screaming goats.

  8. I enjoyed ❤️&⚡️. I look forward to seeing the relationship between adopted father and daughter grow, and seeing who she becomes. It would serve as a counterpoint to the abusive adoptive relationship Thanos had with his girls.

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