Comments for DC Star Ezra Miller Called Themself “Jesus” and “The Devil”, Reportedly Built Altar of “Bullets, Flash Figurines”

Ezra Miller as the Flash

Credit: Warner Bros. / DC


  1. Steve

    Hr is going for the insanity defense for his many crimes. This pedo will be a stain on all the studios that covered up his behavior, just like Weinstein.

  2. EricJ

    If you’re implying he’s schizophrenic, yeah, I’m starting to agree in that direction too…

  3. ẞμßßâ

    My thoughts on Ezra Miller… HE is a hot mess with a god-complex who wants to be extra-special couldn’t see that HE isn’t perfect that is why HE demanded ppl refer to HIM in a non-gender specific manner. HE’s a phony, a wanna-be poser, gazebo-kid. It’s funny how HIS alternate self in the Flash movie ends up being the villain….on that note YES I’m still excited to see The Flash regardless of HIS behavior.

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