Comments for Universal Orlando Settles Lawsuit Over Man’s Suicide Jump


Credit: Universal


  1. Kat

    Those glass walls are slick eight foot solid glass walls. Literally no one could have expected this man or anyone else to scale one and jump over it. I don’t even believe they’re only eight feet high, honestly.

    1. Jamie

      This isn’t Universal’s fault. The walls were 8 feet high. He wanted to commit suicide.

  2. Curious

    How is a suicide blamed on the company? Did someone change the definition of suicide? Last time I checked, suicide means to take ones life on purpose so how are they suing Universal? That is like stubbing your big toe on a chair when you are not watching where you are going. It is not the chairs fault. Get over your victim mentality.

    1. Steve

      Ambulance chasers. America needs to sort out these absurd lawsuits, largely a result of judges making work for themselves and expanding their own power.

      1. JMR

        No. No the judges. Every other commercial is about how someone is the victim from something and recommending a lawsuit be filed. THAT’S where the automatic “going to sue” comes from.

  3. Gloria Graham

    I suppose that everyone that enters any commercial area, anywhere, may have to have a “special guard” to make sure they do not do anything to harm themselves. Wow. So how much will that end up costing those of us that dont need babysitters?

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