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It's a Small World in Disneyland

Credit: Disney


  1. Dawn

    It’s not “closing it’s doors”, it’s shutting down for 2 weeks for the Christmas overlay. NO BIG DEAL, stop with the fear-mongering and panic ensuing titles to articles. You would have a better reader turnout if you would be more professional about the latest updates to the parks.

    1. Hclabrock

      I agree. These stories take up space from real WDW facts people are interested in like the increase in price, the crappy Genie systems, and constant breakdown of attractions.

    2. It’s really hard for me because I was planning to go to Walt Disney World since I live on the gulf side. And I stopped the transportation ever since I came back from Greece without a choice. Used to be able to go on a shuttle to the airport and take the Disney bus all the way to the park. Not anymore. Now it’s only reserved for the cruise ship going to the Disney hotel and back to the Disney cruise ship. That little small world was once my baby sister’s very favorite ride. I liked it because of the Hawaiian dancers reminded me of what’s on top of a dashboard of the car. All my life I thought it was cute.

    3. Misha


    4. EXACTLY!! I hate when they do this!! No worries folks it’ll be back by January!!!

    5. In Disneyland it’s The Haunted Mansion and Small World

    6. Joni

      Well said!

    7. Yep, but yet they still got a click from all of us 🙄

    8. Love your comment! These writers think the way to raise readers is to set a fire, or in this case lie. When did ethics leave this job?

    9. Ms skeptic


    10. Janelle

      Agreed….well said!!!💯💯

    11. Jennifer


    12. Ken


    13. Nathan


      1. Daria

        Does anyone know what’s closed at Disney World for refurbishing?

  2. All you people stop it right now

  3. Ally

    You have to scroll down half way to get to the actual story cause the first half is all about how great Disney is. We already know how great Disney is. I prefer to get my Disney news now from youtuber fresh baked Disney.

    1. Hans

      Or you could just go to the Disney park website of your choice for that information. Unless you truly are lazy and want someone to do that and send you a detailed list

  4. Ally

    Free speech free opinion

  5. David

    They will need every bit of the 2 weeks to make changes. Takes time to turn the girl animitronics to boys and the girls into “its”. I believe some will identify as lizards. Go Disney. Let’s see how many times they can get old Walt to spin in his cryogenic chamber.

  6. Heather

    Wow a lot of opinions over this actually there is a attraction that is permanently closing down here in Orlando but u know something great will take its place

  7. Leslie

    Of course I would love it to stay the same when I first saw it at the New York worlds. I would be crushed if they chose to get rid of one of Walt’s wonderful ride for all. The way it was first on this page sounded like it would go for good. I only hope they keep the look go with the history this has. Wish I could get to see it before it is changed but It is very increased rent, etc…. I just hope they give it a look that it deserves. I would hate if they get rid of everything that speaks of Walt and the beloved Mickey Mouse,

  8. TreeoOnWeedmaosSTICKIES

    Please only post it closing when it’s gonna be demolished and replaced!! I mean it’s holiday season and delay overscoming correct? I’m in my forties and I haven’t been on this ride since before I was 10 years old! It might be a small world but this is the most annoying ride after all!

  9. Sharon

    I like the Santa hat on the outside of Small World! : )

  10. Chief

    Yes. It that time of year. We’re Disney. Shut down. Close door. Up goes a temporary wall. To check. Make repair. And dress up for clean. Small World

  11. Ted

    You know I’ve been a Disney fan since the 60s .I got to go to Disney World in 81 and I was blown away please leave the classics alone.If you want to change something just add a new attraction,you have plenty of property.Stop changing things

  12. Mario

    this is exactly how I would expect a comment section on a Disney article to look 🤣🤣🤣

  13. Christine Tullock

    I like team depp

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