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(l-r) donald duck, mickey mouse, pluto, minnie mouse, and goofy with tokyo disneyland castle

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  1. darla burton

    Although a new park in Australia sounds intriguing I think Disney should ADD another park to Disney World first to help alleviate the congestion in the existing park s Quit changing what is there and just open a new park for these new ideas like Zootopia and Moana

    1. Tom

      Unfortunately a new gate at World won’t help congestion. All it would do is cause people to go from 4 day vacations to five. New resorts can do more against congestion than new gates

      1. Steve

        This is an absurd assertion.

        1. Scott Lee-Ross

          A new park does not relieve congestion. That is fact based on previous experience. In fact, it does the opposite, it increases crowds at the other parks.

          1. Steve

            Sure, buddy. If that was true, Disney would have built 20 more parks. It would be printing free money.

            Just another insane update from fantasyland courtesy of Scott the Disney Shill.

    2. Aliah Mamhood

      No, not really, they should stop building in a red state that doesn’t care for them and actively undermines them. Australia is the way to go, or how about Dubai or UAE?

      1. Steve

        I have to agree, they need more capacity with a new park, but I don’t want more of modern Disney in Florida. We don’t need a couple more thousand socal wokesters voting for child grooming.

        1. Rolando

          Here, Here!!!

        2. Rolando

          Couldn’t agree with you more!!! Disney should embrace its wonderful roots that made it so globally successful, and leave its disastrous “wokeness” behind before the magical brand is permanently harmed.

      2. nah Australia doesn’t deserve one or need one cause they git movie world n SeaWorld n Dreamworld New Zealand should get a Disneyland they deserve it more n get the tourists down here

  2. Pami

    I would like to see a Disney park in Lebanon, OR 97355 out in the country (United States). If you can build one in Australia we should get one in Oregon, would like to see a part of the park be just for rock climbing with different size so people from 7 years old and up can have fun.
    Also would like to see hot air balloon rides.
    I hope to see one come here.

    1. Ava

      That’s delusional and the second Disney decides to expand to the PNW is the moment most shareholders will be OUT. What will it be, a Disney World for the homeless?

    1. Kevin

      I think they should build one in Canada, British Columbia would be ideal as the weather has been much more mild over the years and there is a secondary international airport which could accommodate a ton of traffic if need be. A suburb of Vancouver, where there is Land available. It would be a huge.

  3. Aliah Mamhood

    No, not really, they should stop building in a red state that doesn’t care for them and actively undermines them. Australia is the way to go, or how about Dubai or UAE?

    1. Bert

      Screw Dubai and UAE!!

      1. Steve

        Are you an Islamophobe, Bert/Nick?

    2. Ava

      Imagine thinking that Florida wanting a massive corporation to pay their fair share of taxes is ‘undermining’ them. What a clown.

      1. Scott Lee-Ross

        Disney actually pays more than their share of taxes. Because of the RCID, Disney pays more in taxes. The RCID improvements are all paid only by the Walt Disney Company because they are the sole land owner of the district. Without RCID, taxpayers in Orlando and Osceola counties would foot the bill for the streets, emergency services and all municipal services in the district area.

        1. Steve

          Disney should be extremely happy it is disappearing then. Right? Why are they fighting it, then? Why, Scott? Ask your boss.

    3. Cant wait for “gay days” in UAE or Dubai.

    4. Delmar Shortt

      You have it all wrong. We Floridians love Disney. We hate the money-grubbing woke-encouraging mess that the current leadership has embraced so whole-heartedly.

      1. Steve

        They are one in the same now.

  4. Nick

    My bet on the next park will be in Texas. They already own land outside of Austin.

    1. Steve

      Texas won’t be giving the sweetheart deals Disney demands. Us in red states don’t want this degenerate company. Bring Disney back to how it was 15 years ago and we can talk.

  5. Jean

    One in Australia just won’t be profitable enough for Disney and at the end of the day it is about the profit margin. If they ever build in another country it would have to be somewhere that gets a lot of through travelers. Maybe Singapore or outside of London. Or maybe grow Hong Kong? I’m an Aussie and as much as I would love one here I just can’t see it ever happening – we just don’t have the population.

    1. Laurice Gilbert

      Ditto for New Zealand. I’ve been to all the parks and would love to have one closer to home so I can go more often, but I can’t see it happening

    2. Edward

      Agree 100%. Disney is not in a financial positive position regardless.

  6. stan

    There is zero chance a park will ever be built in AUS. The entire country has a smaller population than Florida. There simply isn’t the critical mass there to justify spending billions for a new resort with a couple of parks plus hotels. People in that part of the world will have to be content to head north to asia or cross the pacific to CA or FL for their park fixes.

    1. nah Australia doesn’t deserve one or need one cause they git movie world n SeaWorld n Dreamworld New Zealand should get a Disneyland they deserve it more n get the tourists down here

  7. Adam

    Stan is correct. Australia is too remote, has a small population and has a high cost of living compared to the rest of the world. This article was on the local news here in Australia. The land on offer was 24 sq Km or 3.7 by 2.4 miles. It just wouldn’t generate enough income compared to the outgoings it would generate.

    1. Jai

      Umm high cost of living? No? Our healthcare is free, our food is relatively cheap, the taxes are fine, and the homeless population compared to the rest of the population is great.

      1. NYC chris

        Yes, maybe for YOU the cost of living is relatively cheap, but for visitors…

        1. NYC chris

          By the way, your healthcare is not free. Some one has to pay for it.

      2. Steve

        Your healthcare isn’t free. Everyone pays for it.

  8. I love disney

    I vote for Yucatan, Belize or even Bahamas, infustructte is basically already there and it can be open year round.

  9. Carol Thomson

    When I first went to disney world in 1990 it was all about the fun and magic . Last time I went in 2019 it was chaos all about the greed and how many people they can cram in . Hours and hours to get on rides you actually miss most of them. Walt Disney would be spinning in his grave at the way it is now , after many visits with my children I can honestly say I wont be bringing my grandchildren .so so sad.

  10. MR

    There are already more than 7 Disney theme parks around the world. 6 of them are in the US. 4 at Disney World and 2 at Disneyland. Plus the water parks.

  11. Jim

    One big problem with Australia is it’s small population. Florida by itself could not support WDW. The population of Florida is slightly less than Australia by a few million.

  12. Kevin Jones

    I think it would be a good idea for walt Disney to create magic and building a Disney theme park in the continent of Australia 🦘

  13. Debra T Scott

    It would be nice to see one in a central state in the UNited States of America, one in another southern state such as Georgia, North or South Carolina,or Tennessee in the United States. This would alleviate patrons being turned away from visiting eapesially those who buy yearly park passes. Floridians get discounts to visit while others who visit from different locations are not awarded with the Floridians discounts. These is a form of discrimination because not everyone can be a Floridian. I could keep offering more of my opinion but Disney is not concerned about my opinion

  14. Mariann

    I would leave to have a Disneyland in Washington State!!

  15. Space_Cowboy

    Another park needs to be built in the central US. World and Land are simply overcrowded and if there were three, all would be less crowded, easier to drive which also means you won’t be spending the money on airlines. At least you could do away with one of the money grubbers!

  16. Steve

    We won’t see any new Disney properties or parks for a decade or more.

    Disney doesn’t want to add capacity because doing so harms their ability to price gouge. There is also a mentality that every Disney resort has to be Magic Kingdom first then maybe something else later. His many Magic Kingdoms does the world, and especially North America, need? The only place on earth that makes sense for another Magic Kingdom copypaste is somewhere in Arabia, but I don’t think modern Disney is going to be culturally acceptable there. If they can’t handle the moderate right in Florida, the sheiks will finish them.

    The only reason we saw parks built in China and Japan is because Iger was in bed with the CCP and the bill was paid by a third party in Japan. The China parks are stuck in limbo now, likely to be a multi-billion loss as China remains locked down and a war is likely. It is baffling that they are still building in China at all, and it likely is due to pressure from the CCP.

    My conclusion is that you will sooner see hell freeze over than a new park, let alone a new resort, outside of Japan.

  17. Colin

    A great idea.
    Adelaide within the winery areas . Beautiful part of the world.

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