Comments for Rumors: Johnny Depp Could Make Disney Return at D23

Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow

Credit: Disney


  1. Pirates biggest bomb in history without Depp!!!!!

    1. Sharon Despres


    2. Pat

      I want Johnny! Idc how many people apply,audition 4 this role but others only 1 ONE Captain Jack. If they replace him they can kiss there ratings goodbye, BETCHA!!

    3. Roselle

      Johnny is the G .O.A.T .
      of the movies!!!!!!!

  2. I hope Depp takes full advantage of these cowardly lions who run Disney…

  3. Sindee

    Doubt many of the loyal Pirates fans will go to see the last installment without Depp. You would think they got the message with the latest Buzz Lightyear movie that most people don’t like these changes that Disney is making both in the movies and in their parks.

    1. Debbie

      Completely agree!

    2. RagdollMama

      Agree 100%

      1. Wanda

        I’m tired of the MAYBES about Johnny. He doesn’t need Disney but they’ll see they need. HIM

  4. F off

    You all suck.

  5. Deborah

    They need to bring back Johnny Depp. This franchises ship will sink for sure without him . He deserves a chance after everything he went through.

    1. Sharon Despres


      1. Sharon Despres


    2. Marie

      If Depp is not in the next Pirates my family and myself will not go. We don’t care who else you try to put in it. No Depp no $$ from me and my family!

  6. Helen

    I’m done with Disney. They are the worst hypocrites in the world. Johnny Depp IS Pirates of the Caribbean, no one else!

  7. Temperance

    Wouldn’t put it past Disney to be the one spreading this rumour, hoping it will entice fans to buy tickets… That way they can claim it was never announced Johnny would appear if fans get mad.

  8. Leo Griego

    I want to see Johnny Depp return to the role, and will only go see it if he does. He has cleared his name, he is sober. Enough is enough. I will only go see it if he is Captain Jack Sparrow as he deserves to be. Please reconsider your position Disney.

    1. Barbara Floyd

      I just heard him sing for the first time and was amazed. He has a really nice, mellow voice. So talented.

  9. Rosie

    Move on Johnny, move on.
    Create and manifest a new character with another studio.
    Your relentless creativity opens the door to a new chapter, a new story a new hero!
    Move on Johnny move on. x

    1. Anushka

      Won’t be the same without JD. Don’t even try. Knowing what we all know now , Disney should drow conclusions to why his conduct was not ok during P5. He was going through hell with amber . His drug and alcohol problem intensified . Plus she was giving him zanax while he was drinking alcohol ( it’s on recordings). Give Jack Sparrow the farewell he deserves! Imagine JD and lily-Rose on Pirates 6 . Oh my oh my…

      1. Sharon Despres

        AGREE 💯

  10. Nancy

    Won’t be seeing any Pirates movie without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow.

  11. Sean

    WOW !!!! I absolutely agree with Helen’s comments. Johnny Depp made Captain Jack Sparrow, if he doesn’t play “his” role, then no one else should. Disney will have to kill off the character and looks like “Disney” your ship has sunk. Bring back Johnny period!!


    YOU would drink and do drugs if YOU were married to heard the TURD!
    booooood paycheckforhimself NEEDS FIRED!

  13. Sandra

    I will Not see a Pirates movie again without Johnny Depp. He does deserve to be the Captain. He created the character. He and he alone can ONLY be Jack Sparrow. I, know France is where he says but I feel he should still live here in the United States where he was born.

    1. JuliePaquin

      There is only.one Jack Sparrow. Despite his addictions he is the most fantastic actor of our times,with an inherent ability to totally inhabit his characters that no one else could possibly pull off. No Depp…don’t bother making the movie.

  14. RagdollMama

    I am only 1 person, but here is the bottom line for me. JD IS POTC. There is NO POTC without JD! Disney can put the lord almighty in POTC but I won’t be watching it, even if it is free on streaming! And Robbie as lead? Give me a break! What is so special about her? She was friends with AH! The only way I would watch a new POTC is if everyone came back including JD OR Penelope Cruz takes lead as Blackbeards daughter (with same supporting cast as before). Other than those 2 options, I hope it is a total failure!

  15. Bekah

    Disney may want to “test the waters” for his return in the franchise with an appearance, but I think Johnny will want assurances of what is expected for his future before getting back under their umbrella. He’s right not to trust them when they threw him under the bus so easily. I’d imagine Disney would be trying their best to get him back because POTC will crash and burn without him but soar to huge heights with him by people seeing it just to support his comeback.

  16. Anna

    We don’t care if he is drunk or stoned. We just want JD as Captain Jack Sparrow (Disney), Gomez Addams (Netflix), and Grindelwald (WB).

  17. Disney doesn’t deserve Johnny Depp

  18. Jayne1955

    No Johnny, no Pirates.

  19. Gigi

    Disney is too woke [sadly] to extend olive branch to Depp. Given the nightmare marriage to Heard is it any wonder he showed up drunk? I watched every sec and it made me want to use!

  20. Gigi

    Disney is too woke [sadly] to extend olive branch to Depp. Given the nightmare marriage to Heard is it any wonder he showed up drunk? I watched every sec of the trial and it made me want to use! So happy he seems to be back to his old self – happy!
    As for Disney- how the mighy have fallen… Walt’s legacy:-(

  21. Marijon

    All the fans who want Johnny back as Jack Sparrow, have you even thought about what Johnny wants? How it feels for him to be let down by Disney. He has said he never wants to work for them again so why try to force something against his will? I love Jack Sparrow and I”m a big fan of Johnny Depp. I have all his films on DVD and have seen him live in concert several times. I will never see any Pirate of the Caribbean movie without him as Jack Sparrow but that must be his own choice if he wants to go back and work with Disney. We should not try to influence that. As he was treared by them, I hope he says no to Disney, he don”t need them.

  22. Savage Lynx

    Your mother gets drunk at parties. Disney. Dry up, yourself!

  23. Beverly

    My husband and i will not be watching any pirates of the carribean without johnny Depp. He is what made that franchise. Whatever you decide, Johnny, we will always be your fans

  24. No Depp = No viewers

  25. Shel

    No matter what he chooses he is always The One and Only, a true legend. I am so proud of him for fighting back, using the bad to create something good, and giving a voice to so many people.
    Those who continue to attack him and his supporters have taken it way too far, affecting people’s real lives. They need to STOP now! They blur the narratives, trick our minds into viewing things their way. It’s not real. The truth is real, powerful, and will rise above. ❤

  26. This is total biased depp didn’t not show up drunk this is a nig lie Disney was very happy with him the director was in court and never stared anything like that they Fire him bc the liers that EVIL spread please read the docs listen to the audios don’t spread misinformation get facts then we can believe that’s why magnesia is losing a lot WITHOUT DEPP NO PIRATES

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