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Splash Mountain ride

Credit: Disney


  1. Kalis

    Good, Disney should move forward and not backward.

    1. Sari

      When I become prime minister of your land, I will stop you and jail you.

      1. Steve

        Sari, Salle, Said… do you use “they/them” because you have multiple personality disorder?

        1. Jenny Lai

          That’s rich coming from your schizo autistic butt Steve/ S1/ S/ SS.

          1. Steve

            I am none of those other people, you blithering idiot.

        2. Kat

          The people you’re speaking to are referring to the entity “Disney,” a business consisting of a multitude of people, as “they.” This is considered grammatically correct and has nothing to do with any perception of “wokeness” or “multiple personality disorder” as you can’t refer to a business as he/she. Business conglomerates lack gender. The singular “they” is sufficient here.

          1. Steve

            That isn’t what I meant.

          2. Rox

            My personal opinion: splash mountain is my favorite ride and i wish they would leave it alone and build Tiana her own rid and restaurant.
            Also my opinion: the hate filled insults and mockery on this thread are as bad as Facebook. It is sad that there can be no civil differences of opinion any more.

    2. M

      Yeah, your right. Let’s get rid of other classics, like Haunted, Space, Thunder, Pirates. Let’s get ride of all of them. Find any reason to get rid of them.

      1. Victoria Tolivar

        They shouldn’t get rid of Splash Mountain! Those stories that the ride is based on come from Generations of tribes in Africa and Mexico!! The Disney Company should just expand the parks. Just like they did when they added Fantasyland, Toy Story Land, Pandora, and Star Wars Galaxy Edge! Just expand the parks, so Tiana can have her own restaurant. And the restaurant could have a meet and greet with the characters.

        1. Kat

          Most of those weren’t expansions; they actually destroyed existing property/attractions to make room for those, though I see where you’re coming from. Just thought I’d let you know in case you weren’t aware. One example is the now defunct A Bug’s Life area from California Adventure. This is where the Avengers Campus sits now. Because the space in Anaheim is so limited, it’s pretty much guaranteed something has to go for something new to come in. =( Another off the top of my head was the retheme from Tom Sawyer’s Island to Tortuga and so on. The real estate there is pretty tight (which is unfortunate; I still miss the country bears myself).

    3. Steve

      Wokism is backwards.

      1. Said, PhD

        Wokism fixes society’s wrongs. There is so much inequity and hatred in the world and making more “woke” stuff only bridges structural and cultural racism.

        1. Steve

          No, it destroys culture and leads to societal collapse. It has happened many times and this won’t be any different.

          The good part is we know who to blame.

        2. Walt

          “wokism” is mental illness and yes it does in fact destroy rather than create. Done 100% with Disney and their woke uber liberal agenda.

        3. stephen

          Nah, wokism just leads to more idiots and morons thinking they can somehow fix the world and lead the rest of us down that path.

        4. Lol

          Can we send all the “stephens, stevens, Steve’s and S1s” to a remote island where they can eternally worship a statue of the Orange Man as much as they want??

          1. Steve

            How about we send all the leftists to Africa? They want us to be more like them, I say start with yourself and GTFO.

          2. edward

            Only if we can tie some cement shoes to your feet and drop you overboard on the ship ride to the island.

    4. JL

      You have my vote S1!! Just be sure to get rid of the people behind the Disney company who have hijacked it to push propaganda and an agenda.

      1. Darrell

        I agree!

    5. Randy

      Worst thing disney can do is retheme. Its what the people love already. Its what we want. Retheming is the worst imaginable thing they could do. Fix it repair it get it back up and running the way it was originally designed. Give the princess her own ride nothing less. If retheme goes forward i know countless upon countless people that will never ride it again!

      1. Darrell

        Our family will not ride again if re- themed!

        1. Jabroni

          Oh no, how will Disney survive?

        2. Vince

          Less Donald Dumpsters in line for the ride? Shorter line for me??
          Ohhhhhh noooooo!!!

          1. Steve

            Joe will be gone SOON. New elections or constitutional convention.

        3. Vince

          Less Donald Dumpsters taking up space in line?? Ohh nooo!

      2. Christine

        I totally agree, we love the ride as it is , no need to change it, Give the princess her own ride.

        1. Trisha

          Totally agree!!

      3. Jay

        I look forward to the shorter line on what will be an awesome ride 🙂

      4. Dave B

        I am sure many people said the same when Disneyland’s Tower of Terror became Guardians of the Galaxy, yet people still come.

        1. Steve

          Unfavorable guest mix. lulz

        2. edward

          It has been several years since the changeover. I bet most of the people riding it don’t even know that it was previously Tower of Terror.

    6. KJ

      This is so stupid, Disney should leave this classic alone.

    7. Dan

      You’re an idiot! Go get another booster shot! MORON

      1. 007

        Go sniff Donald Dump’s farts some more, DUMPTARD

    8. What does that mean? Or is that something you read in a fortune cookie and thought it would be good to share because critical thinking isn’t a strength?

    9. Rebecca

      I love splash mountain!!!

  2. Salle

    There should be more womxn represented in Disney parks. Hooray for inclusion!

    1. Steve

      They (or should I say IT) isn’t talking about women… that womxn thing isn’t a typo. This person (?) is nuts.

    2. stephen

      You misspelled “women” but that’s ok. Learning to be woke probably damaged your brain and writing abilities so we forgive you.

    3. Tiffany

      WTH you talkin about? The place is absolutely messy with Disney princesses and always has been …

  3. Shaquela

    So excited, we need more BIPOC people showcased. The only issue I have is that there is that they didn’t shut down the ride now and start on it asap.

    1. stephen

      Not really. When black, and not this bipoc junk, only represent a small part of the population then you get represented in the parks as a small part.

    2. Steve

      I don’t go to Twitter enough to know what BIPOC means, thank god, but I know it is degenerate.

  4. Kathy

    Yeah sure why not ? The powers that be have been DESTROYING Walt Disney World for over 10 years Might as well shut down Big Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain , and Stop doing Fireworks.

    I HATE the entire theming Splash Mountain will be replaced with. The movie is lousy just like the ride will be.
    I’d love it if NO ONE wanted to ride it.

  5. John

    All because of pansy ass idiot’s let’s change everything thing just for them.

  6. EricJ

    Justice for…that Protest Guy!
    Say His Name, whatever it was! It was before the Lockdown, right?

    ….Oh, and Song of the South is clearly Evil because of it!

  7. Phoebe L Ho

    Here’s something for all of you to think about. Splash Mountain isn’t the only thing in its “last days”. So am I.

    1. Lol

      Again… BYE GUURLLL!!

  8. Mason

    Congratulations to Disney and the 1% of Disney fans who wanted Splash Mountain removed! This is just the start to the Disney Cultural Revolution.

    1. Gay Days--YUKK


      1. 007

        Let me guess.. you’re a 57 year old virgin with overgrown toe nails who CANT even visit the parks, so you come on here to “take it out” on people just because they’re not straight and white, right??

        1. Steve

          Liberal freaks are just disgusting.

    2. Steve

      Disney’s scheme has always been to get them young and keep them as adults to bring their own children. Now Disney panders to childless freaks.

      1. Lol

        Awww, have you not gotten any in years, Steve?? You sound like you’ve got a lot of “pent up energy and frustration” HAHAHA

        1. Steve

          Have you “gotten any” with your class, freak?

  9. Bill

    Splash Mountain is my favorite Disney World attraction. I am so very sad to see it removed. I welcome new attractions but not at the expense of this rides removal!

  10. Zippo

    I challenged Disney to be more creative like Walt and add some new rides and attractions instead of changing and destroying the current rides and attractions … Also during the pandemic Disneyland was closed for well over a year and Disney had plenty of time to go in there and do repairs and things that were needed in the park without having any public to be in their way… If someone high up in Disney reads this my challenge is to be more creative not destroy.

  11. Will

    I am extremely furious about the closing of Splash Mountain and the retheming!!!😡. I really wish Splash Mountain would stay!! I really love this attraction. I am not looking forward to the permanent closure of this attraction!!!😡

    1. Steve

      Don’t return to Disney and tell them why. All this company understands is money.

  12. Daniel Tripp

    I wish to aid you in this quest

  13. No doubt, Tiana’s adventure will attract crowds and long wait times because it is a new experience. Splash Mountain has attracted the crowds for years. It is a shame that Disney is letting it fall apart in front of the guests’ eyes. Park tickets are not cheap and Disney has the responsibility to maintain the attractions. Sinking boats is not funny if you are out in the Briar Patch where they are known to have snakes and how deep is it there? Some guests don’t know how to swim.

  14. Walt

    To sa the animatronics are breaking down is crap. Here’s an idea – fix them replace them like umm….. pirates which ghas been around since the 60’s. Splash is a classic but wokeism must destroy everything in its path…..and this for a two bit made up crap story which is NOT classic in anyway. Oh we need a ride to “celebrate” (pronounced with an “s”) the Hadza lets trash Small world. – total crap.

  15. Jayne1955

    They should have put Tiana’s bayou on Tom Sawyer’s island and tied in the riverboat. They missed a huge opportunity there.

    1. Steve

      The goal here is to win over the Twitter psychos and reduce maintenance costs. This retheme will be filled with screens.

    2. DisneyFan

      Agree 💯

  16. John

    Was just on the ride two weeks ago. It was sad what they did to this iconic ride. 😔

  17. Tyto

    If you are wanting to see the last recording of the ride check out my channel on YouTube at Tyto to find it.

  18. Jesus believer

    The Carousel of Progress is currently moving backwards.
    Repent or face end times

  19. Deb

    I still don’t get why removing a ride based on African American folklore is necessary. But one thing is for sure…. if they keep the current ride track the trickster will always be there. I love how the ride makes you thing one thing will happen and it doesn’t.

  20. Steve

    Cancel this garbage, put Pirates and Jungle Cruise back to how they should be (Jack can stay), and stop pandering to the weirdos who will only have children if they abduct them. Otherwise, Disney will keep circling the drain, propped up entirely by clueless third world elite tourists. When they get bored or realize Universal is better, Disney dies.

  21. Courtney

    All of Disneyland needs a revamp. I was there last week and I was a little embarrassed as how run down it was. The parades were poor quality and fireworks cancelled. If you are want to go to Disney, Disney World is so much better!

    1. Steve

      World isn’t any better.

  22. Over it

    I am so sick and tired of the woke agenda. And honestly it’s hurting the park. Instead of completely redoing the ride leave it alone and give Princess and the Frog it’s entire own new ride, not a sad attempt at a remodel.

  23. Lilly


  24. Trisha

    As long as it stays open and my son & I can ride ot onve more before they change it (which i still dont agree with and I dont think ever will) that’s all I can hope for. Its not gonna be the same without hearing “zippa-dee-do-da” or experiencing this ride anymore….its been apart of Disney for as long as i can remember….its sad that nezt generations will never get to experience it.

  25. DisneyFan

    It needs to be repaired and the theming left as is. It’s iconic, and EVERYONE from all races rides this with joy all the while singing Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah. How is it inclusive to erase characters from African American folklore from the parks? Stop being cheapskates and lazy…create a new ride so that everyone can enjoy a new experience in ADDITION to the classic Splash!

    1. Disney lover

      Yeah!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡 curse you Disney for removing it!

  26. Disney lover

    Sure no one’s seen the movie but it is one of my favorite rides always has been. So Disney if you see this give Tina her own ride leave splash mountain alone it’s one of the most popular rides!😡

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