Comments for Disney World’s EPCOT “tornado” last week was part of an Elaborate Hoax

tornado disney world hoax

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  1. Jade S.

    I was there, and it definitely wasn’t a “hoax” or a scud cloud. Around 10 minutes before the Funnel cloud I noted that the air was warm and a cool but STRONG breeze was pushing through. I grew up around tornados, I know what it feels like when one is forming.

    Within a few minutes there was a SPINNING funnel cloud that nearly touched down multiple times. The wind picked up and actually whipped a bag I was holding out of my hand.

    It kept trying to touch the ground, and I think it did at one point- but it was super unstable and broke apart almost immediately. I know what a tornado is. That was a funnel cloud quickly developing, though highly unstable.

    If you weren’t there and didn’t watch it happen I really don’t think you have a say lol

    1. Kelly

      Thank you, yes! I’m from Kansas and was there to see it as well. Your experience is exactly like mine. We knew it was a funnel and there was absolutely rotation. I also noticed a point where there was the funnel at the base of the clouds, a gap, and more rotating clouds closer to the ground. Definitely wasn’t just scud.

  2. Ramona

    Not a hoax, the NWS confirmed it was a rotating funnel cloud that never touched down.

    1. W8l8

      An elaborate hoax? Really? It’s an interesting story with a ridiculous title. Makes me wonder what is the point.

  3. Thanks for mentioning Florida Tech and our amazing and unique meteorology program!

  4. Mariz

    I concur it was a funnel not a scud cloud

  5. Sarina

    Whoever wrote this article is ignorant. I’m originally from Texas and have seen many tornadoes. I’ve also lived in Fl over 25 years and have seen a few. This is not a SCUD but is a funnel cloud. Tech doesn’t always pic up on tornadoes as technology n computers mess up all the time. Regardless the pic speaks for itself. Someone needs to go back to school.

  6. Michael

    This is 100% definitely a funnel cloud. It may have not touched down, but it is not a SCUD. It is a real funnel cloud. I don’t know how this is considered an “elaborate hoax.” I’ve seen dozens of funnel clouds in my life, and this is yet another one.

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