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Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk

Credit: Marvel Studios


  1. Pepsiman

    This article is satire, right?

  2. Steve


  3. Jeff

    Let us pause and reflect on the past occurrences where shows and actors took it upon themselves to insult the built-in fan base that they should have had.
    How well did that work out for them?

    1. Luis

      You have to be specific lol. I recall gina carano being canceled and rightfully so. So, she degraded herself to make indys for Ben Shapiro lol

      1. DP

        You recall inorrectly.

      2. Emerald

        I like good story, despite week Hulk i like shehulk, miss marvel and other female characters and their shows, they are not the best and she hulk cgi (especially in the 3rd episode) forncould be better but it’s not the most important part of the show (and I am huge fan of good cgi and special effects in general), story and how characters are depicted is important, and this is pretty good so far, and not only in she hulk show but in general in post end game, she hulk is funny (nog every joke is funny for me but in the comics was simmilar) and strong. It’s pretty good show and I petty some guys that can’t handle strong female characters.

    2. DP

      What a tone dead article! At least it seems the commenters get it. The site is garbage, the “N She U” has to be the worst written female characters ever put to screen that insults men but even worse, insults women by thinking this is what they want. E-rags like this can defend this garbage but the market will eventually sort this out. Sadly, at the expense of fans and after filing the world with hurtful and bland content.

      1. Daniel

        This right here!!

    3. RL

      Star Was is still suffering from Kathleen Kennedy’s “The Force Is Female” proclamation.

  4. Brooke

    The fanboys who cannot comprehend that there are female superheroes, actors, directors, producers, writers and studio executives, need professional help. It’s really bizarre.

    1. Chris

      That’s not what people are complaining about. Are you dense?

    2. Bill

      The only one who needs professional help is you Brooke. You are obviously a bitter hate filled blue haired psycho who hates the world for being born. Here’s a clue, attacking paying customers by calling them fan boys nor is not going to get anyone to watch a crappy product. The fans have no issues with supporting female characters who are not Mary sues written poorly with cringe dialog. Black widow is loved my almost all Marvel fans which invalidates your tantrum

      1. Junior Juniorsson Jr

        So funny that you act like you’re the majority. Disney are killing it right now on Disney plus and stealing Netflix subscribers but you stick to your guns from your little dark cave like the angry little mushroom you are. XD

      2. Truthhurts

        Looking forward to seeing she-hulk in a better show (not her own).
        Please don’t ruin Daredevil….

    3. Seren

      And those of us fans, fans you somehow feel the need to condescend to, really enjoy strong female leads in good sci-fantasy shows, which She-Hulk is most certainly not. Your lack of critical thought is both evident, and laughable. But hey. At least you managed a risk free dig at those evil men. You go, hon. More power to you. Personally, I laughed heartily at you. Misandry disguised as feminism. Look it up sweetie.

  5. John

    Quite a few baby back b******* in here mad cause Marvel is calling you cousin humpers out.

    1. If you’ve actually been in the discourse, you’d know it’s because she’s a badly written character and has horrible dialogue. The writers themselves admitted they don’t know how to write court room dramas.

    2. Bill

      The only baby b***** is you an Brooke. It cracks me up when a soy boy simps for women’s approval. Keep white knighting but it won’t get you laid unless you’re gay.

  6. Bill

    This article wreaks of desperation from the author to justify lack of interest. Here’s a clue since the author is a moron….you don’t attack the fans (aka the paying customers) for saying what they produced was garbage. It’s not here to stay because the audience will simply tune out and the production cost to produce an obviously crappy product will become too much to justify it’s continued production. The author of this article needs to learn basic economics as well as get laid because she/it has a corn cob up it’s ass

    1. Col

      You don’t speak for me or the millions watching. I thought it was especially hilarious how this was filmed and edited months ago and they saw you and your sad kind coming by including wholly accurate tweets and such that your type spew at everyone they can. It literally made me lol.

      1. Seren

        It “made you lol”. I imagine your opinion would fail to register with anyone, ever, even if you were capable of expressing it like an adult.

        1. Col

          “Adult”, hahaha, you say that as if you’re the adult in the room and not posting from your room in your mum’s house.

          1. Seren

            Bless you. Reducing the spectrum of critical appraisal of a television show to a nonsensical binary. Just keep flipping those burgers for minimum wage. If you do actually work, that is.

  7. Kittie

    So many simpies in this thread. I bet y’all don’t even wash behind your ears when shower. Shut your mouths, cu*cks. Or I’ll put something in it.

    1. Col

      You don’t have anything to put in it, stop pretending sad sack.

    2. Idontcare

      I’m glad that you feel comfortable enough to express your homosexuality. It must be hard living in the south, having to hide and pretend all the time.

  8. RL

    I have zero issues with female superheroes. But the CGI in She Hulk is fairly crappy. But I can look past that because She Hulk overall is pretty good so far, I realize Disney is not going to spend tons of money on special effects for their Disney+ shows.

  9. Idontcare

    The MCU died after Endgame. This is just Disney trying to squeeze every dollar out of its bloated, rotting corpse.

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