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Thousand Trails

Credit: Thousand Trails


  1. Stop

    I am sorry for the families involved. As for the reporting (going to start calling this as it is) It’s amazing how they consider Claremont Walt Disney World… Or Seaworld… It takes about 20 to 25 minutes to get to Disney property from this town. Again, I’m sorry to hear that people were injured and murdered. this has nothing to do with Disney property. It is a small town outside of Disney and this is sensationalizing at its worst. Quit reaching.


    How terrible; This woman’s life has been ruined, she will never be able to unsee and un-feel what happened. I’m so sorry to the family and friends, loved ones and witnesses, and the poor victims. This is heartbreaking. I will be praying for all involved.

  3. Sue

    Ok this has nothing to do with Disney it’s about 12 miles from animal kingdom on hwy 26 just north of 192. I live near there it’s a trailer park a lot of traffic for guess with Rv’s. There is also a bunch of homeless and trailer park trash that live behind this and that’s where it was at. No where near Disney.

  4. Bernice Solomon

    Thousand Trails Resort backs up to Disney World Land, it is a 7 mile ride to Disney World entrance off 27. Many tourists stay there. It is a membership park but you can rent sites or cottages there for a price. Apparentely the person above has never been to Thousand Trails, it is gated. The murders took place in a large travel trailer they had just arrived from WI, it’s a large park but hard to understand why no one heard anything. TT has a Clermont postal code but not near Clermont, postal code Davenport is next door.. I am a TT member and visit the park on a regular basis when I am living in my winter home in FL.

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