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  1. Louise

    Hate it all. Hate that people insist on filming rides, attractions, fireworks whilst distracting other guests. If filming is for personal purposes and to grab a reaction or a memory, then, yes – that’s understandable. But to film a whole ride purely for a person’s vanity project then no, not acceptable.
    I mean, most of this stuff is already on YouTube, people film this stuff during specialised fam trips or ‘invite only’ events, such as soft launches…there is simply no need.

  2. Cyndi

    It’s disturbing and unwanted. I hoping live streaming is banned soon!

  3. Dr. Manny

    Filming others without their consent has to have some legal consequence. If you see yourself in a video you should be able to file a law suit at least in small claims court. Get of enough of those especially if it is a Tik Tokker who is making money of it they can hurt the business.

    If Disney is not going to handle this situation then individuals have to examine this social marketing aspect and figure out how to disrupt the business model.

    1. D

      Public place and expectation of privacy there.

  4. Clark

    Grab their phone and hold it until after the ride or just toss it off the ride. Easy enough.

  5. Angela

    At first it was fun to peek into Disneyland when I miss it so much, but then it started killing the magic for me. & there are so many streamers it’s painful. Can’t help but think it must be killing the experience for the park visitors who saved for their family to have that one vacation visit

  6. Kathy

    Years ago a man from another country decided to use flash on Pirates of the Caribbean. Then he decided to film it with his bright light on. Several people asked him to stop but he ignored them. My daughter turned on her flashlight on her phone, turned to face the man, apologized to the other people on the ride and then shined her flashlight in his face until he stopped. She turned off her light but the man did it again. So, she did it too, right in his face. He stopped again but he was pissed. Jerk.

    1. Miriam

      So glad to hear this story! I had to say something to a family who decided to Facebook phone call grandma on Jurassic park ride talking loudly and showing her the ride I turned around and asked them to stop. The ride operator had already said they would stop the ride if they didn’t put away the phone and they ignored her. When I said something they made noises and said something rude back.

  7. ZeonNewtype

    I haven’t had any encounters with live streamers at Disneyland yet, thankfully. Still, I’ve been hearing more and more about the really obnoxious ones that are disruptive and disrespectful to guests and cast members. At this point, I think they should ban live streaming at the parks. I’m tired of hearing about people harassing the cast members and basically using them as props for likes. It’s obnoxious, and honestly, I’m just tired of people thinking that just because they paid to get into the park that they’re entitled to act however they want and treat people however they want.

  8. Marti Chavez

    The streamers allow people who can’t afford a Disney trip or are overseas an opportunity to enjoy the magic of Disney. We are in an age of technology and many individuals use this means to participate in Disney Magic. I have watched the streamer that the Reddit article is speaking of and I am thankful that I get to enjoy Disneyland through their eyes. They bring joy and nostalgia to those who can’t take a trip. We need to look at the positivity that these streams provide. The information that they share, the laughter, smiles and the joy they bring to so many who would otherwise be unable to enjoy the magic. Some people will only get to enjoy the Magic through this means. I for one am very grateful for that. Society is always so quick to judge and cancel things without looking at both sides of the situation. I love Disney streams as they allow me to enjoy the magic and wonder of Disneyland. 😁💜😁

    1. No just no. If they are filming and ruining it for the other people that payed it enjoy their time. We had a women hold her tablet in front of my guys face to film a parade. She planted her arms on his shoulders to balance the tablet. That takes a lot of nerve.

    2. wesley

      Yeah, F off with all of that and then keep F’ing off. I don’t really care when or how often you get to the parks. There are plenty of Disney news related sites, other than ITM, that carry all the latest news, merchandise info and anything else using words and pics. They also do it without being completely annoying douchebags to the rest of the guests who have paid $$$ to get in. So try expanding your horizons and get your kicks from someplace other than a lame copycat steamer that people hate.

  9. Jason

    It’s terrible this needs to be banned

  10. CArol

    Ban it!!

  11. Forrest

    Drives me crazy they are able to monopolize disney time and make money doing it!!! it’s a viscious cycle… IDK how they can stop it….. same thing with people having to resell disney Merchandise just to keep their Annual passes etc….

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