Comments for Kylie Jenner Takes Over Disneyland, Spends the Day With Family


Credit: ABC (Left)


  1. Salle

    I met Arline Winthrop in WDW, I was so stunned I actually peed in my pants.

  2. Pam

    Who cares shut that she is just like her entire family the fact anyone in this country pats attention to them shows how really lowly the morals of most Americans. And I will never pay Disney a penny never have raised my children to not spend money that way and my grandchildren are raised the same way . Greed is exactly why we are where we are today .

    1. Walt

      I would say we are the way we are becuase we have forgotten God ….but that would be offensive and snowflakes would melt.

      1. Bert

        Prove it.

      2. Smitty

        Do Christians such as yourself strive to insult others and stir drama? Just what Jesus would do, right… such a hypocrite.

  3. 718

    This is the stupidest thing that is allowed making the magical experience feel empty.

  4. Loweta Carroll

    Is it wrong that I could not care less what Kylie Jenner, or any of the Kardashians are doing?

    1. Kurt

      I’m with you, Loweta! Who cares about these people?!

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