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Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow

Credit: Disney


  1. We need Disney too bring Johnny Depp back to pirates of the Caribbean 6 movie in good heart as Jack Sparrow Johnny Depp in pirates 6 movie and if Disney want the fans too stay enjoy the pirates movies too More too come

      1. Sharon

        I want whatever JD wants but he was the only reason to watch POTC.

        1. Koch Karina

          Illuminati doesnt care about him or other

          1. Barbara


          2. Mydnyte 2143

            J.D as Captain Jack is as right as Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. For once can Disney admit they were wrong and publicly do the right thing…

          3. Cawthorn

            So when is this supposed to happen? The sooner the better. And ehats the catch?

          4. Mary

            His character made that movie . Bring him back.

          5. Rhonda

            Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow. To try and replace him with another actor is signing the movies death warrant. The new actor will not be accepted, because Everyone knows who the real Captain Jack is. As it is often spoken repeatedly in the first Five POTC movies when Johnny Depp announces “I am Captain Jack Sparrow”…and so he is !

          6. Susan Lipke

            No Johnny stay the honest pure man that everyone loves, Let Disney fall, if they brought you back it would only be to save there fallen empire and your better than that!

          7. ZTIHPENEB

            That is so true , disneys trying to save their own butts not JDs.

          8. AZ

            Of course we want Johnny Depp. Who wouldn’t… and let him hold his peace.

          9. Gerald

            If they don’t bring Johnny Depp back as Jack Sparrow I will not be watching it that is for sure and neither will anyone that lives in my house.

        2. Frederica Steller

          I totally agree with that!

        3. Ann

          JD is the only reason to watch. A little more depth to his character…maybe visit his childhood and maybe he could have special abilities. Love JD

          1. it.s like taking Dorathy out of the wizard of oz! No one will watch .There’s only one jack Sparrow.

          2. Jill

            Disney will have consequences for their actions. Johnny won’t bend and won’t go back. But he still has the costume and vowed to always be Captain Jack sparrow. I would never watch another pirates without him

        4. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

          1. Kristen

            Biggest mistake Disney ever made was booting JD. I think he’s the kind of guy that would take the high road and allow Disney to profit from HIS success in bringing Capt. Jack into our hearts, just because of the love and faith WE have for him and Jack. DESPITE the fact Disney doesn’t deserve his forgiveness, I think JD has more love for his art, the character and world of Jack Sparrow he brought to life, and the appreciation of his always supportive fans, to let that magical world of potc die in our hearts. Apologize to him Disney!

          2. Who can do what he does?No one.If he’s gone Then pirates ended with the last one with him playing his role.Thats the END.
            This will be the day that they killed pirates of the Caribbean.

        5. Manny

          Johnny Depp is Obi-Wan Kenobi of Pirates of the Caribbean

        6. Lillian Sawyer

          Whatever Johnny wants to do. However, I am positive that absolutely none of his “relatives” will view the movie if Johnny isn’t there! Johnny is ” Captain Jack Sparrow” and no one will ever be able to portray him the way he did. Johnny created the Captain. BRING BACK THE TRUE CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW!

        7. Kathy

          Please he is good man. Pirates need him to make the movie enjoyable and fun.I know 1,000’s of people will not bother to see movie if he is replaced…..

          1. Kimberly

            JD is pitching. I’m torn, would only be interested in Pirates 6 if JD was in it, but Disney deserves to eat it on a film that tanks without JD, but would feel bad for director and costars who would have this albatross tied to their names because Disney thinks they’re bigger than God.

          2. Lynn

            I absolutely agree 💯%!!!

          3. Belva

            I do agree.Disney only concern is money for the people in charge. I use to work @ Disney, they do not respect their cast members, nor the guest. The parks have just become a money market and nothing else. The people need to boycott Disney to restore Walt’s dream not destroy his dreams just to fill their pockets. They don’t respect any one including Johnny Depp, their cast members or guest. I know this to be true.

        8. Deb

          So true. No one can replace Jack Sparrow. Bring JD. If that’s what he wants.

      2. I definitely am executed for dp gives us more of jack of Caribbean
        Love to John Depp

        1. I hope so! There wouldn’t be a POTCB movie w/o Captain Jack Sparrow! Margot Robbie as the new captain? It won’t work.

          1. Florinda

            Bring back Johnny Depp. End of story!

          2. Tamra Watson

            Add JD back that’s final !!!

          3. Linda

            Without Johnny there’s no reason to go to the movie!!

          4. Haidi

            I know right? Margot Robbie?? Wtf is with swapping male lead with female lead? We get it, but not Captain Jack Sparrow. E all saw how Ocean’s 8 and Ghostbusters flopped with female lead.

        2. Dug

          JD was responsible for you getting executed? Wow!
          I’m excited!

      3. Jesse Osborn

        Johnny Depp need come back to pirate of Caribbean 6 if he not my wife and I won’t see the movie when come out. Disney need to say sorry to mr.depp

        1. Disney, eat some humble pie and bring Captain Jack back!!If not , don’t bother to make number six. It will flop and all us fans will make sure it does.

          1. Tina Gibbs

            Exactly! NO one wants to watch it without Jonny Depp! I’m was a huge Disney fan and Disney is wrong for judging Jonny Depp I will never feel the same about Disney again. Disney has lost alot of respect for thier poor choice and need to publicly apologize to Depp and beg him to return as Captain Jack Sparrow!!

          2. Alice Rix

            I agree 100%

          3. Barbara

            Absolutely, we will, no movie of POTC without JD

          4. Share

            All of you are right. No one can replace Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. Disney should apologize! Potc will flop without him.

        2. Mickie Fielden

          I hope the catch is !! He gets 60 Percent Of Ownership Rights Of POTC Franchise Plus 310 Million Dollars To Be Donated to the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles .. Plus The Public Apology That He So Rightly Deserves From Disney!!!
          Then He Says Maybe He’ll Think About It!!!
          Most Of His Fans Would Love To See Him Back, But I For One Will Stand With Him What Ever He Decides To Do.. He has My Loyalty For Life..
          Love You Sweets 🌹💓🥰🤗🙏

      4. Janet Richards

        Johnny Depp made the character Captain Jack his own. No one wants to see a pirates of the Caribbean movie without him!

        1. Jodi

          Exactly the only reason POTC franchise is so big is because of Johnny Depp. He made and developed the character of Captain Jack Sparrow and I was always excited to see the next one. Disney needs to put on its big girl panties and such it up or they will be wasting tons of money or a movie that no one will watch.

      5. Pirots of the Caribbean win be the same with out Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow he make the movie fun

      6. Brian

        If Johnny Depp isn’t jack sparrow, the Disney will be the ultimate failure of the human race, and the sales of Disney products will plummet….

      7. Matt

        Thanks….so i didnt ¡¡¡¡
        stopped agter 2 an 3.

    1. Yes Johnny is the only one that can do jack Sparrow!!!

    2. Vixx

      Johnny has stated he will never go back. HIS CHOICE-RESPECT IT! He can be Jack Sparrow any time he wants. He doesnt need to be in one of their movies to do it.

      1. Barb

        I agree

      2. Mary

        THANK YOU!!!! DAMN WELL SPOKEN!!!!🐚🪶🏖️🍀☠️🤪😜😝😛😋

      3. twokittiesplusme

        He’s allowed to change his mind now that all the emotional turmoil is over.

    3. Armand

      Depp. Needs to come back if not there is no Captain Jack he makes the movie fun and interesting.

    4. Cyndi

      I haven’t watch POTC since he hasn’t returned My goodness it can’t play without the real Jack Sparrows

      1. Dj

        Without debt there is no Captain Jack Sparrow he made that character

    5. Tammy

      Johnny said NO

      1. Ed Griffis

        Johnny Depp should be Captain Jack Srarrow again.
        Under his own company, and probably bring most of the old cast with him.
        Goodbye Disney!

    6. Tamara

      Yes johnny depp needs to come back I will not watch the next series without him

    7. Suzanne

      He is why people want to see the movie. I will not go to see it if he is not in it. He makes the movie. Love him.

      1. CJ

        Love JD, and, yes, I agree, potc would not be the same, nor worth watching without him!
        Also, way too many spelling mistakes and grammatical errors in nearly every single comment lol

    8. Dug

      I’m thinking you might have a problem with your “too”, “to”, and “two’s”!

    9. Angela

      You’re right there. JD needs to be brought back to finish it. And Disney needs to publicly apologize to JD.
      I won’t watch it without JD in it. In TPOC he has made Captain Jack Sparrow. Won’t watch it without Johnny!

    10. Bill Clinton

      Um whaaaa? Try again

    11. Totally agree 💥🎇👍

    12. Let the franchise die. Kill it if you must.
      As for Mr Depp, let the man move on to bigger and better movies.

    13. Jackie

      If johnny Depp isn’t. In it I’m not watching it period

    14. Please bring Johnny Depp back as captain Jack Sparrow we all love him

      1. Johnny made that character…Jack Sparrow Is The POTC….you cannot make the movie with a woman..Margot Robbie..come on….she is not Captain Jack Sparrow… don’t bother with POTC 6 cause it will fail without JD…you guys should make him an offer….otherwise big waste of time and money!

        1. Pat Maher

          I agree with all previous comments, Johnny Depp IS Captian Jack Sparrow !

    15. Louise

      Yes bring johnny back,

    16. Byronna Gaines

      I totally agree with you. Because Pirates of the Caribbean is nothing without Captain Jack Sparrow!

    17. Ty

      Absolutely not. They did johnny dirty during the trial and disney doesn’t deserve the fans or money after that

    18. Anna

      I myself a fan of the franchise will not watch the continued series of movies if Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) is not in them just would not be the same as he is what makes the movies for me. I vow this and will not give any thought to watching it for any other version of Jack Sparrow no matter who it is instead of him. I signed a petition for Disney to bring him back into the movies that is truly how committed I am to the possibility of him not being in the coming and other future Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

    19. Donna Kidd

      It will not be the same with out JD as Jack Sparrow and he doesn’t come back I will not see the movie at all

    20. Yeaaa..bring JD Back

    21. Vicci

      Do they have his 10,000 alpacas?

      1. Jd .is. The. Only one. To play. Captain. Jack

    22. Sunny

      He IS Jack Sparrow! No one…NO ONE could ever take his place…he OWNS that role!!!

    23. Brenda

      I’m not going to anymore of Disneys movies till they put him back.

      1. Share

        Me either@

    24. Brenda

      I want to see AJohnny Depp movie!!!!! Is that too much to ask

    25. Janice

      If Johnny is not in it I don’t watch it.

    26. Robin S Keeler

      How would you people like to see Johnny play the “UNIVERSAL MAGICIAN” in “HTRAE THE REVOLUTION”

    27. Debbie Romano

      Does this person not know his use of “too” should be “to”?. Isn’t there someone to check this before it is released?

    28. He made it very clear in court that they could not pay him enough in cash and camels to play that role again. Disney made a expensive error on their part taking the role from him.

    29. Wow

      Jesus Christ, you really don’t know the difference between to and too?

    30. Damian

      Bring Depp back now.

    31. Pamela

      Jack Sparrow
      in the caribbeans needs to have Johnny Depp as the actor it will not be same.

    32. We would like to have JOHNNY
      BACK. WE ARE

      1. Happy BIRTHDAY

    33. G-byrd

      You SERIOUSLY need to be in an english and grammar class.

    34. Mg

      If u want people to continue watching pirates 6, bring jd back. U know as well as anyone else.he is an asset to the screen.

    35. Holly

      I agree! We need Johnny Depp and no one else will do! Come 0n Disney without Johnny there will be no Pirares!!!!!

    36. Sharon

      No Johnny Depp/Jack Sparrow, no POTC. I for one won’t spend the price of admission to see the movie without Johnny. HE IS THE MOVIE!!!

    37. Wtf

      I had a stroke trying to read your comment lmfao

    38. Sherri


  2. Debby

    I think that Depp and only Depp should play JS. I don’t like It when they change actors in number three or number four number five etc. as far as him playing in the movie as something else if we can’t have him is Jack sparrow yes let him in the movie maybe Disney will change his mind

    1. Clara Luiza

      I would love to see Depp again as Jack Sparrow.. He’s the only one that could do It!
      Are you going to make our.wish come true?

      1. Joyray

        There is no other Johnny depp is captain jack sparrow. When he is on screen he is not the depp he is the sparrow people………

      2. Fanuel

        We want johnny depp as jack sparrow!!!

      3. Ana Love

        Johnny is the heart and soul of the movie
        I love you J.D.

    2. Debbie Martin


      1. Yvonne

        No Johnny Depp no more watching pirate movies.

        1. Angela

          Same here!

    3. Captain Jack Sparrow

      There’s a captain in there somewhere

    4. LeAnn Olson

      Mr. Depp Should play Jack Sparrow
      There is no other.

  3. Jayne1955

    Disney was wrong to treat him the way they did. They need to bend over backwards if that’s what it takes to get him back. I’m not watching a pirates movie without him.

    1. Debbie Martin

      I’m with you I own all the DVD but won’t buy 1 without him HE IS CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW HELL HE IS THE MOVIE!!

    2. Anita

      I think Disney needs to wake up no one can so that part but JD! Who wants to see a woman play JS? The entire idea is a bomb! Disney going to lose $$$$ ! Apologize to JD and hope he returns if for anyone it should be for his Fans who believe in him!!!

  4. Pat

    Without Johnny Depp, any Pirates movie is a no go for me and my family. Won’t pay good money to see any POC without Depp, plain and simple. Big mistake Disney.

    1. Debbie Martin


    2. Gina hill

      I feel the same way I will never watch the movie again without Johnny Depp and you’re right it was wrong what they done to him

  5. Chris

    Sick of hearing about it. Do another movie or don’t. That’s my inner Karen speaking.

  6. Barbara

    If he’s not in in, I’ll not see it

    1. Debra

      I feel that Margot Robbie, or anyone else they offer the Jack Sparrow character to, should refuse to take the role in solidarity for Johnny Depp. He is the one & only, true, Captain Jack Sparrow.

    2. LS

      I doubt I’ll spend the money to see another installment of “Pirates” without Depp playing Captain Jack Sparrow.

    3. Linda G.

      Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean will fail without Depp. I hope Disney looses millions if Depp isn’t Sparrow. Look at all the shows/movies that have replaced actors? Doomed for failure to be sure. We want Depp and no one else!!

  7. Marilyn

    I don’t think anyone else could play Jack Sparrow like Johnny, Jack is a unique character that Johnny had part in creating himself and I think he should continue playing him ,No one can replace him,

  8. Betty

    For me, Pirates without Jack Sparrow (Johny) Is not worth watching. I’m not one to accept changes or swapping actors. So if they omit him. I’m done. As far as I will enjoy the Pirates he was in only.

  9. Deborah

    I will never watch another Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny Depp. He is the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow! There will never be another that can take his place. Ever!

  10. Roy hatten

    if Johnny Depp is not in the next pirates of the Caribbean movie I’m not the only one that will not go And see the movie captain Jack sparrow is the Pirates of the Caribbean

    1. Michelle

      I agree completely Johnny is what potc movies!!!!!! Pay him back pay for Disney took him off and he lost money plus Disney need to pay him BIGGEST amount and let Johnny pick the price! I own all of movies and I won’t buy if he’s not in potc 6

    2. Shayla Crossland

      I won’t watch it without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow ever. Only he can play that part because he created it. BRING JOHNNY DEPP BACK FOR POTC!!

  11. Nancy Gollow

    Bring the man back as Jack sparrow Disney was wrong. The good guys will prevail . We should stop having stupid girls sleeping with the directors just to get a movie role. Disney shouldn’t judge the chickens before they hatch.

  12. Cath

    Nobody else could be Jack Sparrow. Johnny makes the movie. Love him in any form.


    No Capt. Jack [Johnny} Sparrow, no POTC. Simple has that!

  14. Pharaby

    Disney May own the franchise but Johnny is Jack Sparrow, he created it with all of his soul, they can’t take that from him. If he wants to dress up as Jack let him.

  15. Dirk de plus

    Als Johnny Depp niet meedoet in de nieuwe film ga ik zelfs niet gaan kijken Johnny Depp is pirates of the caribbean

  16. Kurt

    The first movie was amazing!
    The second, okay.
    Didn’t see any others… nor will I.

  17. Janessa

    What’s the catch

  18. Beth Everhart

    Jonny Depp made Disney alot off money and more of a household name for some homes. Take that away and they will lose alot of money look at birds of pray it suck/ tooth fairy or jungle cruise

  19. Polaris

    Disney could always put an injunction in place not to appear in public like what happened to Clayton Moore of Lone Ranger fame. But if it is true that RDJ is trying to get him a place in MCU his return to Disney is imminent…

  20. Melissa

    Its not captain jack sparrow or pirates at all without the most iconic pirate of all time! Johnny Depp makes the movies without him it just make sense🥺🥺

  21. Yes it would be excellent if Johnny Depp went back to the show as Jack sparrow. Because I think he is an excellent actor. Love you forever Johnny Depp.

  22. Elizabeth

    I’ve seen ALL of the pirates of the Caribbean movies and if Jonnie depp is NOT in it… Disney will definitely lose millions of dollars. I agree with everyone else on here that he’s the ONLY one who can be captain jack sparrow

  23. JoeBryant

    I would be content with him still being allowed to continue to go to children’s hospitals (Like St. Jude’s and Shriners) to make the children with special needs happy.

  24. Jennifer

    Johnny is getting older and out of shape. I love him but his roll in pirates would be small as he may pass on the main character to a young pirate (in training).

    1. Rob Vigil

      No. Just no. Johnny Depp, or bust. No younger actor can portray Jack, even if guided by JD. Johnny is Jack, Jack is Johnny! Viva la Johnny Depp!

  25. Steve

    He should stay away. Disney only makes garbage now, doesn’t he have better films to work on?

  26. DC

    Johnny Depp IS Capt. Jack!

  27. Koch Karina

    Nobody wants depp or margot . Disney deends to be cleaned , too many manipulating and harassing liars and slytherins .

  28. Lisa

    Disney screwed up. Nobody else could play that part. Disney should give JD everything he wants. If they don’t the movie will be a flop.
    JD is a great actor.

  29. David

    Always love comments. The question is about JD. He is the Pirates franchise, no Jack, no Pirates. I agree with others, it will be a flop. It’s like Indiana Jones without Harrison Ford.

  30. Johnny depp is what made the movie.thats why so many people loved it.johnny you need to show us one more.we love you johnny.

  31. Carol

    Please, please, please

  32. Lewis Lindsey

    Johnny Depp is pirates of the Caribbean without him the movie will bomb and Disney will lose a lot of money

  33. Jamie Coughlin

    Nothing against Margot but I have zero interest in a pirates franchise movie without JD. Disney better start collecting up those llamas!

  34. Mary Ann Peterson

    We need the original he is the best no one can play that part like he can ever

  35. Sharon

    There is no Pirates of the Caribbean without JD! No one will watch it!! Disney needs to apologize to JD and give him whatever he wants! WE WANT JOHNNY BACK

  36. Newhouse75

    I’m so sick of Margot Robbie. Birds of Prey, The Suicide Squad, and Suicide Squad under performed but she was good as Harley Quinn. If that’s case, then why did all 3 of those movies not do well. She was the main star. I honestly don’t think she is that good of an actress. She just had a pretty face

  37. Matt

    It’s going to completely stink with Margot robby let alone without Jonny Depp. Don’t bother without Depp being the lead role. Straight up nobody wants anything else fact Of life. NO DEPP. NO SEQUEL.

    1. Terri

      If Disney can’t work something out with Johnny Depp, then they should forget about POTC-6. No one wants to see Captain Jack Sparrow replaced. And no one can replace Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Ya blew Disney.

      1. Lyn Gaston

        Johnny is POtheC
        Disney needs to stop worrying and just bring Johnny back.

  38. Cc

    He made those movies it was the only thing that made those moivea worth watching they were fun i spent many hours in the theater watching over and over and no disrespect to robbie but shes no Johnny depp and to flipp it on a dine is a slap in the face

  39. Bring back Johnny Depp. End of story!

  40. If Johnny Depp don’t come back as the original Sparrow Jack I will not be watching.

  41. The first and biggest former POTC fan.

    Damn right. Ive boycotted Disney and the POTC series. If Depp doesnt come back, I am currently not supporting POTC or Disney. My Disney+ Account is idle.

  42. Charlotte l y o n s

    If Margot Robbie plays Pirates of the Caribbean or in it I won’t go to see it and I know a million people that want it’ll be bomb at the box office if they need to swallow their smart ass ways and put Johnny Depp back in it

  43. If Disney can’t work something out with Johnny Depp, then they should forget about POTC-6. No one wants to see Captain Jack Sparrow replaced. And no one can replace Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. Ya blew it Disney.

  44. Sherry

    The only way I will watch it is with Johnny Depp in the movie! Disney made a huge mistake! They prejudged him before all of the facts were exposed! Johnny Depp is the best actor and person… just love him💕

  45. Sally

    Absolutely won’t see any Pirate movie without Johnny!

  46. Dani

    I would love that Johnny come on I have been a fan of yours since you stared in a nightmare on elm street

  47. Alexis D

    Nobody can replace Johnny Depp as Jack Sparrow. I wish we could get at least one more movie to give the character a proper send off.
    He’s what made the films such a success.
    I’m not opposed to the continuation of the franchise following the stories of new characters.
    Maybe even a few prequels following a young Jack Sparrow up till the mutiny or till where we first see him in COTBP (could even be a post credit scene).

  48. Tayah Hurt

    I love JD and I would love to see him in the POTC 6 movie as captain Jack sparrow but I will respect his decision no matter what it is. But just as a heads up if he doesn’t return and take his role back as JS in the new or future movies then I will make sure that NO ONE that I know will ever see anymore POTC movies 😡!!! JD forever!!! 😘🥰😍❣️

  49. Judy

    There is no Pirates without Johnny Depp, if Disney try’s to do one without him, it will fail. Johnny Depp has made Disney “Billions of dollars” with Pirates. They owe him a public apology. Disney do the right thing and give this man back what he deserves. He has suffered long enough. We the public who buy the movie tickets, love this man. Do the right thing!

  50. Tina

    The one and only Captain Jack Sparrow is Johnny Depp and no one can replace him…he is that character and Disney should go above and beyond to make it right to bring him back no matter the cost.

  51. Berit Fahlqvist

    Johnny depp IsJack Sparrow Acting question….=Do JD Wanna go back do Pirate and so on with moore question. My question =Why This chat?? Leasing to nr 0.

  52. Lisa

    Disney KNOWS they messed up royally with this one! Pirates is nothing without JD and fans won’t watch it without him. Disney needs to cut their loss, sell the Pirares franchise to someone else and then JD can continue.

  53. Jennifer Barnard

    Jd stated he would not return to POTC ,and I don’t blame him, the way they treated him is disgraceful, what ever happened to supporting your employees, also innocent till proven guilty and now the world knows he never abused her physically or sexually as she claimed, and Disney dumped him regardless through him to the lions, think they should publicly apologise to him but he’s doing other things he enjoys more or less, putting two fingers up to Disney good for him

  54. It’s time for Disney to bring Johnny Depp back as Captain Jack, Disney needs to apologize to Johnny Depp and we would like Johnny Depp to return to the 6th Pirates of the Caribbean movie as Captain Jack Sparrow.

  55. Alison Smith

    Replace the Disney execs they are sure to be guilty of somthing they could be accused if. Or inoccent it does not seem to matter.
    Depp is the heart of the franchise.
    Keep him in it or drop it altogether.

  56. Sirita

    No Johnny No POTC. Plain and simple. No one I know will be watching if Johnny Depp isn’t in. Apparently a lot of other people won’t be watching either. So unless you do a lot groveling your going to lose a lot of money. Johnny Depp is Captian Jack Sparrow the one and only.

  57. Jamie

    My kids got me into the movies with Disney and he was the any reason we watched it. He’s a great actor I watch him when he was younger. He made these movies.

  58. KLHurley

    There are so many negative things going on at Disney Co. right now, that in my opinion, Mr. Depp shouldn’t associate himself with them. I support him by honoring his choice to never return. That was spoken very clear at the trial in Virginia. Dear Lord, please continue to bless Mr. Depp with love, prosperity and family.

  59. Kelley

    We need you come back this movie would be good if u were not in it and nobody can play that part as good as you lots of JD🙂💜🙂

  60. RagdollMama

    There is no POTC without JD! JD IS POTC!!! He made those movies great! I love the other supporting cast but without JD, it will flop! I certainly will never watch another POTC without JD and will be canceling Disney+ as soon as my annual subscription expires! I will content myself with watching the 1st 5 movies. I would love to see JD return as Captain Jack in any form and I respect his right to refuse Disney! People are innocent until proven guilty Disney, not the other way around! Margo Robbie? She is a Friend of AMBER HEARD! SORRY! Dwayne Johnson? OH PLEASE! I don’t understand why those two are even considered! I would never rush to the theater to see either of them! You’d be better off asking Penelope Cruz to come back to reprise Blackbeard’s daughter or Orlando Bloom and Kiera to come back!

  61. Alberto

    Why not Jack is back know???????????????????????????????????????????????????!!!!!!! He is still the Goat……

  62. Delphine

    Want watch jack sparrow without Johnnie depp.

  63. Jev

    We need Johnny Depp to reprise his role as Jack Sparrow, as a fan of his movies, His roles inspired me a lot!!!

  64. İpek

    Johnny Depp is the spirit of Captain Jack and the whole pirate world. He created an amazing character and we want to see it a billion times again.

  65. Jackie

    He should tell Disney to kiss his butt! Please don’t go back Johnny…

  66. J.Babby

    I would love to see Jack Sparrow’s once again , and many more ! As a share holder of Disney, I’m now retired and have more time on my hands ! To enjoy life once again without any work pressures! Yes ! Bring Johnny Depp Back

  67. Nancy

    That show is made around johnny Depp he made that movie each one and if he is not on their I will not add or watch pirates Caribbean

  68. C Huber

    You know what? All u people who have a opinion about him regarding the crap the Tramp said. He had many women before her. Yes his life and the people he has to be around is around drugs and alcohol. He is still the most incredible people I’ve ever enjoyed watching. He is a sweet man. A loving dad. So all of you people who have a chop on your shoulder because she was proven to be a fraud. Get over your self. Hey go watch her movies if there are any. I love Johnny Depp. Will forever.

  69. Debs

    Aye mates, the crew is nothing without captn Jack Sparrow!

  70. Dear Disney, i think it’s time for you to admit you jumped the gun a little when you dropped J Debb as Captain Jack . No one is perfect in this world not even you. Please think about this you’ll make your fans want to come back and you’ll make alot of money and down deep i think JD will come back.

  71. Nicole Santana

    Simply give Johnny an apology, offer him a plump offer he won’t wanna refuse. Be humble Johnny come back! We All need to get along with MORE LOVE!!!💝😇

  72. Janneth wagner

    Yes come back Jack Sporrow to the lives of many fans. We enjoy the character and adventures. But there is only one JS and Jonny Depp

  73. John richard

    Does Disney remember what happened to the James Bond franchise when they used George lazanby as bond they almost destroyed the franchise.

  74. Roberto

    No one can play jack Sparrow like Johnny Depp that’s his alter ego👍

  75. Marty Boyd

    Would not watch Pirates of the Caribbean Without Johnny Depp as captain jack

  76. Kshriver

    No Johnny…. No return fan of any future POTC! He IS Capt Jack! Disney needs to eat some humble pie and dig deep into their pockets to pay him to come back! Or they might as well hang it up for making any more money on the movie. We won’t support it!

  77. CommonSense

    I’d demand Disney or ANY company do their damn research before firing someone, NEVER do that based on someones word alone. Also don’t fire someone for stuff they did PRE Contract signing either…you have NO RIGHT as a company to do that.

  78. Lisa

    Not sure how much clearer he can be. He’s NOT coming back to Disney & I don’t blame him. The saddest part of it all is the hospital visits Captain Jack made to brighten the spirits of the sick children. Shame on you, Disney!

  79. Cytheia Jackson

    If Johnny Depp Isn’t in pirates of the Caribbean as further movies, I personally will not watch it. Another actor as Capt.Jack Sparrow just doesn’t seem right.

  80. I want what Johnny Depp wants. Disney made a huge mistake firing him without knowing all the facts what a shame ☹️

  81. Sean F

    No matter what they do without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow, there is no Pirates of The Caribbean… Just call it something else… I won’t watch it without Captain Jack Sparrow!!! Won’t even hive it a chance… Not even as background while doing whatever around the house… Without Johhny straight to VHS Video!!! Booooooo!!!!

  82. Calli. Marie

    I think everyone should let bygones be bygones nobody needs to apologize, forget the big mess Johnny got himself into the day he said : I do !! to that wench !! and everybody move on happily ever after !! and Johnny should be Jack Sparrow and the end !!!

  83. Ava

    Stupid move for Disney…
    No Captain Jack…
    No watching…
    They have made a LOT of stupid moves this year…

  84. Beck


  85. Shel

    Mr. Depp, Jack Sparrow is your creation. He touched the hearts of so many people. It is completely understandable for you to return to the role if that’s what you choose, even if I think the company doesn’t deserve you or the profits that follow you. No matter what you do it’s your heart that captivates. Seeing you on stage with Mr. Beck gives me the goosebumps, almost as if I can feel how much you love what you’re doing.

  86. I don’t think that pirates would be the same without him .He should have NEVER been removed . They treated him as if he was guilty before a trial and Hurd was definitely playing it up 😵😡

  87. I think everybody can agree that pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny is like taking Darth Vader out of Star Wars

  88. BarbWire

    There will be NO Pirates of the Caribbean without Johnny DEPP.
    Disney… your big budget dollars and don’t bother making POTC 6 without him… will lose.

  89. Jenny

    Pirates without Johnny not Pirates. I nor anyone I know would go see one without him!

  90. Christy Graham

    No Johnny Depp , I won’t be watching without him, it’s not Captain Jack sparrow without him so just go ahead and throw me over board mate … peace out !!!

  91. Judy Nagle

    Johnny Depp isJack Sparrow . Disney is only a manufactured copy of the late great Walt Disney’s dream – while Depp, true original & so American 🇺🇸.

  92. Ashely

    If Johnny isnt in pirates 6 I along with my whole family wont be watching, it will never be the same without Johnny so he better be in it, he made it good it wont be good without him in it its like if the toys werent in toy story it just wouldn’t work!!!

  93. Chloe

    I won’t watch Pirates without Johnny. No matter the cast or reviews. Same as the Fantastic Beast movies. I was excited for them but once they fired him over unproven allegations from one person I decided I wouldn’t watch anymore. If the allegations had been multiple women I may have understood and accepted it but only one person with no actual police charges or court actions the temporary restraining order is always granted especially if the accused isn’t in court so I don’t count that. I’m a firm believer in believing the victim but not all those that claim to be a victim are but everyone is innocent until proven guilty. So no Captain Jack no Pirates for me.

  94. Karen

    He is the movie That said you need to take an account with a kind and generous and compassionate human he is to children families and people that have nothing you need to look beyond the window dressing please bring him back

  95. Debbie

    Why in the world would you replace the person that makes the whole movie ….He can not be relaced…Ilf he isn’t Jack Sparrow than I will have to pass on seeing any more of them..Think wisley will be losing a lot of money

  96. Mary

    Johnny Depp is definitely the right person for the job, but during the trial w/ Amber, didn’t Disney want to drop him as the character and replace him with Dwayne Johnson?
    They would lose a lot of fan base and $$$ (as they should) if he didn’t reclaim his role.
    Im not surprised there’s a “Catch” if he accepts.

  97. beth

    i hope they bring him back ! will be only reason i would ever watch it again he is capt Jack Sparrow and they should be ashaned of what they did to him

  98. Justin

    If JD decides to go back then I’d watch POTC 6 if he’s not in it forget it

  99. Sean V.

    Disney would be very wise to bring Johnny Depp back for the Jack Sparrow roll in Pirates 6. If they don’t, then like many thousands of loyal Depp fans that love him for his role in the movies, I will boycott the movie and only watch Pirates 1-5 for the rest of my life and say that 6 was the dying film of the franchise.

  100. Bev

    No Johnnie, will not be watching anymore POTC.

    1. Thanos

      No jack sparrow no watching pirates of the carrbiean anymore I’ll move on so Disney you will soo be stupid as you were during the Depp heard trial and please bring Depp back I will also be saying goodbye to my ship the black pearl

  101. Ron

    I’m sorry Johnny Depp I know they did you wrong and you have every reason to not want to work with them but your role in the Pirates of the Caribbean is iconic and there’s nobody out there that could fill Jack’s shoes. It would feel uncomfortable to me to see someone else playing the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. I grew up with watching the Pirates of the Caribbean.

  102. Cindy

    If Johnny isn’t brought back as Captain Jack I vow to stay home and donate my whole families movie gas and snack money to Children’s Hospital of LA in the name #JusticeforJohnny …

  103. I Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow he was absolutely great in that role

  104. twokittiesandme

    There IS NO “Pirates Of The Caribbean” without Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow. I certainly wouldn’t go see it. And with the original writers back and Johnny not having to deal with AH, it ought to be great! DISNEY, PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THAT ANYONE CAN MAKE A MISTAKE. SO YOU MADE A MISTAKE. JUST APOLOGIZE AND ASK HIM TO COME BACK. JOHNNY DEPP MUST BE BROUGHT BACK AS CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW! Trying to replace him would be like shooting yourselves in the foot.

  105. Katherine Sanders

    Johnny depp has been my idle since I was a kid. He did and amazing job being jack sparrow he makes my kids laugh every time they watch pirates of the Caribbean or any other kids type movies he did he is amazing and nobody can replace jack sparrow johnny depp will always be him. I love you johnny and always will from the heart.

  106. Caissie

    Without Johnny Depp there is no Captain Sparrow. Amen.

  107. There is NO Pirates without Captain Jack Sparrow & no Rum! Lol..Enuf said

  108. Disney needs to have johnny Depp back as capt jack Sparrow pronto the cast and Crew made the movies fun the way things are these days we need alittle laughter

  109. Wing

    If I were JD I would tell Disney to flat out suck it, and I don’t see this “catch” the only catch I would accept would be a public apology. Which Disney has become to be far too prideful far too vain greedy and arrogant to ever issue, and even if they did it would be hollow. Johnny Depp is Jack Sparrow no question about that they can try to replace him with a female knockoff, it still be a pale weak imitation. They want they would need to get on their knees and beg him to come back, but they have about as much a chance of doing that Kathleen Kennedy becoming president.

  110. Liz

    We know JD won’t be returning to Disney films of any kind. But it is a sad end of an era it’s a waste of time trying to hint he’s coming back. He will always be our captain

  111. Filip

    There is absolutely no point in doing POTC 6 if the icon isn’t there…no one can replace JD.
    The best for Disney would be to donate the money in case JD does not starr Capitan Jack in 6.
    There is no point im making it and paying 600milion dollars for the set !NO ONE WILL WATCH IT!

  112. Lynne Aaron

    Disney needs to apologize to Johnny Depp and bring him back as Jack Sparrow because he made disney a lot of money on that franchise and others.Disney can take the higher road and admit they were wrong by letting him go.

  113. Sc

    You might as well get rid of Captain Jack sparrow if Johnny Depp doesn’t come back cause it wouldn’t be the same

  114. Laura

    Yessss the pirates of the Caribbean are not much without Jhonny Depp 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  115. Linda

    I’ll watch Johnny Depp in anything you wanna put him in. I haven’t seen a Johnny Depp movie I didn’t love.

  116. brainiac

    That goes for Jerry Bruckheimer too his six production pictures films & characters scenes are definitely NOT really making sense in alphabetical order like that. Don’t be like Rumpelstiltskin from Shrek 4 or Luther from The Warriors or Marty Wolf from Big Fat Liar all of you movie stars & movie makers from Disney

  117. Kalika

    …so what’s the catch?

  118. Diana

    If they ever offer the part to JD I hope he laughs in their collective faces. JD doesnt need POTC. POTC needs JD. Any of the new POTC movies will tank without him. And that’s what Disney deserves for not standing by JD while all the Amber Heard crazy train b.s. was going on.

  119. I hope Johnny Depp returns as Captain Jack Sparrow. He made the movies. And if someone replaces his character. Then I don’t believe Disney will have a $$$$$$ hit. Disney should’ve never cancel JD in the first place, But that’s in the pass I hope Disney does everything in there power to bring back Johnny Depp /Captain Jack Sparrow 🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️🏴‍☠️💙💜

  120. Johnny Depp IS Cap’t Jack Sparrow and NO ONE can replace him. Without Johnny as Jack there would be no reason to pay my hard earned money to go see the movie. Johnny Depp plays the part to perfection and without him, there is NO POTC! I hope Disney listens to its fans and keep Johnny in the roll he was born to play. Not only do I feel this strong about who plays the part, but so does my entire family and all my friends. Please, don’t ruin a great franchise by replacing him with anyone else!

  121. Johnny Depp is the one and only Captain Jack Sparrow! Drop. The. Mic.

  122. edgar

    I agree that’s up to John but frankly Disney is not the way it used to be it’s woke Ness disgust me

  123. Charlie

    If JD doesn’t come back to POTC I’ll never be able to watch the movie’s I just won’t be the same if someone else plays jack sparrow please tell me more people feel the same way

  124. Dean

    I expect (and hope) that the new installment without Depp is a complete flop. Disney needs to learn a big lesson about a little t of things these days.

    1. Dean

      That was supposed to say “lot of things”, my bad

  125. No Depp no Pirates movie, he is the reason it has been a box office hit, if they want people to go better putr johnny back

  126. Thanos

    There is no pirates of the carribrean without captainjack sparrow please Disney bring Depp back hate amber head3000 Depp deserves more

  127. Staci

    Johnny is still making money from the POTC franchise. Disney has his face on everything pirates! There is only one Captain Jack Sparrow and it’s him! He will return when he is really and sees fit.

  128. Staci

    Ready and sees fit.

  129. Jayne1955

    No Johnny, no Pirates.

  130. Question Mark Man

    What will happen when Davy Jones returns and to have revenge on Will Turner without a heart like Will with Elizabeth who no longer speaks & sings a pirates life for me & took everything away from Jack when she left him to die from the kraken? and with Henry & Kaya who won’t tell Will & Elizabeth to let them know their secrets of Henry met Jack & Kaya who’s the daughter of the late Barbossa & What will happen if Angelica Teach who still has a voodoo doll of him will also have revenge on Jack Sparrow who send himself up telling lies all around the world so far and most unfairly?

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