Comments for How Soon Could Massive Magic Kingdom Expansion Happen?

Concept Art of Villain Land Looming Over Coco and Encanto at Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Beyond Big Thunder Mountain D23 2022

Credit: Disney


  1. Steve

    Never. They are going to be broke and bought out in 3 years.

  2. If they survive Chapek’s reign, in time for the 60th. After Tron delays and the Epcot endless construction zone, nobody believes Disney Company timelines.

  3. John

    They really need a separate park. The proposed lands don’t fit in at all and they significantly increased hotel accommodations with nowhere for guests to go. Expansion of the Magic Kingdom would also create major congestion for opening and closing the park that’s far beyond what we currently experience.

    1. Dave Chappelle

      How about “Woke Land” !?

      1. lisa


      2. DeLaunhardt

        …love it bro!! Keep pissing libs off buddy!

    2. Bob

      Exactly. Create an entirely separate Magic Kingdom Two, just as Universal added a second separate park.

  4. Dave

    Two relatively new movies with zero proven staying power (one not even a year old) being the first to get their own dedicated lands at the MK?

    Sure why not?

    As to when, it’s still pretty warm in hell so I’d say we have a while.

    1. J

      Disney is desperately trying to include minorities

    2. Steve

      They will just force it like they did with princess and the frog. No one cared about that movie until Disney made it the icon of wokeness. Nobody cares now, but they know they are supposed to pretend to care.

      1. Spanish is changing America.

  5. This story is proof that if Manuel Lin Miranda asks for attractions (Encanto land), he gets his way. By the time, Disney appeases him (7-10 years) the concept will be out of date, and another culture/country/ethnicity will be asking for their land/representation.

  6. Ava

    I definitely assumed they would retheme Mexico and the Three Caballeros ride in Epcot to be Coco like they did to Norway with Frozen. But now it gets its own land? The movie was cute but how does that fit in with the rest of Magic Kingdom?

  7. DeLaunhardt

    How long will this take?? Just take a look at the Tron ride and you tell me how long you think this is gonna take!

    If it DOES happen it will be at the lowest cost and quality!

    Disney RIP 2019

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