Comments for Christians Accuse Disney of Indoctrinating Children Into Witchcraft, Sacrifice With ‘Hocus Pocus’

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  1. Steve

    I think Universal has the market cornered. Hail the Dark Lord!

  2. Dawn Braverman

    I think your over thinking this and it is what you think of this and you can watch this and it’s like every other movie it’s not real and u need to teach your kids when they watch this that it’s acting fake not real but everyone has there own option I’m Christian but I still watch it and don’t think anything of it

  3. TL Penn

    The irony that christians are upset, being they and all other religions of the world invented indoctrination. At least you get to chose not watch a Disney movie. Religion is everywhere and force fed to everyone. Speaking of irony, religion is just as made up and fake as witches.

    1. S Nogg

      I just can’t with these people any more. And I’m a Christian.

      Let people live their lives and make their own choices. Stop lying to them to try to influence their choice. Europeans came here to escape religious persecution so stop persecuting others.

      1. Dr. Manny

        Religion has caused more violence between man and his brother than any other factor. Somewhere in our history someone with ambitions decided to preach that we were a Christian nation.

        White evangelical Protestants take first place in 15 states, a majority of which are southern states. Guess who is yelling the loudest?

        Them look at the educational level of that 15% you will a correlation between religiosity and level of education.

        1. Steve

          Now criticize Islam, doctor! Show us you aren’t full of s***!

    2. Mac

      I do agree that the worst examples of indoctrination come from the Christian church which was responsible for torture, rape, ethnic erasure and forcible indoctrination for many years. More people have been killed in the name of god than any ther cause. Leave people and kids alone.

  4. S. Cain

    EXCUSE ME??!! I’m Wiccan, I don’t worship Satan, I don’t drink children’s blood, and I don’t do harm to others. Hocus Pocus is FICTION, people. Yes, witchcraft is real, spirits are real, people can become addicted to it. But, you know what? Christianity is real. Doing harm is real. Evil in this world is real. Just as many “religious” people do harm in this world as Wicccans, maybe more. Just as many “religious” people harm others, maybe more. Watching a fictional comedy about three inept fictional witches isn’t any worse than watching a fictional drama about fictional dinosaurs eating people. NOT REAL. And if you allow your children to believe otherwise, YOU are the ones doing harm to them.

  5. Velma

    Teach your children the difference between reality and imagination. Better yet… just don’t watch it!

  6. Mason

    As a Christian I can see why. I watched review of Hocus Pocus on the Alex Meyers YouTube channel and the fact that the movie had witches and took place in Salem, Massachusetts which is where the SATANIC CHURCH is located it is pretty obvious. Hocus Pocus had a bunch of sex jokes too one of them being the boy’s little sister basically telling the girl he likes that he thinks that she has great boobs. But the writers didn’t use boobs. I watched a video about ex-satanist turned Christian John Ramirez talk about what he did as a satanist is exactly what Christians are worried about in this article.

    1. Steve

      Can you think of any other reasons it would take place in Salem?

    2. Dawn

      How about you actually watch it for yourself and then make statements…. What others “proclaim” isn’t fact, it’s opinion. And if you really want to talk about sex, just read the “bible”, it talks about it quit regularly.

    3. Dani

      The Church of Satan is in that location because Salem is where a dozen women were murdered for the church and dozens more were held prisoner. The School of Witchcraft and The Church of Satan are there because of what happened there, not because of a Disney movie. You are the person this article is talking about.

  7. L.

    No, not so much. Speaking as a Christian, there are a lot of hurting people in this world that need help and real issues that need addressing. Coming unglued over a movie isn’t a thing for me. (or any of the people of faith that I know) I suspect this is a bit of tempest in a tea pot, just as many of the articles on this site are really just about a few folks yelling on twitter about one thing or another, rather than any kind of big deal. Have a great day folks!

  8. Amanda Ingalls

    I agree to a certain extent. The idea of young children being preyed upon is a subject that may hit waaaay to close to home with a lot of people, but please understand that REAL WITCHES ARE NOT LIKE THIS. There are no evil incantations of any kind made for sucking the lives out of children, and Witches definitely DO NOT call Satan “Master”. That is one hundred percent fake. All that stuff was made up for the movie.

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