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Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge

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  1. Don

    The Star Wars land at DLR is not a place you hang out all day. Aside from a couple rides, the shops are nothing to write home about and the restaurants have limited selections. The best thing to do would be to take all of the Star Wars stuff out of Tomorrowland and incorporate into SWL. Then they could fix the hodgepodge that is Tomorrowland

    1. RedRover

      It would be ama ing if you go on Star Tours and exit into Batuu. Total immersion that way.

    2. Sean

      Speak for yourself, I highly disagree!

  2. Steve

    Disney ruined Star Wars. The movies, the lands, the shows… they are all flops. They are cutting their losses to ruin other properties.

  3. Scott Lee-Ross

    The movies were not flops. The Force Awakens is the 4th highest grossing movie of all time. All 3 did over 1,000,000,000 at the box office. Not a flop at all.
    The lands have huge crowds. Rise of the Resistance has the longest wait time at WDW and DL on a consistent basis. Not a flop.
    And finally, the TV shows include Obi Wan Kenobi the number 1 show ever streamed. After it knockout out The Mandalorian that was number 1. Book of Boba Fett topped out at number 5.
    So try again with facts this time.

    1. Internet Avenger

      Box office and ratings do not equate to quality projects. They only measure the level of fandom for Star Wars. As with the debacle that are The Muppets proves, Disney can buy every established property in the world, but if you don’t have the right people running it with their heart invested, those properties will suffer and amount to nothing. I have spoken.

  4. Dawn

    Just visited last week. The Cantina was so much fun! Both times my reservations were at 9:15, after park closing. The bartenders & waitresses stayed in character & were funny. Other guests were happy to talk. The drinks were so good. The best part was leaving into an empty park. Great for pics & we could really hear all the background sounds. We discovered that lines disappeared in the evening, especially after rain. One night we rode Smuggler’s Run & Rise of the Resistance three times each with virtually no wait! Restaurants all awesome too.

  5. M.

    Obviously my experience may not be everyone’s, but I have to say that after all the hype, I was pretty disappointed in Galaxy’s Edge. Narrow rock passages all around that really seemed to focus and hold the Florida heat and funneled the people into tight corridors. Shops and restaurants that weren’t that great and were hard to get into because of the poorly designed access points. I might try Smuggler’s Run again but having to focus on your “job” on the mission keeps you from actually being able to tell what’s going on. Waiting in line for a long time to have to keep stabbing furiously at a button placed on the side away from the action was annoying. Before you knew it the ride was over and you felt like you had no idea what happened. (perhaps it is different for the people assigned as pilots since they actually get to look forward toward the screen) For all the hype and long waits for Rise of the Resistance, I was pretty let down. (I certainly wouldn’t shell out the money for Genie Plus to ride it again) If I can’t catch it in a reasonable stand by wait time, I guess it will be a one and done for me. Bear in mind that all of this comes from a big Star Wars fan who had high hopes for what Galaxy’s Edge would be like.


    Last time I was there (August) I enjoyed the NEW Bounty Hunter game they just added.

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