Comments for Happily Ever After Returning to Disney World, Will Replace Enchantment Soon!

Happily Ever After at Walt Disney World

Credit: Disney


  1. Carina

    Finally! Happily Ever After will be back!!! Enchantment was a disappointment.

  2. Amy

    Finally! Disney is doing something we actually like!!

  3. Norton

    About time!!! every time I hear the song, I feel the emotion, the magic! The current show feels flat…nowhere near to Happly Ever After!!! Even when Tinkerbell flies, it feels emotionless.

  4. Steve

    Bob’s New Coke.

  5. Mickeymouse3

    A few other articles indicate HEA will only be in play during the 100th anniversary. Hope that’s not the case. Whoever created the 50th show needs to be on the unemployment line. The show is lame for a 50th “celebration”.

  6. Phil

    Fireworks were always the “cue” to head to the car. I enjoyed a lot of Disney but being a “Epileptic “ I couldn’t survive the “flashing lights” or the sounds.

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