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The Universal Studios Florida archway in the dark, with a cartoon drawing of a police officer holding out their hand in a "stop" formation.

Credit: Screenshot via Universal Orlando Resort on YouTube


  1. Steve

    Unfortunately, Universal is located downtown in a dark blue city. You are going to have undesirables. At least they price out the bums.

    1. Jarvis

      And ghetto homies that use the Lynx city busses at the stop right near the park entrance.

  2. X

    TBH those at the Christian music event are NOT being Christlike in ANY way whatsoever. They are damming themselves the more they do it as those who DO know better and act anti Godly get much MUCH worse punishment then those whom never had a chance.

    Blasphemy is NOT forgivable. I’m learning about God the hard way as people on the internet think they know everything about the bible and it turns out they never went to church nor even cracked it open. They just listen to what their friends say or maybe went to bad churches.

  3. X

    There are churches that actually BAN reading the bible meaning people can’t figure out themselves what it means and sadly those are the churches most likely to do corrupt things.

  4. SS

    Universal is trash and attracts trashy people, not shocked.

  5. Jarvis

    Rock the Universe is in the middle of winter and not one young teen acted badly last year, just normal behavior for their ages. This stupid rumor comes from leftest who were taught by the media to hate white people and Christians. But when black “youts” went on a rampage recently….. Well that is ok I guess. It’s their culture.

    1. You're Disgusting

      As a former employee, you’re completely wrong. Rock the Universe is notorious among all of us as having the worst guests of all our events. HHN is rowdy, but the entitlement and superiority complex of the RTU crowd is disgusting. Of course you had to make everything about race though lol
      So pathetic.

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