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Guests Topple One Another For Disney Merchandise

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  1. Gaetana

    Sadly they are clamoring for items to resell for profit on EBay. If they get the listing up as soon as the items come out they get a bigger profit. Sad that this happens and people that genuinely want things for themselves and their family typically miss out as Disney seemingly does not control how much one can purchase. They say they do but we’ve all seen the people with loads of stuffed shopping bags of the same items.

  2. Tim

    people are complete idiots and Disney keeps letting it happen like they are lab rats.

  3. Royz

    Happiest place on Earth?…Of course when they get all they want and make big profit on Ebay, Mercari, Etsy, Facebook Marketplace, etc….

    What about the guests who just want one momento?

    I can see why Disney has sorta a dislike for AP’s.

    1. WeWantVillains

      Why blame APs? We aren’t the ones doing it as selling anything we buy for a scalping price can cause your pass to be revoked. And Disney has been cracking down hard on this.

  4. Lee

    Greedy, disgusting people.
    Disney should really put a limit on items.

  5. Gus

    So over this scandalous misinformation site, past few days “its a ghost town in Disney”, now “people trampling others over merch”…make up your mind…

    1. Tonya

      Yes this!!! We were just there and it was long long wait times and the party was sold out and huge lines for stuff !! Now there is no one there ?? Ugh

      1. Steve

        There is no one there. I will say it again, ANYONE can check wait times. Disney is empty.

  6. Jarvis

    “Black Friday” event?

  7. Patti

    Stupid people. Animals are better behaved.

  8. Zara

    Greed…sheer greed….

  9. stephen

    Disney could limit the sales of things to 2 per customer or something like that but simply choose not to. They make a ton of money and obviously don’t care if most of this stuff ends up on ebay, FB marketplace or mercari.

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