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A guest with a large blue umbrella blocking Cinderella Castle at night.


  1. Chocoholic

    Put them in a headlock. Quit playin.

  2. Kate

    There’s very little common courtesy left. This is even worse than people sticking their phones into the air to take a video of the castle projections

    1. We once had a women put her tablet in front of my guys face to video Mickey’s Not So Scary parade. Right in front of his face. Her arms were resting on his shoulders.

    2. franklin

      Nah, worse is when they stick a damn tablet up in the air to block your view and for a little extra make sure to leave the brightness at full blast.

  3. SC

    There’s the picture of entitlement from both the umbrella holder and the whiny complainer.

    1. Monica

      @ SC. IMO it’s not entitlement to expect common courtesy! That’s why it’s called *common*. Not “exceptional courtesy” or “extraordinary courtesy”, but “common”. Common = usual, ordinary, customary. Entitlement is expecting a privilege. Being able to adequately see a show performance is a reasonable expectation, not a privilege.

  4. Trickster68

    You can fully see the castle even with the umbrella it’s called quit being a damn Karen and quit looking at the umbrella and look up in the sky where the fireworks are not at the umbrella.Everyone feels they are entitled if you don’t like the umbrella move your ass then.

    1. Steve

      You are the problem.

  5. Kelly

    So ignorant, no consideration of others. It’s all about “me” attitude. Just getting worse daily

  6. frank

    Man I remember years ago staking out a place close to front/center at dland. had to be more than 90 minutes prior. When my kids arrived there was still roughly 45 minutes to go. they passed out and we had to gently wake them. i don’t remember the fireworks that much, but do remember having e carry them out through main street crowd. good times

  7. Sue


  8. billnyenotascienceguy

    Last time I checked umbrellas are allowed in Disney so it’s a you problem. They were there before you and you could have moved but felt entitled. Nice umbrella though.

    1. Marvin

      If it’s rainy or sunny, ok. No rain and dark? No need.

      1. Mary Poppins is my hero. Umbrellas for life.

  9. Mickeymouse3

    Nope. The umbrella holder is a tool. Cast members should have intervened. There is no need for the umbrella.

  10. Quidam

    WDW should ban umbrellas it’s so simple 😂

  11. Jean

    Was at a concert in an arena. Dame and husband in front of me,,,stood the whole time! Couldn’t see a dam thing! Really pissed me off. No standing room!. I asked her please sit,,,she said no. Took everything in my husband to keep me in control. Really rude.!

  12. Craig Z

    To be fair, the person is standing at the back of the crowd and there is space in front of the umbrella-holder. Yes, there are probably people behind around the flag pole, but they have more options for viewing angle, so the umbrella would be less of an issue.

  13. Jackie

    No way, 36 inch wide umbrella, ? huge park, and an idiot whining he can’t see, for the love of Pete, just go stand somewhere else ! What a big baby !

  14. Penny

    This was completely uncalled for!!

  15. AJ

    I would have taken the umbrella away from them until the show was over!

  16. Michelle

    Some people lack self awareness, decency, and just common sense. At night, not raining, so what even was the need for the umbrella? When we were there a few months ago, it was ridiculous at the number of people around me trying to record the show with the flash on. Not only is their video going to look like crap, but the flash is messing with the viewing experience of others.

  17. Shannon

    Hey too bad. Guest with umbrella has paid the same amount and is entitled to do what they want with their umbrella. Sounds like the disgruntled Tik tok guests should have shown up a little earlier. You showed up late then have the galls to tell someone in front of you to remove their umbrella? Too bad!

  18. Monica

    @Steve. EXACTLY!!!!! 100%. To expect “common courtesy” in 2022 is being labeled “entitled”. What does that tell us about the ordinary, customary, usual courtesy previously part of our society? Yep. It’s part of history now. Part of our parents and their parent’s generations. NOT how this generation treats one another! Your boss expects you to show up on time for a meeting? He’s entitled! You don’t want someone to cut in front of you in line? You’re a Karen!. These words are being thrown around by people who want to walk around being rude and uncaring of others and they’re attempting to justify their feelings by villainizing those who lament the loss of common courtesy!

    1. Deb

      You are 100% correct ,I’m sick of how people are behaving and how some people say this is their right to behave like a d**k

  19. Ajk

    I wonder how many of the people who suggest the umbrella was ok and person who complained should have moved have actually been to the MK show. Moving is easier said than done. Was umbrella there to advertise Universal? Seems like that may have been so.

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