Comments for Guest Stabbed By Pin at Disney, Requires Medic Attention

Sleeping Beauty Castle

Credit: Disney


  1. Sue

    Omg someone was stabbed

  2. Dave

    I feel so embarrassed for the author of these articles. Talk about blowing things out of proportion! I’m surprised the title didn’t say “Woman brutally stabbed by Walt Disney himself!” Good lord it was just a small pin pricked into her arm. This was THE MOST EPIC injury I’ve ever seen! SMDH!

  3. Phil

    Next thing Disney will recall all pins and replace them with magnetic closures .

    1. Setve

      That is not a bad idea

      1. Jeremy

        Sounds like this was more about the fried chicken at the Inn rather than a prick of a pin. Poor reporting!

  4. Chris

    Really?!! I also heard that someone broke a finger nail on the tea cups. They were air lifted to Cedars Sinai’s fir immediate treatment!.

  5. Jenna

    Only the ad videos are playing


    stuff happens

  7. Rob Chapek

    Someone got poked in the arm with a pin, but who cares, the fried chicken is delicious!

  8. Rob Chapek

    So what you are saying is, the Plaza Inn fried chicken is good?

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